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This medicine is recomended by doctor to my wife for the treatment nerve decompression. After taking one capsule aqt night she was feeling very giddy in the morning and vision blurring effect. I want to know what are the contra effects of using this medicine is. Kindly reply in detail.

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Verwon Says:

Pregabalin can cause those side effects in some people, along with nausea, drowsiness and dizziness.

It is an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat certain types of nerve pain.

Read more on it here:


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Ramesh Says:

I have takn pregaba M 75 and now i am not getting erection ....i stopped after 2 days ....will my life back to normal .....

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aparna Says:

I, am suffering for long years from nerve pain joint pain and pain in my shoulders. Doctor has advised me to take Pregaba -M75. I, am taking this medicine for the last three days. and feeling much better. how long can I, take this medicine and is there any side effects? I, am also taking medicines fpr Thyroid, blood Pressure, and Lipid profiles.

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Mrs DESAI Says:

Hi, I'm diabetic and I was also suffering from SHOULDER & hand pain in my right side. Doctor adviced me to have Pregaba M75. It reduced my pain there is no doubt, but after 5 days of gap , again pain starts. this continued for minimum 2 months. Later I consulted SB SIDH FOR DIABETES. They provided me herbal medicine for my sugar level.
It was really surprising to me my suga level reduced on 20th day and before that my pains in shoulder and hand reduced. My constipation was also cleared.My body became very light .For diabetes people with hand and shoulder pain , herbal medicine works much better. But if pain is due to cervical problem then pregaba M75 is best medicine.

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jonathan Says:

i wonder what kind of herbal medicine helped you with your diabetes, if you don't mind me asking. thanks

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Nilly Says:

Hola. consult sidh from INDIA for your thyroid and blood praser. Mr. sb sidh managed to clear my wife thoyroid prablem with his harbal medicine and also helped my brother to reduce his weight.Sb Sidh and their people are expert in diabetes medicine, clearing thyroid, weight loss and Blood pressure.No doubt about it. This is sb mailing address {edited for privacy}.

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Nilly Says:

Jonathan hello.Good afternoon.
my English is not good. you check other sites of diabetes , you will find sb sidh mailing address. I am diabetic from last few years and was injecting 60 unit daily and from last year I'm taking 6 to 9 herbs in 1 dose and daily I take 5 dose. My 30 unit insulin has reduced in last 4 months. while friend who was injecting 20 unit insulin has stopped taking injection of insulin. my friend had started treatment from SB SIDH 6 before me starting treatment.My friend herbal medicine consisted only 5 herbs in his 1 dose medicine and he was taking 3 dose daily.. SB SIDH makes medicine according to person immune system. consult this man SB sidh. he will help you to make medicine yourself. but they charge consulting fees every month. I'm having ginger juice+ dry papaya powder+ Banana leaf powder + azadirachta indica leaf+ black pepper + aloe vera +Turmeric powder. This herbs are for my immune system. My friend taking different herbs. you will be needing different herb for your immune system.

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Jasmine Says:

from few days I'm trying to post comment in this page but due to net problem its not getting loaded. My sister has also started treatment from MR. Sb sidh. I have already completed treatment from sb sidh and received very positive results. Now my sister has started treatment and her results are much better than mine . She will soon post her comment here soon. Its my simple advice. don't avoid herbal medicine.

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Sivambu Says:

I am advised to take two Pregaba (75mg) pills a day for my lumbar spondylosis. Seems costly/130rs per strip of 10.

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Jagroshan Says:

How long can pregab m 75 be taken without harm? I've taken one capsule daily at night for the last four months.

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