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Marv Says:
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Just got Camber Pharm generic Percocet at Walgreens instead of the Actavis brand. It's giving me an upset stomach and causing me to feel weird. Has anyone else had a similar reaction?

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Vee Says:

What is the dosage? Can you please post back and clarify? Is it the yellow tablet with T 194 imprinted on it? (NDC 31722-194, 10/325 dosage) Or is it another variation of the dosage from Camber?

Percocet is a narcotic analgesic. The FDA warns that it's risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation and dry mouth.

Editor's note: the information below is from message # 294 which displays the inactive ingredients (fillers) as listed on the manufacturer's website.

Inactive Ingredients:

- colloidal silicon dioxide
- croscarmellose sodium
- crospovidone
- microcrystalline cellulose
- povidone
- pregelatinized starch
- stearic acid

Specific to doses:

2.5/325mg contains FD&C Red #40

5/325MG contains FD&C Blue #1

7.5/325MG contains FD&C Yellow #6

10/325MG contains D&C Yellow #10

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Nikki Says:
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Me too. I started it yesterday and have been vomiting since.

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catty Says:
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Yes I just got these same camber oxycodones 2 days ago from walgreens and they are awful. Sick stomach. Headache. Irritability. Lethargic. And is not helping with my severe back pain. This cant be healthy. Ive been on other generic oxycodone pills for awhile and this is the first time for these. Ive heard this is the only generic brand walgreens carries from now on so I will be moving along to a different pharmacy. Good luck.

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Jel lo Says:

Camber's pills aren't effective for pain relief. I have taken Mallinckrodt Percocet and they work and do not cause unusual side effects. First the hospital stopped carrying, then 2 chain store Pharmacy. They are obviously cheaper. Always about the $$$$. Camber does not make an accurate generic, or the suppliers they are getting it from. Disturbing to read these posts and learn that so many generics are not accurate. And now it's all about opioid addictions in the US. If this is the way they are going to treat pain in legitimate pain sufferers, then all they will accomplish is sending us to illicit drugs for pain relief. I have no idea what I will do. I've run out of pharmacies. It seems they are all going to Camber or Rhodes generics. And if the FDA is in on it, then it's over.

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bubblewrap Says:

yes, absolutely pain relief for severe ra, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease ra nodules, etc. all this is good for is chest pain and massive headaches! Very worried need more surgeries down the road because of above reasons, thinking of not going thru with them because I have zero tolerance for pain and need these to actually do their job and relieve pain!!!!

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Whistler Says:
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I've had all the different generic ones out there and some do work better than others. I just received camber today and I don't have any of those side effects. They seem to work just fine

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Nicole Says:
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Re: catty (# 3)

Took the 10/325 Camber today and i felt weak and shaky. This has never happened with any other brand. Also, it has been 3 days now and they are not giving me my normal pain relief that other brands do. They are making me very drowsy. I have been on this dose for a long time and have never experienced this. I am definetely not getting these again. I dont want to leave walgreens, but, this is rediculous.

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Spark Says:
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I just got those same Percocets/oxycodone from Walgreens; Camber Pharmaceuticals and they are making me nauseous and giving me a headache as well. I’m not feeling much pain relief from them either. What can a patient do in this case, as I know once they leave the store they won’t refund you? I’m not all that familiar with all these companies but Actavis always worked just fine. Are all pharmacies going to their low rate overseas pharmaceutical companies? Can you get a decent RX for pain since 2018? Has Walgreens changed their Camber / Percocets yet?. There are so many people getting sick that I was wondering, as I am due for a refill next Friday.

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Bubble wrap Says:
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Re: Spark (# 8)

Walgreens are ONLY GETTING CAMBER MFR IN FOR ALL PAIN MEDS. I have been on pain meds for a very long time and I can tell you that there is something not right with this MFR!!! I have to pick up 2 more meds, plavix and dexalant for heart burn. I will check the MFR before they ring me up. People.... please check your meds MFR before paying for them. If I see "camber mfr" on ANY OF MY MEDS, I PLAN ON RUNNING OUT OF THE STORE!!? Whether we are getting pain meds, everyday meds, all patients need to have their meds to work and we should never be sick for taking them Walgreens just lost a loyal, long time customer due to this MFR! So please people, check your meds and the MFR. If you see camber mfr... RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! REMEMBER, CHECK BEFORE THEY RING YOU UP AND DO IT IN FRONT OF THEM. IF YOU LEAVE THE COUNTER, YOU CAN'T RETURN THEM. HOW DO ALL CHRONIC PATIENTS GET RELIEF NOW???

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Randy Says:

I have been taking generic Percocet for chronic back, and head, 1 tab per day, to get a little pain relief without becoming dependent, damned if ya do, damned if you don't. In conclusion: appears most if not all pharm companies have formulated a fake opioid that has little or no effect on pain, rather making it worse, by sending addicts through withdrawal and is putting people that need, can no longer get relief, unless they know somebody, politics, pharm collusion. I hope somebody out there would be upfront? Pharmacies and Manufacturers are in agreement, this would seem to end opioid addiction crisis the hard way (withdrawal). There is hope for those that want to get off the pills: hemp extract cbd oil helps with pain and can ease withdrawal from opioids and is available in health food stores as a supplement, but expensive in my world, I don't like the effects of marijuana, but may help some with pain, cbd oil (non addictive) has no euphoria but seems to help a lot of people with a lot of things, including pain. Marijuana is somewhat legal, in some states. Good luck and God be with us.

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Arthur Says:

I've been on 1-2 5/325 Generic Percocet per day for the last couple of years for DDD/Arthritis in my lower back. Always have filled at Walgreens and usually had Actavis. Yesterday when I got my new rx filled it was with Camber.

Aside from an offputting plastic/chemical smell and taste, my normal dosage has provided me with same/similar pain relief, and so far no side effects as described above. I am very sensitive to changes in dosage, and when I briefly went on straight oxycodone didn't get nearly the same relief as Percocet even when combining with Tylenol, so I 100% believe some people react better/worse to certain manufacturers and formulas. The whole "all generics are the same" is a load of BS.

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Mike Says:

I also just got stuck with these worthless meds from Walgreens today! Generic perc 10/325 and feel weird, shaky and itchy skin. Having to take 2 at a time for half the relief!! I want my Actavis back!!!!

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Mike Says:

Leave reviews on Camber Pharmaceuticals social media page(s)! Lots of negative reviews already there! Read ‘em before they’re removed!!!

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Barbie 616 Says:
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Re: Bubble wrap (# 9)

They are buying drugs illegally from China and other foreign countries.

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Gia Says:

You all need to go to your pharmacist at Walgreens and tell them they are not working and you want the Activas back. Complain! Camder is the worst. Don't get them. If you must, stop getting all prescriptions at Walgreens and find someplace else that cares about its customers!

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Mark Says:
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If you have to take opiates to control severe pain stop going to chain pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart & etc... They could care less how well the pills they sell work to help you tolerate the severe pain situation you now find yourself in! Find a mom & pop pharmacy that will work with you and help you find a quality generic that will work with your body's chemistry to help you tolerate your severe pain situation. If you're receiving a schedule II opiate these days then you're in severe pain, otherwise your doctor will be in trouble! You have to be proactive in locating a mom & pop pharmacy that wants your business and will work with you! A chain pharmacy would gladly sell you a placebo and then call you a drug seeker because it's not helping you tolerate your severe pain. Stop letting these chain pharmacies which are no better than today's out of control government agencies that have no problem selling you worthless medication and then calling you out as a drug seeker when their cheap worthless Chinese/overseas junk pills are ineffective! We deserve better and like I said, you have to be proactive and find a mom & pop pharmacy that will work with you and appreciates your business! Good luck with your severe pain situation and finding a quality generic solution to help you tolerate the body that you have now been forced to live in. I feel your pain too...

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Marv Says:
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Re: Mark (# 16)

Problem is some of the mom and pops in Florida don’t exist anymore because the chains put them out of business.

I also don’t have the time to drive all over town and they won’t answer you was the brand over the phone even though you explain your situation so they are part of the problem as well.

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Bella Says:

Re: Marv (# 17)

I'm having the same problems as everyone else. I've posted more than once on the Camber Social network page. In one comment, I mentioned that the symptoms people are having are withdrawal. The pharmacy has no power over this. They can only prescribe what is sent to them by Walgreens Corporate. Don't bother calling Camber. They will refer you to product development in India. I called and asked 3 times if they had complaints. They said NO. Possibly the opioids/percocet are intended to be less effective. Ya think!! Does make one wonder.

For more information try googling; "Are generic companies making opioids less effective".

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Bella Says:

Re: Bella (# 18)

When I mentioned on, Camber social network page, that the symptoms (which I detailed) we were all having were those that opioid withdrawal causes. I gave them a comparison of what I was taking for over a year and that Camber brand was only half as effective. They deleted my comment. The generic companies are limited on the amount of opioid drugs they can sell per year to the pharmacy chain. Then the Corporate pharmacy has to switch to another generic; yet the pharmacy can continue to fill a script as necessary. They say this competition is their idea of keeping the cost of generics down. I thought generics were supposed to lower the cost of name brands? I called Costco for a price on name brand percocet 325-5mg 90 tablets; $1,300. Generics are only required to have a certain amount of the active ingredients as the name brand and they all contain different formulas of inactive ingredients. Seems there is no regard as to what the consumer may be allergic to. Where the drugs were made (in this case India) is not disclosed nor the ingredients. Is this what we have to look forward to?

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Cate Says:
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Re: Bubble wrap (# 9)

Well they are bein forced to go other routes and the sad part is no one cares. It's all about the Minot your health

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