Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Vs Wilshire 10mg Dextroamphetam

dan123456 Says:

Whats the difference if one better than the other. Two pharmacies in town and same price but different brands...???

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David Says:

The truth is that each individual may react or respond differently to each and every brand/generic out there. One of the reasons is because there are different binders and fillers. The other is likely due to differences within our own body chemistry, metabolism, age, weight, and a number of other personal factors. That said, finding the appropriate manufacturer may just be a game of trial and error, because even if one person responds favorably to Mallinckrodt (for example), you may respond more favorably to Wilshire. My point is that it all comes down to personal preference in the end. And the only way to build a true personal preference among all the options out there is to try out various manufacturers over an allotted period of time. It's not always convenient to keep switching, but if you intend on taking this medication for the long haul you can tell yourself that you'll take Mallinckrodt's for a couple months, then take Wilshire for a couple months, and so forth, until you develop your own well-rounded opinion according to how your body responds.

Would anyone else agree that this is the best way to determine what works and what doesn't?

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Liqpluspatchanstick Says:

I think red core phamas are the best super small I hate the sugar barr brand pink dextroamphetamine but I went to grocery store an they had usually walgreens has walmart carries Barr but I must be only person that takes cause the always gotta order an the only other time got the generic dexidrine malinkrokets 10 mg ir 90 a month 3 a day was first script I got when switched from adderal 30 mg xr n morn an two 20 mg ir's for as needed threw day they an Ritalin the dextro has five times the cns good effects where all the Levo n addy does is act on your norepinephrine garbage but I swear request the red core pharmas will not regret I usually have some nervous ness with any stimulants an have too take more my pain meds an benzo anxiety/anti convulsant an at night take sleeping meds don't give speech on what I take u have no idea what's wrong with me my life span will not b prob past 36 I'm 32 so I will make my time pain free ADHD anxiety free I can back on subject core pharmas don't have that sugar taste like Barr an not huge like mally's The only brand of thers I like is there methadone only brand ever got cept got my 140mgs a day of brand name Dolphine tens one time when was pharmacy a fault was out was wen used same one all time an they were very help full too bad had switch cause a pharmacist thought new more than my dr so I said peace lady didn't no me or what any my pain issues were just thought junkie smh judgements walk n some one else's shoes first

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