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akhilesh Says:

I am experiencing loose stools 3-4 times in a day. Please advise.

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Verwon Says:

Have you seen a doctor to get to the root of what is causing your problem?

There many different things that can cause you to have frequent bowel movements and the best solution is usually getting to the root of that and correcting the problem. It could be something you are eating, another medication you are taking or any one of several other options.

I am not sure what country you are in, so I don't know what's available to you, but in the U.S. we can purchase Loperamide over the counter for assistance with such problems.

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n sankaravel Says:

i am in tamilnadu in india,i have stomach problem with three to four times motion in a day and also facing pain in left and right side of my stomach at bottom.
now i am taking razo d and econorm capsules.
pl guide me

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Verwon Says:

n sakaravel, Razo-D contains Rabeprazole and Domperidone, it is used to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach to treat or prevent conditions such as heartburn, GERD, Gastritis and Ulcers.

I many cases, the lower stomach pain you have been having, can mean that something is irritating your stomach, which could be caused by excessive stomach acid, so you might have been developing, or already developed, an ulcer or gastritis. This medication is meant to reduce that acid and, by doing so, help your stomach heal.

It can cause some side effects, however, which may include: nausea, drowsiness, stomach pain and flatulence.

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The Econorm contains Saccaromyces Boulardii, it is formed from yeast and is used medically as type of probiotic to treat severe cases of diarrhea.

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Are there any other questions?

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vivek kumar rahul Says:

i am in budaun in india ,i have stomach pain and loose motion. so please guide me

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rachit Says:

i have a pain in my smotach last two months.After taken food i have got gas,acid problem & i have to go wash room 2-3 times per day..I have got also pain in my stomach.Last to last month i have got typhoid & that problem is going on since that time..Typhoid problem is solved but loose motion problem is not been solved ....Give me solution for my problem...

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Tejas Says:

i am tejas from bangalore , the problem is i am going for motion in my under ware itself. so please guide in controlling motion in my under ware

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Rachana Mohanty Says:

i am 37 years old from bhubaneswar. i have got pain in stomach and after that loose motion 2-3 times. i went to bath room daily 6-7 times. please advice

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jaya lakshmi Says:

iam jaya lakshmi form india ,hyderabad ...iam suffering with loose motions problem regularly,during the time of motion iam facing pain in center of the stomach
....plzz advice

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sunil Says:

i am 25 year old from rajasthan india.. i have a loose motion problen from 4 to 5 month. loose motion is only in the morning time. in 1 hour i have 2 go wash room for 2 time. i had taken so many tablets and also checked my self so many doctor but the problem is not going......the motion is foam type......doctor says u have tention so this probles is coming in u.......and i realy have so many tention related my family problem...........plz sir/mam give me adwise what i do.........whats tablets is suitable for me

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HELP Says:

could be Diverticulitis. treated with flagyl and cipro. possible of infection in the pockets and folds of the large intestine. verify by doing a ct scan

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honey Says:

Use depandal-M tablet for your pblm

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rajesh Says:

hi sir.dialy iam going wash room for three to four times in morning.and also it coming like sensation daily iam using lopramide.but no use.i hav this problem from last three years.so plz advise good medicine sir

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Mohan Says:

I am 55 yrs male. Gbladder removed in 2009. But still Irregular bowel movement. Sometimes 4/5 times. sometimes onces. mostly loose. MRI in @011.No proble, Givemn Econorm.Why?

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ashthosh Says:

get a snuggy

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Amar Sontakke Says:

hi... my name is Amar my problem relates with my 10 month old male baby. 2 months ago he was affected with gaestro like deasise a bams doctor tried to cure him, then he took a t b skin taste on my child, he found it was positive with 10 mm percentage so he started the medicine of tb but from start my child has no sign of tb at all so after 15 days we went to another doctor who is special in child care. He checked my baby properly, also he took x ray of his chest there was nothing sign of tb. Then the doctor adviced me to stop immediately those tablets of tb at least for 15 days. So we stopped it . after 15 days we found that my baby is completly healthy and normal even his weight is also increasing normally. Now after more than 2 months later my baby is having loose motions with green color 4 to 5 times daily in the morning since last 2 weeks, his weight is now 8 kilo and 300 grams, is it normal to him? is there any connection of his past with present? What should I do? plz help me.

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Pickey Chopar Says:

i am 35 year old from Gujarat. i have a loose motion problem and Inflammatory in since month. loose motion is only in the morning time. Then inflammatory since 1 and 2 hours ...plz sir/mam give me adwise what i do.........whats tablets is suitable for me

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ajay Says:

Am of 23 years old and I have problem of motion and am not able to digest the food I take..... Please suggest something good

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arumugam Says:

while taking ecosprin tablet i feel ear and neck pain

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Chandu Says:

Chutie tera kuch ni ho sakta, abe agar subah do baar chala bhi jata hai to kya prob. Hai....

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Ashish gupta Says:

I'm ashish from kanpur work at a medical science. for avoid loose motion u do use dietery fibre fruit such as banana, & 2nd way ispaghol bhushi mix with cord & taken 2-3 times in a day u feel better after taken it.if u want medice u can take norflox TZ other is pamcyclo

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benzo dog Says:

Re: vivek kumar rahul (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Ask your chemist for the old formulation of Lomotil® (diphenoxylate 2.5 mg and atropine sulphate 0.25 mg) In several countries Lomotil® has a different, new formulation (loperamide 2 mg). It can be used effectively therapeutically but for an effect above and beyond, try 20-50 tablets of the original Lomotil®.
The amount of atropine is so small, the only side effect you would sense is a mild rosacea with warm, dry skin.

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abdul Says:

My cow is in very poor condition, experiencing loose motion and facial swelling with hair falling out. Please suggest a medicine that can help me save my cow.

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Mahadevu m Says:

I have a four year old son who was suffering from loose motion for two days. Please give me some suggestions on how to treat this problem?

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Surabhi Says:

Hello. My baby girl is 7 months old. For the last 4 days she is having loose motions. Please suggest what medicine to use for treatment. Will norflox t z help?

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Rose Says:

How many tablets of flagyl 400 should be taken for a 16 year old who has been having loose motion with stomach pain for the past 2 days?

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Our cattle which is 5 months old has been suffering from loose motion for the past 2 days. We gave her medicine but she didn't experience any relief. What to do now?

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Chumki Says:

I am having severe loose motion, a lot of stomach pain and gas formation is very acute. I have migraines as well. My Dr. suggested the Zifi CV 200, which I have been taking for the last two days but have not had any satisfactory improvement. What should I do?

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Ritu Says:

Please suggest medicine for loose motion for a 9 year old kid, as my kid is having loose motion since last night...and today he is having an exam at school.

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Nawal Says:

I have been suffering from loose motion for 25 years. For the last 5 years I have been taking mesacol 400mg and andial 2mg tablets so that it is controlled, but when I give it up again the loose motion is started. Pls help me. I have contacted several doctors but I am very disappointed.

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Sunil Says:

I am from Punjab. I am experiencing diarrhea all the time and a heart beating sensation near my rectum for the past 2 years...there was problems with my bowel movements also... Now my motions are normal, 2 to 3 times daily, which were six to seven times a day. I had flatulence all the time, now a bit better. I'm taking one redotil in the morning and one unienzyme tab in the morning...what is this called? The heart beat sensations irritate me...and also a feeling of pressure. I had undergone two colonoscopies which are normal, one transrectal ultrasound (normal), stomach scan (normal). So what is this called? One of my gastro MD/DM's examined IBS on my treatment chart....Is it IBS or anything dangerous? Please tell me.

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