Pill Round White And What Looks Like A R With 34 Under It


found this pill in daughters room want to know what it is

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Could possibly be clonazepam which is often prescribed for anxiety as well as for seizures. Is often abused by teenagers and highly addictive.

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I was also coming to the conclusion that this pill could be Clonazepam. A number of references indicate that R 34 is Clonazepam (1mg). This pill however is noted to be a light yellow color, while you stated yours to be white. Other than that, this fits your description.

To learn more about this drug click on the link below...

Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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I have seen this pill in several colors including white, yellow, green, and a pink color.

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Well, this tablet I have has got Fr 17 inscribed. Someone told me that it was generic Tylenol 5 / vicodin. And now she's telling me that Fr 17 is percocet. Please help, it was $38, was she lying to me?

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Re: Terry (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

SMH. Obviously you don't value your life much. Also you're not street smart @ all. You sat there and purchased possibly Tylenol. Don't trust anybody. I don't care if god came to you talking bout he got pill's. Look them up even then it really doesn't make a difference. People are making the fake pills look authentic like it just filled @ the pharmacy. And another thing. Just because she your people's dnt mean anything. Friends, family, whoever will f*** anyone over to make money for their drugs of choice, watch you OD, and walk away like it's nothing..... Also as I wrote my comment I was thinking to myself this status that you wrote has to be fake because you almost lost your life over 38 bucks and you think they were tylenol. Well if they were you're out 38 bucks. They're putting fentanyl in everything these days. If you're not sure about a pill look it up and examine thoroughly.

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