Why Did You Take Excedrin Off The Market

Melb Says:

I can't take aspirin so I have been taking aspirin free excedrin. All of a sudden I can't find it anywhere. Am told that they recalled it because they found glass in it.

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Verwon Says:

We did not take anything off the market, this is an information only website, this site does not manufacture, nor sell any products, of any type.

Yes, they did find contaminants in some batches of Excedrin and there was a recall. However, there are other products available, such as the store brands, which contain the same active ingredients.

The Aspirin Free Excedrin contains Acetaminophen and Caffeine, so you may want to ask your pharmacist what else they have that contains the same active ingredients. If you don't actually need the caffeine, then you could just pick up Tylenol, or its store brand/generic equivalent.



Is there anything else I can help with?

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Melb Says:

Thanks for checking on aspirin free excedrin for me. As far as tylenol, it is absolutely of no help to me. I may ask the pharmacist for something with the same ingredients as excedrin. By the way it is not a prescription. You can but it over the counter.

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KK Says:

Take a look at this link.

Excedrin Recall: Mix-up pulls Excedrin, Bufferin, other meds off shelves - Los Angeles Times

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Maggie Says:

I find Excedrin Migraine formula one of the best formulations when I don't want to over use my prescription medicine for migraines. Any word on when it is going to become available again?

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Tye Jae Says:

Recall in January and almost four months later not on the shelf. What is going on? People with migraines rely on this to get by with their daily lives. The store brands do Not work anywhere near as good. When Is it going to be back?

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sleuth Says:

I called the Novartis 800 customer service number on the Excedrin bottle. They told me they hope to beginning reshipping product by "mid-year."

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DianeZee Says:

Thanks for posting that information -- I was starting to feel desperate because I only have one bottle left!

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Deanne Says:

Most store brands of the same type of meds have exactly the same ingredients as Excedrin and are way less expensive. They work the same as the Excedrin brand with the same exact dosage of aspirin, caffeine and acetaminphen

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Karen Says:

If store brands and other brands worked as well as Excedrin, no body would be complaining about
Excedrin not being available. The fact is, whatever the combination of ingredients Excedrin has, it simply works far better than any other available over the counter pain meds. Period.

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Headache101 Says:

The OTC generic brands may have the same ingredients but are " put together" differently and do not work the same in all people! I cannot take the generic/store equivalents to excedrin because the make me feel horrible!!

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Colleen Says:

I'd like to know why they took ALL the drug and not just the contaminated batches. I'm extremely upset because I have bad migraines and have tried all the other over-counter pills and they do little or nothing for me. I NEED this to function. I'm sick of all the things that work for me being taken away and replaced with junk!

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DianeZee Says:

There's a product called Vanquish which has the same ingredients as Excedrin Migraine, but in half the amounts. You can find it in any drugstore.

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Anne Says:

I have been suspicious for years about Excedrin containing something other than what is listed on the bottle for the simple fact that one becomes dependent on this drug and feels the need to take it daily and multiple times a day. If you stop taking it you will have withdrawal symptoms. I began taking Excedrin 28 years ago and have taken it daily as I would wake every morning with a headache. I'm glad its gone as I was forced to withdraw from it. I had a sever headache for 3 weeks. I think they have tampered with it for years to get people hooked so the consumer would continue buying it. No proof of coarse just pondering the idea.

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Ceeser Says:

Yes- I too agree- I am ready to ask every friend I know if they have any Excedrin at home they do not need- after 1 yr. of chronic head pain- and 15 drugs, 7 Dr.'s later- I now had founf ex. strength Excedrin to be the only help....no store brand seems to knock out my pain...such a disappointment to have all of this removed from every store- and every shelf.

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alice Says:

They found presription pain killers mixed in with excedrin and a couple of other OTC products. That is why it was pulled.

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Cin54 Says:

The store brands have exactly the same ingredients to the mg. It's the idea of Excedrin, which I have taken for 100 years lol ok almost, but the store brand that I am forced to buy now works just as well.

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Big Dog Says:

Hmmm, sounds like they're gonna change the formula to me. Have any of you noticed that when a medication works really good, they always pull it and replace it with a "new and improved" formula that doesn't work nearly as good as the old one? ( ie: Alkaseltzer Plus ) Always remember people, there is NO MONEY in the cure!

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Evie Says:

The stores in our area have not only pulled Excedrin from the shelves but also the store brands. I may have to start traveling to find something.

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KROB Says:

I liked that product too, it worked really well for me and cannot find it anywhere!

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Annie Oakley Says:

I want to buy Excedrin for migraine when will it be back on the market?

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