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Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) removal
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What happens after surgery when you have a GI stromal tumor (GIST) removed from your stomach? I am wondering about the recovery period and how long it takes to recover? I have one 2 inches in my stomach and need surgery. It's not cancer but still should come out. I wonder why? Help, someone talk to me. ## Are you sure its not cancer. Have they done a biopsy. I was told that i had one 7in by 4in. After removal i was put on Gleevac (Oral Chemo Pill) 400 mg for a year and a half. Then found out I had tumors in liver. They changed my meds to 800mg Gleevac. It is supposed to reduce the growth of the tumors.Now, they have me on Sutent because my body got used to the Gleevac. ## Sorry to hear this, will pray for you.This cancer stuff can be serious, have they considered radiation? Sam ## H...
Updated 34 minutes ago in Sutent.
Side Effect Mecobalamin 500mcg
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I am taking mecobalamin 3 times a day, are there any side effects later? thanks ## Side effects of Mecobalamin (Methylcobalamine) can include any of the following: Gastrointestinal adverse drug reactions including anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. Rashes may also occur sometime. This is definitely the better, non synthetic version of Vitamin B12. So I think if you keep following the dosage instructions on the package you shouldn't experience any (maybe very little) side effects as your body assimilates and uses this nutrient over a long period of time. If you feel like the dose is too high for any reason, just cut back on a dose and work your way up over time. You can view more information about this pill by following the link below... Please post back if you have any other general qu...
Updated 8 hours ago.
Can't relax in any position but on stomach without pain.
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I cannot lay in any position besides on my stomach, and I also cannot sit in a reclined position for even a few seconds without a horrible reaction. If I move into any of these positions I get instant gas, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, muscle spasms, pain in my hands and feet, confusion and fatigue. I also have developed many food allergies in the last 4-5 years. I cannot tolerate any amount of sugar, alcohol, or yeasts, and I seem to have constant sinus infections. My holistic doctor believes I have Lyme and co-infections, but I am trying to see if there could be a gastro-intestinal explanation for these strange symptoms that seem to be trigured by resting positions. ## I understand why some people try to use holistic medications and treatments, but you do need to be aware that t...
Updated 15 hours ago.
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What is this drug best used for? I was prescribed this while traveling in Mexico. ## This medication contains Simethicone, and Trimebutine, which is most commonly used to treat intestinal conditions, such as IBS, gas, and spasms. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 15 hours ago in Simethicone.
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Looking for details about this tablet. ## I have a bottle from Mexico (Dipera 2 mg) I do not remember what it is for. Thanks, Gloria ## Dipera is for Diarhea. It has always worked great for us. We got a bottle in Mexico in 2007 and it is still working really good, in fact hubby took one today and an hour later, diarhea was gone. I have shared with family and friends and so far, no one has had any problems. Such a tiny little pill but works so good. ## Dipera contains the active ingredient Loperamide, which is used to treat, or prevent diarrhea. In the U.S. it is available under the brand name Imodium, and the generic. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, flatulence, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 4 days ago in Loperamide.
Loose Motion Control Tablet
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I am experiencing loose stools 3-4 times in a day. Please advise. ## Have you seen a doctor to get to the root of what is causing your problem? There many different things that can cause you to have frequent bowel movements and the best solution is usually getting to the root of that and correcting the problem. It could be something you are eating, another medication you are taking or any one of several other options. I am not sure what country you are in, so I don't know what's available to you, but in the U.S. we can purchase Loperamide over the counter for assistance with such problems. Learn more: ## i am in tamilnadu in india,i have stomach problem with three to four times motion in a day and also facing pain in left and right side of my stomach at bottom. now i am taking r...
Updated 5 days ago in Loperamide.
Trapped gas in upper left quadrant
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What kind of tests are needed to find out if one has 'trapped gas in their quadrant' and what type test is needed to discover if there's a 'twisted bowel'?
Updated 12 days ago.
crohnes & moatofen
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I had been Rx' motofen in the early 90's and took it for 20 yr.'s or more & when I could no longer find it did not notice withdrawal symptoms. I desperately need it. Have crohnes and have suffered chronic diarrhea sense I was 26, now 75. Its the only medication that works for me & believe me I've tried them all. ## I have no follow-up regarding motofen. Nobody (Dr's) not interested in talking about it or crohnes. I have heard off & on that motofen will be back with no results or any indication of another medication to take its place. I do feel that if it does come back it will be so expensive that we e cannot afford it and the insurance companies will not honor it. So on with the saga. Will appreciate any insight and/or feedback. Wolfcrick in Texas ## I h...
Updated 19 days ago in Motofen.
Loose Motion immediately after taking food
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I have undergone loose motion since last Sunday which is the dated on 10/04/2011 and the particular I had loose stools three times immediately after taking food. Then I took 2 nos.of anti-diarrhoea capsules bought from a retail outlet called "ASDA" supermarket. The active ingredient of this medicine is "Loperamide Hydrochloride" 2mg and others. it recommends 2 capsules immediately after first loose motion and 1 tablet for subsequent motions. First I took 2 capsules and 1 after the 2 nd loose motion. As a remedy I stopped taking heavy meals and had 4 slices of toated thick white bread with a banana and a cup of thick black coffee with a bit of sugar.For dinner, I had 4 or 5 slices of toasted thick white bread with a bowl of tomato soup. Now it is going to be recover and n...
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Does anyone know what kind of pill this is? White, oval - on one side imprinted 2 / 125. on the other side imprinted with 1MD. Thanks! JO
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I found a white oval barrel shaped pill with 2 / 125 on one side and 1MD underscored on the other side. Does anyone know what kind of pill this is? Thank you! JO ## Imodium AD 2mg LOPERIMINE/ over simethicone 125 mg. ## Buddy is correct, it is used to treat, or prevent diarrhea, and gas. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, and constipation. Are there any other questions?
Updated 22 days ago in Imodium.
L Dofer
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what is the use of l-doper ## I want to know information about the drug which is prescribed to me. ## L-Doper contains Loperamide, which is a drug used to treat loose motions. ## My dog ate those any problem will she face She ate l dofer capsules 2 of them ## This medication is listed as containing the active ingredient Loperamide, which is most commonly used to treat, or prevent diarrhea. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. It can be used in dogs, but you should only do so, under veterinary advice. Too much could cause abdominal pain, constipation, stomach pain, and flatulence. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 23 days ago in Loperamide.
4375 or 44375
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small oblong ligt blueish/greenish in color ## what is 4375 green scored pill ## I think the marking might be 44 375, can you please double check and post back? If so, it is distributed by Walgreens, and they list it as containing 2mgs of Loperamide, which is used treat, or prevent diarrhea. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, flatulence, and constipation.
Updated 24 days ago in Loperamide.
Tecta stomach meds
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This is a dangerous drug!! If you take heart meds and prescribed this medication, RUN!! I gained 15 lbs in 3 months. I was retaining water. I was swollen from my toes up to my upper thighs. My feet and toes were so swollen that I could not bend my toes downward. My feet were so sore that it was a struggle to walk! My stomach was bloated as this med stops acid from forming in your stomach that can cause GERD etc. What happens is food sits in your stomach and eventually rots and expelled. I felt so hungry and noticed my nails and hair pretty much stopped growing as the food doesn't get digested and sent throughout the body. My entire body was sore as if I suffered from fibro. My fingers, hands, arms and face were swollen. This was not an allergy. I needed home care as I could barely w...
Updated 26 days ago.
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Yellow capsule inscribed BB ## Eldoper Loperamide HCL capsules. Please let me know in what all ailments we can take this medicine and the usuallz prescibed dosage for Indian Adult age yrs thanks and Regards ## Eldoper is not manufactured in the US, it is reported to be manufactured in Myanmar. I did however locate the active ingredient which is loperamide. Loperamide is a drug effective against diarrhea resulting from gastroenteritis or inflammatory bowel disease. To learn more click on the link below... If you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back and I would be happy to help. ## Is there any preferrable dosage to be followed for eldoper tablet. ## Eldoper is not manufactured in the US, it is reported to be manufactured in Myanmar. I did however locate the act...
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propinox compuesto for stomach pain
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I don't have a gallbladder, but I feel very gassy and have serious stomach pain. Can propinox compuesto help alleviate my pain?
Updated 1 month ago.
What Time Of Day Should I Take Dexilant Dr 60 Mg
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Is it better in the morning, afternoon of nithg before bed. ## Hi Sal, The dosing instructions for this medication state the following: "Dexilant (Dexlansoprazole) comes as a delayed-release (long-acting) capsule to take by mouth. It is usually taken once a day. Dexlansoprazole may be taken with or without food, but it may provide more relief from after-meal symptoms if it is taken before a meal. Take dexlansoprazole at around the same time every day." It does not indicate a specific time of day to take the medication, so that decision is going to be up to you at your own convenience. If it's something that effects you the point of not being able to function at a normal level, then it may be best to take it at night or in the evening hours when you may be in the comfort of y...
Updated 1 month ago in Dexilant.
pantocid dsr
35 Replies RSS
I have been taking pantocid dsr everyday morning on an empty stomach half an hour before food for the last six months. Please tell me the side effects and what this medicine is for? ## i would like to know much about the pantocid tablets in what type of desies this tablet is use ## Sorry this is apparently not something approved for use in the U.S. so it is not as strictly regulated as medications here are under the FDA. I can only recommend that you speak to your doctor or pharmacist for more information. ## this drug is prescribed to patients of GERD, acid reflux ## It is a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) which may cause side effects like headache, nausea, etc. Please report if you suffer from side effects six months into use. ## I have been diagnosed with a kidney stone. I also seem to h...
Updated 1 month ago.
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capsule ## what are linsoloc 30 tablets used for, I am suffering from stomach ulcers I would like to know if linsoloc 30 tables can help me ## This medication is used to help reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach to help treat, or prevent conditions, such as a ulcers, heartburn, GERD, and gastritis. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, flatulence, and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with? Are there any other questions?
Updated 1 month ago.
yellow oval 93 12 pill
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Does not look like pill I received at Hospital ## How long after 1 year will the 93 12 pill still be good to use, or should it be discarded. ## The manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals lists this tablet as containing 40mgs of Pantroprazole, which is used to help reduce the amount of acid your stomach products to help treat, or prevent conditions, such as GERD, heartburn, ulcers and gastritis. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, flatulence, and stomach pain. Once expire, they may start to lose efficacy, so it would best to obtain a new supply. Are there any other questions, or concerns?
Updated 1 month ago.
Tablet Kinpride
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Use of kin pride tablet ## detais about kinpride tablet ## I have antral gastritis l take tablet elbanz 40 and kinpride 1Mg how to use them. ## Based on my research, the medication Kinpride contains the active ingredient Cinitapride, which is used to improve gastric motility and treat or prevent ulcers. Dosing: take 1 tablet by mouth, on an empty stomach. Contraindications: DO NOT consume alcohol while on this medication. This medication may cause drowsiness, it is unsafe to drive a car or operate machinery while taking this medication. Be cautious when taking this medication if you have a history of gastrointestinal bleeding, mechanical obstruction or perforation, movement disorder, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Side effects may include: Drowsiness and diarrhea (most common...
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