Possible Fake Teva 834 Klonopin

T Bear Says:

I just got two supposedly 2mg klonopins with TEVA on 1 side and 834 on the other. I know they make real ones with this imprint, but when I ate it it didn't taste very minty. it tasted like nothing really, just powdery. Im worried someone has made these fake klonopins out of something weird. Does kpin always taste noticeably minty? whats the possibility that these are fake?

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David Says:

From what I could gather, most people are saying that Klonopin has an almost "minty-sweet" taste/smell to it, with no real chemical aftertaste. Apparently certain pharmacies add a sweetener to them. Others have stated however that they received non-generic pills in the past, that were not sweet (yet they were still legit).

I hope this insight helps! Have you taken any of them yet?

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Verwon Says:

Have you ever had trouble detecting other mint flavoring in anything?

Klonopin actually isn't flavored, but there is something to the chemical structure of the drug, as well as most other Benzodiazepines, that causes the same type of 'cooling taste sensation' that you get from mint.

However, it just may not be as strong and noticeable in all of them, not everyone that takes them tastes the mintness of them.

Learn more Klonopin details here.

It may also be affected by the types of fillers they use, it's possible that some of them temper the cooling effect. There are several other people that have noticed the same thing about the ones from Teva, but knew they were real.

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T Bear Says:

thanks so much guys for the responses! this website is awesome! i did end up taking a .5mg chunk and it finally kicked in after like 2 hrs. usually doesnt take that long and i can usually taste the minty-ness of it, thats why i was concerned. but all is well now. thanks again guys!

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mimi Says:

Not all have that minty taste I get 2-mg for the past 10 ,yrs and the last two yrs they stopped tasting minty so I asked the pharmacy they are the ones who tld me it doesn't necessarily have to taste minty!

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Jank Says:

Klonopins, even the generic Clonazepam generally have the same ingredients, each Pharmaceutical company with it's own chemical recipe. These processes are what make some work better than others. However, the fillers are the same.

FAKE ones, for instance, are made when someone makes their own pill press, maybe by using an epoxy or hot glue, slicing the glue in half, then press they re-formulates the pills with whatever they want, perfumes, added with mephedrone and bath salt contaminants, they usually contain a small amount of the drug.

Ex. Someone gets a script for 30 1mg Clonazepam, and make into as many as they can, let's say 30 into 90, pretty much what comes out of their goo. (turning a 1mg tablet into a .3mg tablet) They wet them into a paste, use the perfumes, laxatives and powders along with blue food coloring, or blue/purple gelatin in order to keep them from breaking into dust. Let us say you get them illicitly, person is probably on crack and desperate for more cash. Normally you could get them on the 15th when they pick them up, but you have to wait two or three days. They are drying them.

They will smell per-fumy, usually look spotty or just wrong, powderize too easily, taste them to be certain.

Pills are made by pressing, however, this is Simply Logical, but conjecture.

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BB1113 Says:

I got a few Teva 834 usually they are very minty when i get them from my Pharmacy but I got these from a friend they are not minty there almost gritty to me when I leave them in my mouth and I don't know if I'm not feeling them or if it's just me because I'm in my head about it has anyone heard of any fake Teva 834's going around

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Sookie Says:

My 1 mg klpn is blue and is minty. I would look up everything u can online to make sure u didn't get ripped off. I'd even take it to a lab! They don't need to know if it's yours or not.

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Deb Says:

They have always tasted that way, I have been on them for 18 years.. I am on 1mg 4x daily prn, and every manufacturer has that taste...So they are not fake, just the way the chemical composition is...

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Brandy Says:

I just noticed they taste minty so I thought they were placebos the old ones did not taste minty so I have no idea but I would ask pharmacis that. I take Xanax tried a kolonopin and argued that it was minty and placebo I want to know cuzz my doc is going to switch me to it..good luck

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Rocko Says:

I got .5mg teva it was green but I took a good amount and don't feel much but I also took an adderall so idk if that over rides it some. But the imprint was teva 833

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Roza Says:

You are right they have a mint taste to them if you by one and try it first

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Nick Says:

Its a combination of the two, yes some pharma add mint flavors but benzo's and benzofurans usually have distinctive tastes. valium is almost always sweet with a bitter edge? because chemically and as a standard in the industry, Clonazepam can be kinda between sweet/minty/bitter depending.. teva are miny have added mint flavor tho

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Sara Says:

Was the klonopin a soft or hard pill? My friend gave me clonazepam 2mg teva 834 I barely felt them they were really soft they dissolved in my mouth quickly does that mean their fresh or old

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Linda Says:

My experience with clonopin it is true most of them taste minty, but I do know that certain manufacturer's like Teva 834 are not minty at all but are still the real thing.

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Snake Eater Says:

I take pms-clonazepam. I have taken 0.5's which we're half the size of a dime, flat topped, scored and orange. With Clonazepam 0.5 pressed in. They we're kind of minty.
Now I take 1.0mg pills they are very small and round on both top and bottom with an edge around it. Pink pills with the press 1.0mg Clonazepam. These are very minty. I am pretty sure that Clonazepam has a minty flavor as the smaller pills with more active ingredient have a much stronger mint flavor.

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Rain Says:

Some of you are wrong wrong wrong wrong! They all don't taste just alike. One isnt as minty as the next. Some are very hard some are not, but none should be very soft or crumble easily. Tevas are not exceptionally minty.

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OutCast120 Says:

Re: Rain (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

This is the correct answer... most of them do have a minty or a slight minty flavor taste to them. I've been on them for almost 10 years and have been prescribed 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0. I've had taba, the r symbol, e symbol, and box symbol. The blue one tastes the most minty and dissolves in your mouth. Teva 834 doesn't seem to have as much minty flavor to it at first but then you can taste it a little bit after you swallow it. Bottom line is, like the person before me said they're not all the same. Some are stronger than others.

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lsd is me Says:

Re: Rocko (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

hey bud teva 833's are 1mg clonazepams not .5's and usually only xanax is counterfeited especially the bars the name band print the greenstone and the gg249 have been pressed wish the xanax bars were colored makes it harder to press fakes

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NCgirl73 Says:

Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I get them n some are minty when I eat them or I taste it upon swallowing. Some I don't. I know lots of 2mg Xanax can be made if I don't get them myself or go with the person I don't get them. I get 2mg yellows Xanax n I know a grocery store in NC that does have white Xanax 2mg gg 249.

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Joseph Says:

Re: Deb (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I have a lesion on the top of my head. For some reason I dont understand how my hair is attracted to it and now others. They proceed to grow just beneath my skin through most parts of my face down through my neck and throughout my body. They break the top layer of skin and itch horribly to the point of needing sedation just not to have a full blown anxiety attack. They are disfiguring, embarrassing and my doctor wont even do a test to see why this is happening.

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