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Cortal, aspirin and coke effective ba pampalaglag?

Nong may 23rd nagkaroon po ako then ngayon july 2 wala parin dapat nong june 23 magkaroon ako buntis po ba talaga ako nag pregnancy test na po ako parang dalawa po kasi eh hindi masyado po kasi makita yong isa eh. yong cortal ba mabisa na pamparigla? anu ba tamang pag inom para effective..pkitext nlng po sakin please para po maagapan ko tnx po..para mkatawag po ako sa inyo.. ## First time ko makipag sex sobrang sakit pag pinapasok kaya mga 5 seconds lang nasa loob. After that sumunod na araw may brown spotting na ako. 1 week na ton brown spotting. Pero dapat ngayong week mag ka regla na ako. Natatakot ako super. Sana matulungan niyo ako. Ayoko pang mabuntis ## Im afraid po kc every 3 weeks po ang regular menstruation ko so ang last ko po ntpos ng sep 26 then ng contact po kmi ng husband...

Cortal abortion

I need help pls. 2 weeks plng ako buntis uminom ako ng gutom ng biogesic and coke. Malalaglag naba kahit 2 weeks palang? ## last month po nagkaron ako mga 20 of nov ..tas ngaun dec.po di pa ko nagkakaron gang ngaun ..tas ng pt po ko positive ..ininuman ko po now ng kortal cnbyan ko ng m'dew tas nagta2lon ko at nag papagod ..epiktib po ba un? ## dinatnan po ako last feb.13 pa, two weeks na po akong delayed. i need help kasi baka buntis na ako ngayon. Ano po ba ang mabisang gamot o paraan para magregla na ako? please help me. ## i am 16 days delayed na po ano po bang gamot pampalaglag please help po ## Please help me!!! 9days na po akong preggy ask ko lang kung ung cortal SQR ay same lang din sa cortal na pampalaglag na sinasabi nila? kasi nagpabili ako sa friend ki and ang sabi daw a...

tiny pink round pill with L on one side

Smaller than an aspirin. Pinkish peach round pill. L on one side. Blank on the other. Not coated. ## The L is imprinted on the pill...not in black or any color at all. ## @Jessica, I located an 81mg Aspirin tablet that's round and peach colored with a capital "L" embedded into one side. This one however is reportedly enteric-coated, which from my standpoint appears to be the only discrepancy in comparison to your depiction. NOTE: There are also other 81mg Aspirin tablets that have the "L" in black ink, but the one I'm describing above is not in any ink color that differs from the tablet itself. Source: CVS 81mg Aspirin Tablet Image Whereabouts did you get it from? ## I found a small pink round pill with a L on it no ink color

Tablets For Fever And Body Pain

My mother has had body pain for the last two days and a high fever. My mother is age 67+. Please suggest immediately which medicine she'll take? ## i want to know which tablets help with fever and body pains? ## @monima, Sorry to hear about your mother's body pain. I can only imagine how difficult pain management can be at an older age like that. Unfortunately this is an information-only site that does not prescribe or sell any medications. For such inquiries I would strongly recommend making an appointment with one of your local doctors or pain management specialists if this is something chronic. However if this is something acute/minor, I would just suggest a few over-the-counter options for additional relief. A NSAID such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, or Diclofenac ma...

Aspirin Cortal With Softdrinks

How Aspirin Cortal administered? Do you combine it with coke and let it dissolve in the coke and then drink it? Or drink the medicine and the coke at the same time? ## pamparegla ba un cortal plz reply po ## Any medication should be taken with a full, 8 ounce glass of water. Learn more Aspirin details here. What are you taking it for? ## mkapalaglag b yung cortal with softdrinks? gusto ko sanang mgkaregla yung gf ko dahil 7 days delayed na po,, ilang cortal kaya ang inuman sa isang araw? ## ilang cortal ang dapat inumen para sa 7 days delayed after July 31, 2012 the date expected for the monthly period? ## san po ba makakabili ng cortal? PLZ help me poh ## nakakalaglag po b ng bata ang cortal kung positive na buntis ## akainum na po ako ng aspirin cortal ...pero indi parin po ako nirere...

effects of cortal in 1 month pregnancy

I had my period last jan. 5, by feb 5 im 5 days delayed and I took aspirin cortal 500mg 3 tablets with coca-cola, the next day I did it again. I took up almost 12 tablets of that medicine..By feb.13 I stopped drinking that medicine. And now we decided to continue this pregnancy but im afraid that those medications which I took will affect my 1-month baby..Can those affect my baby? What are the side effects of that medicine? What will happen to my baby? Pls help, im so confused... ## You should consult your doctor, the normal doses usually don't do any harm to a baby, but you took very high amounts of Aspirin and there have been no studies done to see what effect they may have. Have you consulted a doctor, yet? ## 1month delay n po ako ,nagpregnacy test n po positive po,.gusto...

side effects of cortal

I've been taking cortal daily since last december. I have taken one pack of it as a contraceptive. What might be its side effects? ## And I find it necessary to inform you that this medication WILL NOT prevent pregnancy, it IS NOT an effective contraceptive. There are many people that believe that a product containing Aspirin will prevent pregnancy, BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! It is a myth/old wives tale! Aspirin DOES NOTHING to prevent fertilization and implantation of your egg. If you continue with this and are sexually active, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! If Aspirin were an effective method of birth control, women all over the world would be using it and not spending a lot more money, every month, for prescriptions and visits to their doctor. The only way Aspirin may effect a pregnancy is be...

can aspirin cause abortion

I am pregnant and i took 4 aspirin. its about an hour now n i can't feel anything. I am trying to abort ## hi im 5 weeks pregnant and i took 1 disprin yersterday and drink life essence so could des cause misscariage please help ## Can two capsules of aspirin and coke cause abortion? I need help, how can I take it? ## Hi, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, i have taken 3 Aspirin tablets 3hrs ago but im not feeling anything. What can i do? Please help. ## hy i need a help i am 8month pregnant and i don't want baby can isprn help me to terminate or miscarriage ## hai po 2 months na po akong delayed sa menstration ko. nag try na poh akong uminom ng cortal 2 times a day pero na stop ko po. ngayong 20 po ng june mag ti 3 na po akong delayed? may pag asa pabang makuha ang bta kung buntis po ako...


white tablet oval ## white oblong pill 44-389, what is it ## LNK International lists this tablet as containing 325mgs of Aspirin, it is available over the counter. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation. Its inactive ingredients are listed as containing hypromellose polyethylene glycol propylene glycol Though they may vary depending on the manufacturer. Is there anything else I can help with?

Cortal Abortion Help

May nangyari po kasi i was forced. Nung aug25 lang po nangyari.. i am afraid bka po mbuntis ako. di ko po talaga matanggap yun. Uminom na po ako ng Medicol kahapon and sprite, and kaninang umaga uminom ako ng Medicol, biogesic and sprite. Matutunaw po ba nun ung nasa tyan ko incase meron nga. please help me po. di ko na alam gagawin ko. :( ## ATE TXT ME NEED KO PO HELP MO 3MOS DELAYE NA PO AKO {edited for privacy} ## Pwdi po ba malaglag ung 3 months kong iinum ako ng biogesic at coke kse first time kong mabuntis e tnks. ## ASPIRIN CORTAL + ANY SOFTDRINKS YUNG SUPER DUPER COLD! 99% SURE PO NA MALALAGLAG YAN, BUT I'M SORRY PAPA G? DIPO NILA ALAM GINAGAWA NILA? SANA PO MAPATAWAD NYO PO SILA? ## Ate pa sagot naman po ASAP. Ilang tablets po ba iinumin na aspirin?? Tulungan moko ate pls. ...

side effects of ecosprin av 75

giddyness,stomach acidity feeling nurveous ## ecosprin i am consuming 1 a day from 2 years is this the reason for ringing of bells in my ear ## consult your doctor.... ringing of bells in ear may be the starting of inner ear infection or lybrenthitis ## What is the difference between Ecosprin Gold 180 and Ecosprin A.V 75 and what is the side effect of both. ## This medication contains Aspirin, and Atorvastatin, so those can be normal side effects, along with nausea, headache, and joint/muscle aches, according to the NIH. Ecosprin Gold also adds the ingredient Clopidogrel, which is used to prevent blood clots, in addition to the other ingredients I've listed. It increases the risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation. Are there any other questions?

Can i stop ECOSprin 75

I am old about 46 years, Doctor advise me to take eco sprin75 on a daily basis. aswell I am taking Telma H for BP control. My colleague said we should not take ecosprin 75 daily without advise of cardiologist , please suggest, I have taken so for 14 capusules. on daily basis. Can I stop taking ecosprin. ## My age is 53 years. My TG level is 250 mg/l.My heart beat increases esp during the time of gastric/stress/during tiredness time. Is it is better to take Ecosprin 75 ? ## It is always best to follow your doctor's instructions. Ecosprin contains the active ingredient Aspirin, and it is commonly taken for heart health, and blood thinning. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding, stomach irritation, and headache. Pradi...

Vessel Due-F (Sulodexide); contraindications and drug interactions

Can a diabetic, hypertension and cardio patient take Vessel Due-F while taking Aspirin, Duvan, Plavix and Trintal?

Side Effect Of Cortal Aspirin

i just want to ask if what are the possible side effect of cortal sapirin if taken by a pregnant women.? ## Well, contrary to popular belief, it will not cause an abortion. However, if can cause blood thinning, so if a woman suffers a miscarriage, or goes into labor, it does create the risk of hemorrhage, so she needs to let her doctor, or any medical personnel know that she took it. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## ask ko lng po,1day delay po ako ngayun sa period ko ung last contact po nmn ng boyfriend ko hndi po sya nagwithdrawal sa loob nya po pinalabas ung sperm nya,after po ng contact nmin arw arw n po ako nainom ng cortal until now uminom po ako ,possible po ba n mbuntis ako? pkisagot nmn po ## kpg uminun po ng cortal anu po ba ang side effect nito oh my m...

Can Cortal Cause Abortion?

For my xp, cortal caused abortion 2 my partner.. w/ some sort of exercise! I dont recommend it 2 anybody out there.. and maybe, wat happened was just an accident.. hmm, just want 2 share my experience, tnx :)) ## Cortal contains the active ingredient Aspirin and it will not, by itself, cause an abortion. However, if she had other medical problems, it could contribute to the complications that can cause one and, if a woman takes it, it can cause serious dangers, because of its blood thinning effects. Are there any questions or comments? ## i am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant, i take 2 cortal 3 hours ago but i didn't felt anything weird. i am planning to take 2 capsule of mahogany tree starting tonight and im planning to take it 6 times a day as what the lady told me. she also said that ...

cpc 220

white, circle ## white,round cpc 220 and an odor ## I had and took one. I thought it was some type of aspirin. Please identify for me. ## Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation lists this tablet as containing 325mgs of Acetaminophen, it is a generic for Tylenol. It is most commonly used to treat headache, fever, and pain. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach irritation. You can see more details by clicking on this NDC code: 10267-0220 Is there anything else I can help with?

cortal ang softdrinks

panu b tlga ang tamang pag gamit ng cortal ? ipapasok s vagina ng gf ko panu at kelan ilalagay ## last menstruation ko dec.22,2013... my nangyari po kmi nong jan.25,2014...hanggang ngaun hindi pa po ako dinadatnan, safe ba ako nong time na yan kc ilang days delay na ako...thankx ## Ano po b dapat inumin kc dapat meron n ako ng april 10,may nangyri po sa amen kya lang po ksabay nun may na dect n sakit po ako a breast cancer ## Anu pong ifectiv n gamut pampalaglag? at panu po gamitn? ## Feb 15 men's ng gf ko...kasu tik now wala pa nag pt sia positive..pwd ba b cortal nun? ## Mam 2 weeks delay na po ako ano dpat Kung Gawin para dumating men's ko ## para san po ba un aspirin cortal, 3weeks n.po akong delayd ## I am delayed for almost 1 wik tas ng pt aq positive, gsto q po sna ipalag...

cilicar 20mg for HighBlood Pressure

My wife is 67 years old. Family history of high bp and high cholesterol. Latter level above 300. BP llevel 180/100 Fluctuates comsiderably. 14 days ago cardiologist prescribed OLMEZEST 40 one tablet per day. Reaction extreme tiredness. Cardio said stop olmezest 40. Use old combination of drugs Atorva 10mg. Dilzem 120. and Aspirin 75mg One tablet daily....latter drugs used by my wife since 2000. No negative reactions to these latter three drugs fot 14 years. Want to know contraindications associated with CILICAR 20 now prescribed in place of OLMEZEST 40. ## I'm 66 age&l attacked by high BP. I am using Triolmezest for BP & deplatt CV for cholesterol as per my doctor .Is that medication safe for me?

Watson 853 and quality assurance

I recently got a rx refill of white watsons imprint 853 on them and a few people have told me these are bad quality! They said if they break easily and taste like chalk they are counterfeit!? They made my dad real sick! ## Yes got some in my script a few days ago break easily and doesn't desolve in water ## @Boo, Watson 853 is actually reported to be a legitimate medication made by Watson Pharmaceuticals (now known as Actavis). So as long as your doctor prescribed them I wouldn't necessarily question their legitimacy. The idea about them coming off as being fake is quite common though, ever since Actavis changed the formula from the original yellow version. They say that only the yellow dye was removed, but this clearly isn't the case when countless other patients have repor...

cortal aspirin for abortion

Can i take cortal for a 2 week pregnancy? Please answer my question. ## Hi saan pi nakakabili ng cortal? I'm afraid that I'm preggy! 2 weeks delay. I took PT twice both negative. But still worrying dhl wala pa akong mens! Please please reply! My mga syptoms kasi na preggy ako like madalas na pag ihi at chemical discharge, cramps. ## Hi po.. Nong may 19, 2014 po dumating regla ko.. Pero until no June 17, 2014 di parin po dumating means ko.. Natatakot po ako mag PT baka po kc positive.. Posibilidad po ba na buntis ako.. Please help me po.. Ano po dapat kong inumin at gawin para makaregla na po ako .. Please :( ## you can buy it over the counter ## Ask q lng po 4 days nkung delayed dpt nug sep 3 meron na dpt aq pero ngyn wala pa din buntis po ba aq ## Hello po. itatanung ko lng po ...


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