Doctor In Montgomery Alabama Who Will Prescribe Soma To Me (Top voted first)

Tracey Says:

I have been taking Soma for many years, along with lorcet and over the counter ibuprophen for about 7 or 8 years. I believe it all started when I landed on top of my head and fractured my spine in the very upper part of my back, because thats when all hell broke loose. Ir was one painful thing after the otheri have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, however u spell that but for # years I have been getting these 3 day, cant even talk or open my eyes or do anything else headaches caused from these very painful knots in my upper back an neck and base of my scull caused from spasms making the muscle around my entire head start having spasms. I have had allot of pain in my life but this by far the worst for the longest amount of time. I dont seem to get any relief from the pain pill, but the somas help sooooooo much. They are all that help. My doctor just stopped writing scripts for somas and I dont know what to do. I really need them, they are all that works for me. So, does anyone know a doctor in Montgomery alabama I can see that will write me the script fo somas or although I have never done this before, is it safe to order them online? If so, does anyone know one that you dont need a prescription, that is reasonable and safe?

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Dt Says:

I get soma all the time with out rx. It's legit

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EMTgoneNUTZ Says:

Hi there. I'm new here but came across your post as I was searching to see if I could find out why Dr's are being told they can no longer write Soma Rx's. The reason my Doc gave me on Monday when he gave me the "lovely" news is that "they" (govt) is calling the shots, and supposedly it is because the Soma breaks down in your system and turns into either meprobromate or meprobromide (can't remember which but it was one of the 2) and that Soma is now thought to be "bad for you". It must be he just got the orders from big brother because he wrote me last month. I too am in agony with relentless, horrific muscle spasms. I had forgotten how bad they were before Soma....I had hoped I would never be reminded again, but this Robaxin he switched me to in place of the Soma is a joke. I might as well swallow M&M's. Prior to Soma I had tried Flexeril, Norflex, Zanaflex & Skelaxin, all to no avail. Soma was simply amazing because while the spasms were still there, they were SO much less intense and, dare I say, "milder", and there were no weird side effects or anything. It never fails that just as you're on something that works, they take it away.

Oh, btw....just a heads up...he told me to be forewarned that in the very near future he's afraid the Oxycodone will also have to be stopped. It's already become a huge pain in the butt here in FL trying to fill it each month because it's a crapshoot as to whether or not my Walgreens will have it in stock, and if not, how many other Walgreens stores I'll have to go to before I find one that does have it. Thanks to those damn "pill mills" and all the jackholes who get the Rx's just to sell them, or to get high. I am sick to death of us legitimate chronic pain patients having to suffer due to the actions of criminals. I've had 2 back surgeries (fusion), need more...and in a nutshell, my spine is literally deteriorating from neck to tailbone with varying degrees of OA, DDD, bulges & herniations, pinched nerves and all that good stuff throughout, as well as SI joint dysfunction that they also want to fuse, fibro and numerous other causes of my pain. I've been dealing with it for 10yrs now and frankly, to have to deal with these BS Rx issues while in this kind of pain....I'm just about to my breaking point. So I totally understand your story, and I feel your pain-both literally and figuratively. :-)

I wish you all the best in finding another muscle relaxer that helps you. I hope if you do, that you'll post it here! I will do the same if I find one.

All the best...

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Misty Says:

DT... So where do u order your soma without a script, cause I have been on them 4 almost 14 yrs & now my Dr is not giving them 2 me anymore & it's just VERRRRRY FRUSTRATING CAUSE I HAVE TRIED ALL OTHERS & WHEN I FINALLY DID FIND SOMA, IT'S BEEN MY LIFE SAVER, ALOT OF TIMES I GET BETTER RELIEF FROM THEM THEN I WOULD FROM PAIN MEDS.. SO I'M JUST CURIOUS WHERE I CAN ORDER IT & NOT GET SCAMMED??

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Glin Says:

it's a shame thata because of people doing illegal things with their meds, the cronic pain sufferers have to suffer without their's BS NOTHING ELSE WORKS! and I'm up most of the nights now because it did relax my muscles and I could go to sleep now I sit here and rub neck, legs and back all night GRRRRRRdoes anyone know if any group has tried to go to gov't and speak on behalf of the people with REAL PAIN. hey I wish I didn't have to take them either but it is what it is and I was diagnosed with muscle spasm (had polio when I was small) and that it was a cronic pain....I guess they don't care hope everyone who suffers from this finds some relief somewhere and I wish there was a way for those that took it away to walk a week in my shoes or even a day

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G Says:


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geoffrey Says:

i was getting Soma from superdrugsaver (90 350mg pills for about $50)...the web site has been down for the past few days but will hopefully be back up...this has happened before. the pills come from India and are new and effective. I've ordered about four batches without a prescription.

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Mindy Says:

Your story is very similar to mine. I never fell on my head, but on almost all my other parts. The fibromyalgia came a few yrs ago, but when I mention that to my new pain doc, he rolls his eyes at me. I know what they are thinking, and you probably do too! But I'm just a middle aged lady in a lot of pain. There has to be a way for them to weed out the druggies! For people who take them right it's just not fair to us. I guess they are all cutting down on Soma's because it can be addictive, but, hey we need them! I live in Calif. so they must be cracking down nation wide.

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Cin Says:

Can you please let me know how please..... my life and pain is living hell please help me... I'm tired of being handicap and helpless :( please. I beg you

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Tracey Says:

I love my doctor , and have been seeing him forever. He has been prescribing me soma ever since I started seeing him as well, for fibromyagia, as well as upper back pain due to a fracture in my upper spine. Since that happened I have had the most horrible headaches, as well as neck pain, pain and numbness in my arms. To make matters worse, I just have been diagnosed with arthritis. Joints in my hands and feet mostly, they r getting bigger and bigger. He also treated me with steroid shots in my upper back and below my scull which sometimes help and here lately, not so much. Anyway, he took everyone he treats off of soma 2 months ago. He said they were killing people, but from what I read, you would have to take a ton. There were so many days I couldnt get out of the bed or stop crying before. They were a major part of my pain relief. The past two months have been hell. Its like I live in fear. I also dont have insurance now and havent for a while so I dont have the money to go to the E.R when its bad, nor can I afford to go back to see my doc in between appointments since I see him every month. He gave me zanaflex instead the month before but that is 300 dollars, so now I have flexeril which is not working and gives me a hangover feeling. I am afraid this is really going to be a problem for me and I have no idea what I can do about it. Thank you for listening and I would appreciate any information you might have to share.

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Danielle Says:

Please tell me how you get them pleaseeee

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roberta Says:

Could i get some info.huge help.thanks

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justin Says:

What site do you use. I would love to be able to get them . U can even tell me in private r something pls

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Agony Says:

I would be interested in getting some, just tell me how to go about it.

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PharmAlchemy Says:

You need to check where you can look up the biggest prescribers of soma in Georgia. Then schedule an appointment, explain your situation to the doctor and hope for the best.

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Danielle Says:

Please give me a site or an answer on how you get them. I've been cut off as I have serious back pain.

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Larry Says:

Please let me know where I can get 350mg Soma online. I keep trying but all the places I find are from India and I don't trust them !

Thanks a lot

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karen Says:

The. FIA is taking it off the market because it is in the barbiturate class of drugs that r highly addictive, according to my dr. I am an RD and skeptical but am ordering online for occasional use for fibromyalgia.

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KM Says:

I've ordered from India before and they never came.packaged like that, they were discrete, but also very pricey. And like everyone else they r going to take them from my husband and I . They have been telling us this for about 6 months now so I'm sure its coming soon. But the place I ordered from no longer has a web site. I just don't understand when and how the government and pharmaceutical companies decided that they know more than the doctors and what their patients need as far as medicine goes. And that's all medicine I've gone to a pharmacy to fill a couple scripts that was for an infection and the pharmacist that they didnt think I needed it, I said excuse me my doctor wrote that and if he didn't think I needed it he wouldn't have wrote it, she said I will just give him a call and she did andbibgot what she felt I needed. Absolutely Insane, way more power than the doctors. I think if these people in the government, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmacists want to be doctors they should go to school for that like my doctor did and that goes for the insurance companies as well and in my opinion I feel they are the absolute worst about. GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL and get yourself a degree to become a doctor not a lack behind a desk that know absolutely nothing about prescribing medicine!!!!! But I would also like some help with a website
Thank you

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EDDY Says:

Soma is not being taken off the market, it is not in the barbiturate class, and it is not discreet ordering from India. For one there will be a slip on the outside saying Soma inside. Second, when I ordered once from Super Drug Savers I got a bunch of stamps that made me consider starting a colorful collection?

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deborah Says:

I'm 56yrs old, and have been suffering from severe back spasms for Dr that was prescribing them passed away.....I suffer from such severe spasms that I cant. sleep or lie's pour torture..

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