Doctor In Montgomery Alabama Who Will Prescribe Soma To Me
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Tracey Says:

I have been taking Soma for many years, along with lorcet and over the counter ibuprophen for about 7 or 8 years. I believe it all started when I landed on top of my head and fractured my spine in the very upper part of my back, because thats when all hell broke loose. Ir was one painful thing after the otheri have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, however u spell that but for # years I have been getting these 3 day, cant even talk or open my eyes or do anything else headaches caused from these very painful knots in my upper back an neck and base of my scull caused from spasms making the muscle around my entire head start having spasms. I have had allot of pain in my life but this by far the worst for the longest amount of time. I dont seem to get any relief from the pain pill, but the somas help sooooooo much. They are all that help. My doctor just stopped writing scripts for somas and I dont know what to do. I really need them, they are all that works for me. So, does anyone know a doctor in Montgomery alabama I can see that will write me the script fo somas or although I have never done this before, is it safe to order them online? If so, does anyone know one that you dont need a prescription, that is reasonable and safe?

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Jay Says:

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The pill mills and all those a-holes who just hired retired drs to write scripts f***ed up pain relief for sooo many people. When i go to a dr and I need medication for whatever reason and they say "Are you here for pills!" I say "well yeah, where else do you expect me to go? The corner or main and 4th? You’re a dr. Do your job. I don’t take pain pills but I have had my battles with my adhd medication and it sucks. It’s my body, I know it best, I should be the one to decide what goes in it." Let’s face it, it ain’t that hard to figure out what works better, soma or flexeril.

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Deb Says:

Looking for a Dr. in north Alabama willing to write a script for Soma for my muscle spasms. It seems to work better than any other medication I have taken. For some reason I can't find a Dr. willing to write for them. I know they are still being prescribed in other areas.

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12voltman Says:

I'm one of many who have recently been cut off soma. Is there any place I can see a doctor? I'm in Lane County Oregon. I have fractured my back, DDD, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, chronic pain, and muscle pain for 30 years. Now my Doctor is taking away pain meds and soma because of insurance companies making money not having to cover it! I'm in so much pain & I too am ready to give up! Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Lil Bit Says:

Re: justin (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I was hit by a semi in 2012, in SC, getting a script there was no problem. I moved to Alabama and they refuse to prescribe them. Apparently, everyone is a drug addict. It pisses me off. I am in constant pain, cry while doing housework and just everyday stuff. And now I can't work. Who do you fill your prescription from online?

I'm looking for a Dr. in Foley, Daphne, Mobile, Fairhope Alabama to prescribe Soma.

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cecil Says:

I need soma because i was shot in Nam and drs here have orders on how many scripts they can write.

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Ann Says:

My doctor has said the same thing to me. I started taking it after a car accident.

I would greatly appreciate knowing.

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Donnie Says:

I am disabled on medicare, have DDD and took Soma for over ten years. Now I cannot find another doctor to prescribe it. I've been going to pain management doctors for years. All other alternatives make me loopy and DO NOT WORK. Help.

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Mike Says:

You can buy Soma over the counter in Mexico.

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TeeTee Says:

In need of soma pills my doctor give them to me for muscle spasms and neck and back surgery. Does anybody know a Dr or someone in pittsburgh or ohio?

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Samantha Says:

How can I get soma I am in so much pain and spasms are worse

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EDDY Says:

Your Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, KMART, Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons and other fine retailers will have fresh 100% authentic Soma, picking up a bottle tomorrow, went today but they told me to go away even though its been a month. Rite Aid for the wrong reasons~

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Colleen Says:

Where and how do you get the soma? I've looked at many sites with the pain o Soma but need to know which is legit please?

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JJ Says:

Let's all get together and sign a petition to the government for them to write us so much legitimately so we won't be punished for other people's wrongdoing if so please get in touch with me I'll be happy to sign any and all potations on behalf of all of us that are suffering from major pain

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liz Says:

May I ask where from? My doc suddenly died, then I moved out of state, and am having a hard time getting them here. They took care of all of my pain! And no, I do not over use them, but I do have 7 kids, so they enable me to be a good and active mom! Feel free to write me back {edited for privacy}. Thanks so much!

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sammi cakes is freezin Says:

Where and how? I have too many reasons for needing it to list, ALL legit.

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R Says:

I'm in Texas. Same Dr. for 28 years. Took soma and hydrocodone for 23 years after wreck. Can't get soma now. DEA agents went to my Dr. and told him personally to stop prescribing it to all his patients. He said no. They said they would shut him down if he did not comply. Not fair and no one cares. This sucks that we have to hurt when there is a medicine that works. We are being punished for the sins of recreational users.

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Jonathan Says:

I'm going through the exact same thing you are. Sorry you are hurting so bad like me. Hang in there!

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Onceuponatime Says:

I would like to know where, we haven't been able to get them here in nearly a year, now also any pain meds, we need more docs to properly diagnose and manage pain patients in indiana, forget ky!

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Gemini Says:

How? I can't seem to get anywhere trying to get it. My insurance is gone I lost my job. Been on it for years for my back. Now I don't know what to do? Thanks

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Carol Says:

Same here...I also live in Miss. Dr. took the some away. I'd much rather have those then a pain pill any day. I've tried all the rest. They don't come near to helping like the soma did.

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