Help! Single Disabled Mom Wrongfully Kicked Out Of Pain Management

EL444 Says:

Ok, this will be lengthy to include all the necessary details but can someone help please? My being able to raise my daughter depends on my necessary medicine. I have no clue where else to turn. I have DDD with 4 herniated as of 2014 MRI, adv & degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine, tarlov cysts, neuropathy and nerve compression so badly that my left leg will give out with little warning. My father and I went to our PM last week, only a few days after unexpectedly burying my oldest sister. I've been a very trustworthy patient of his for four years and my Dad just about one year. Doc puts us both in same room which he's never done before. Doc starts talking to my Dad who is clearly morose & then says to my Dad, I don't like your attitude, which again just answers to his questions in a monotone voice. I explained to dr we just buried my sister, my dad's daughter so he's not doing well. Honest to God, that pos says "So, we all go through stuff". My Dad & I exchanged looks as if to say did he really just say that? Then doc asks how the super-charger script that begins with an N is working & Dad said yes a bit. Then the Dr flat out lies and says yeah I've had patients on that for 6 months and they're down to 1 opiate a day. That's a lie. He only began prescribing them two months ago. My Dad says Doc Ido, I hope but don't see how that's possible. Doc says I'm not going to argue to which my Dad replies I'm having a conversation, not an argument. And he was...if my Dad was wrong I'd have called him on it. So we head out and his daughter the receptionist asks to reschedule, my Dad says he's not coming back and I said I was unsure. Called today to make an appt and I was told I'm no longer a patient. I asked why and she said you released yourself. I said no I didn't, my father did. This is a family run practice so no one to complain to. Oh and they also declined to send my records & said have your new Dr. request them.

My question is I know I can't do anything just because he was a jerk to my Dad, but can I report him for lying about releasing myself thereby avoiding having to prescribe me one last time and for giving me no notice to go find a new Dr before I need my meds refilled? This last appt he was going to force me to continue inj's. suddenly when I haven't had one in a year because they don't work for more than a week on me. Dr got all weirded out a few months ago when his anesthesiologist was busted for supposedly not keeping correct docs & was fined $455k. My Dad thinks it was a set-up from the start...despite being excellent patients who never abused anything, never had dirty U/A, very rarely rescheduled appts and not once missed an appt, proof we're both permanently disabled from SS Disability... he wanted to dump us. Only thing we can figure is doc is or was def up to something sketchy & he knows my Dad is a retired cop and he doesn't want that around. So now my poor father and I are searching for new Dr at worst time. Does anyone know a good PM anywhere in the Chicagoland area who isn't afraid to prescribe, though I'm pretty far S/W of the city in Plainfield? I've tried everything in the world prior to getting on opiates and it is the only thing that has made my pain significantly retreat. I will take a new fancy OTC aspirin if it's strong enough, I just need to function and be in less pain. Custody of my 6 year old daughter depends on life depends on this. How do they not see what this opiate crackdown is doing to legitimate chronic pain sufferers. Anyway, ty for those few who took time to read my novel. If you refer a good PM I would never use your name. Thank you all very much.

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Lynn Says:

I am so sorry for your loss! Sounds like you are spot on! Find a woman doctor,they have more compassion! Check a new doctor out B4 going in! I am in another state but,since 1/1/18,federal law has changed, because of all the ODs!! It's a national problem! Unfortunately,the responsible,mature adults are suffering!! I wish you the best! Good luck!

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EL444 Says:

Re: Lynn (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you very much for your reply Lynn. I appreciate it!

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Verwon Says:

Unfortunately, under current FDA law, no doctor is obligated to treat you, prescribe anything, or keep you as a patient, as long as you are not in life-threatening danger. They have as much right to stop doing so, as you do to stop seeing them, stop taking any medication, and etc. The FDA does warn that opiates carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, and headache.

However, as to your medical records, legally those are yours and they do have to give you a copy, if you request them. However, they are allowed to charge you for doing so, while transferring them to another doctor is usually done free, as a courtesy, so it is often better to have a new doctor request them, rather than insist on getting your own copy. In many cases they charge $20 to $30 for the first so many pages, after that, you have to pay a certain amount per page, thus it can be quite expensive, if you have an extensive medical history.

Have you found a new doctor, yet?

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EL444 Says:

Re: Verwon (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you sooo much for that informative response. I believe I found a good new PM just today actually. Not happy she's making me stop medical marijuana but I can't function without meds and I def can function without marijuana so that was a no brainer. As for the jerk Dr., I figured there wasn't much I could do but thank you for confirming it. Karma will handle him I'm sure. You're an angel for responding. Thank you very much!!

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Silverlining Says:

I'm so sorry too hear of your mistreatment by this "Dr". I went through the same thing, including the records not being handed over. I had a surgeon insert bad prosthetic hips in me & can't find one to fix it. The pain has left me debilitated for a few years now. Plus I've got mold poisoning and mrsa, which causes extremely painful abcesses all over but if one falls on these prosthetics I'm really screwed! I ended up having to have a lawyer get my medical records & even that took 4 yrs which is when the statute to sue was up. It was a mess what they did to me & they got away with it. Now I see a pain Dr that seems to like to mess with his patients pee & lives. Ive always been 100% compliant with my meds but suddenly I've got oxycodone (which is the only thing that was in my system given to me by them, but barely enough to at least bring my pain to tolerable levels) & illicit drugs coming up which I've never done. Plus I now have a heart condition that my heart Dr says started from being forced to deal with the extreme pain from my hips as well as my other conditions and is so bad that being forced to deal with the pain again there's a 98% chance I will have a heart attack. The p.m. Dr doesn't care less at all! They're taking me off at super sonic speed so add in the stress of detox.... deadly to say the least. Dr's are getting away with screwing with their patients thanks to this opiate epidemic and getting away with it. There's not much you're gonna be able to do against him. I'd say try calling a few lawyers & see if someone can help. But them saying you chose to leave, you won't have much luck with that argument. It's a "he said - she said" situation. Sorry. Also, call the American medical association and tell them what the Dr did as well so at least it's on file. Best of luck to ya!

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David Says:

I am pretty sure there is a way to file a complaint against this Dr. of yours. You can probably take him to a small claims court for wrongful termination and not filling a last script to hold you over until you’re able to find another doctor. But you get in touch with the people who doctors have to answer to: American Medical Society, something to that effect...

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Kat Says:

I am so sorry for the loss of your sister and for that lousy excuse of a doc. I found out two weeks ago that my pain management doc is being investigated by the DEA and can no longer prescribe my pain meds. My condition is very similar to yours. I live in a very small town in Kansas and there are no pain management clinics near. I was told that I don't qualify for suboxone because I haven't used opioids illegally! I thankfully had enough pills left to taper down and quit. This was not a pleasant experience. I am now trying to get along on Tylenol as I can't take aspirin, ibuprofin or alleve because I have chronic kidney disease. Life is not fair and is sometimes cruel. The politicians are going crazy about the opioid crisis but they are going about it wrong. No wonder people like us (not meaning you or me) are taking to the streets to get something to relieve the pain.

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Donna Says:

Re: EL444 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I’m in Chicago area I n need a new doctor for my daughter can you tell me what women doctor you found that is compassionate to people with chronic pain

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Gregg Says:

I’m from the Chgo area and may know a Doc. Very sad story.

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TIM Says:

You had a business relationship with your doctor because it was mutually rewarding. Your doctor can let you go for almost any reason lawfully - race, country of origin, etc., notwithstanding, if it is no longer rewarding to him. You can also leave at any time. You and/or your dad had a contentious interaction with him and he did not want to see you anymore. That is perfectly reasonable. There are literally hundreds of other pain docs in Chicago. I might suggest that you stop doing family appts with your dad and you begin attending your appts alone.

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w john Says:

Just yesterday I read a story of what they described as a great guy who was very talented. They then went on to interview many of his friends and they all said he had a serious cocaine problem. He was combining cocaine and antidepressants, adderall, and other uppers that are pharmaceutical meds and you know what they had the nerve to post as headline after he killed himself by using too much illegal and legal substances? "Promising Student Is swept up in the opioid epidemic". The story clearly attributes his death to HIS ABUSE of cocaine along with other substances (none of which were opioids) but that was the main culprit. His friends told him he was out of control with his massive cocaine ingestion. THIS, people, are why LEGITIMATE patients of legally prescribed pain meds are being abused. The abuse is by many Doctors, the manufacturers, and the pharmacies. The entire community of legal and illegal pain med users are all being grouped into one group. Criminals, street drug users, legal legitimate pain med patients, street addicts, it just doesn't matter. As far as the majority of people are concerned every person in the above listed groups are one and the same. Until the mindset of the people both professional and non professional understand that there are LEGITIMATE uses for pain meds and they do not belong rolled up into the groups of drug abusers, those that get and use their prescriptions LEGALLY are going to pay the price of this mindset.

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Really agitadated right shoulder Oxycontin guy who Says:

Gregg (# 7) --

Said it before and saying it again. Get in touch with whoever your local lying, self interested, biased politicians that are supposed to represent us. Speak, don't bother wasting your time online!! Human interaction shows emotions that can't be expressed via a "keyboard conversation". This particular quote comes from a former politician: "Anger is more beneficial than despair". Our gov't "shuts down". We suffer, they still get paid. Those that have connections for advocacy, use them. 50 years gone from 1968. That was a monumentally big year for "we the people" to be heard. That's all I have to say, except TIME TO TAKE MY PAIN MEDICATION AS WELL AS THE OTHER MEDS TO COUNTER THE SIDE EFFECTS OF THAT MED. GOOD LUCK.

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pamelaQ Says:

First and foremost, I'm truly sorry for the loss of your sister and my prayers go out to you and your family. Now the medical - You are not discharged from a clinic, especially PM, (in the middle of treatment) without signing paperwork indicating you are leaving and the Dr. must give you a 30 day supply of current medications especially if habitat forming that could cause i.e, coma, stroke, heart attack the etc. Also, if your Dr. does not wish to keep you as a patient he must send you a certified registered letter of intent that you are "Fired" as a patient and he must give a recommendation of other medical care. Call your local American Medical Society and file an official complaint. In the meantime, be looking for another PM clinic and sign the necessary "release of medical information" when you find one and they will request your medical records on your behalf at no charge, however, if you want your records to see what has been put in them then you can request them including all labs but you will have to pay for them. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.

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Kim P Says:

Re: EL444 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, I have a similar story to yours which I've shared elsewhere on this site so I will not repeat it here. My heart breaks for you. The medical community has gone off the rails and they are taking patients along with them.

I too live near Chicago and would be grateful if you would share the name of the woman doctor you've found that may be willing to prescribe. {edited for privacy}.

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Karri Says:

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have multiple sclerosis and a host of other extremely serious illnesses and diseases all causing severe pain. I was on a pain management program for 10 years and was taking long-acting morphine. My doctor suddenly told me he would have to taper me off and drop me out of the program and I got all kinds of excuses as to why but never the truth. Here’s the real truth. People who have abused this medication and taking advantage of doctors have created this opioid crisis and those of us who are actual patients with real pain are experiencing the fallout and the consequences. Opiates within 12 months will no longer be prescribed to any patient that is not terminally ill with cancer. I have been searching for almost 2 years for another doctor. I was a 100% compliant patient and never failed any drug panels and always kept my appointments and yet I’m left to suffer with a debilitating disease as serious as multiple sclerosis without pain medication. The DEA and the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies and doctors all have their heads up their asses and unfortunately there is going to be a lot of suffering us pain patients are going to have to do for the rest of our lives I guess. I literally cannot function without pain medication and have been forced to buy medicine on the streets just so I can have some type of quality of life. This is pathetic and it’s cruel and unusual punishment which I thought was against the Geneva Convention.

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BL Says:

Re: EL444 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Did your previous pain doctor write you a recommendation for the medical marijuana ? Does your dad also use medical marijuana ?

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w john Says:

Re: BL (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I have read El 444's post and I can't find anywhere in the post that refers to medical marijuana. WHY are you inquiring about their marijuana use? Medical marijuana is the kiss of death to getting ANY pain meds if you want a prescription written for opioid based pills (if you don't live in california). If my Doctor had done a U/A on me and found any traces of marijuana I would have been dismissed from his office. The Doctors Office was REQUIRED by law to do a U/A every three months. To get a prescription for ANY pain meds I would need to be able to prove I am free from things like marijuana and cocaine. The "medical marijuana" EXCUSE is just a scam that is used to get marijuana to smoke. I know that IN SOME FORMS marijuana has been found to be useful but normally that is in pill or liquid form and is obtained through medical sources and NOT through a retail store. The scams used to get a "medical marijuana" card in places like California are laughable. The Doctor at the marijuana store: "tell me where it hurts". The patient: "It hurts when I lift my arm". The Doctor: "okay, you get a medical marijuana card". It takes about 15 minutes and almost never is anyone refused a "medical marijuana" card. No medical records are ever asked for to support your "contention". If people really need prescription pain meds you had better not be found with marijuana in your urine and/or blood. At least in almost every State except california. The Doctors there will prescribe almost anything to anyone who says they need them. THEY are one of the main reasons that the rest of the Country is being put through this "opioid epidemic" baloney. Florida used to be a main contributor to this problem but they legislated it away as much as they could. California encourages drug use. PLEASE, don't respond back and say "smoking marijuana is the only thing that relieves my pain". For the most part that is baloney.

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Nope Says:

Re: w john (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Medical marijuana IS NOT A PROBLEM with all pain management clinics. The ones in NH just consider it to be your immediate release pain meds and they put you on time release meds if they’re worried about it and you use it for pain. I use it for PTSD and they don’t have an issue with it at all because I am a medical patient.

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w john Says:

Re: Nope (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I do not know N.H. law. You state that MOST N.H. Pain clinics do not have a problem with marijuana. Does that mean that some do? I know laws and regulations can vary from State to State and even locality to locality. If you want prescription pain meds in MOST States you had better not test+ for other drugs.

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Silverlining Says:

Re: Really agitadated right shoulder Oxycontin guy who (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I so wish my uncle hadn't passed away last year. He was a very respected & high position holding supreme court lawyer & politician. He fought for the "little guy" so to speak. He would've been all over this B.S.! I used to talk with & email the state senator for ct on behalf of the ASPCA. But this one I'm sure he'd ignore. Very sad!

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