Epclusa And Low Vitamin D

Lou Says:

Since taking epclusa tx 3 yrs ago I've had edema, nausea, infections, limb pain, and just discovered low vitamin D (had a reading of 20). Any info appreciated, thanks.

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Emma Says:

Vit D is fine everything else is a mess we were lab rats search F B And search main drug you will find groups going through same as you I am full of infections viruses and bacteria my ears ring so loud I can’t wakj fro muscle and bone pain and neuropathy I wish there was a way to converse but search and you will. Find the hell we are living in

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Lou Says:

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Sorry to here your having problems as well, before I started the treatment, the liver nurse assured me that any problems I might have they would be there to help, lol, I saw a liver dr once just to get me signed up,never saw him again, every time I tried to speak to the nurse she was always out ! when I did catch up with her she told me that DAAs Epclusa wouldn't be causing any problems, any side effects iwas having would be caused by the life style I used to live, said she never heard of anyone having problems on epclusa, and of course my dr believed her "being the so called expert" I knew what my body was going thru, I felt better pre treatment, IV had so many problems since treatment feel to tired ATM to pass on, I'm in Australia where are you? Hope your feelings prove a little, just wish there was something we could do, IV met some seedy people over the years but these so called liver experts are good liars. Take care

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Lou Says:

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Hi Emma ,really hope your neuropathy problems are not getting worse, it's so hard hear at the moment can't Evan get in to see a dr or er ,we really didn't need this covid virus to appear ,I am so mixed up after epclusa over 3 yrs ago now ,no one admits that Epclusa may have damaged us! Every time I mention any problem to my dr he says " probley just age related" and having hcv for long period probley caused my many problems ,do you ever get body jerks or leg jumps usually when trying to relax ?mine have gotten worse over last couple of yrs ,I feel as if IV damaged my knee from sudden leg jolts ,usually happens every day lately,plus puffy feet also been diagnosed with Vit D deficiency,just what I didn't need, hope this year is improvement to you ,and every body else suffering from epclusa ,

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