Little Round Yellow Pill With A Single L On One Side

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really small creamy yellow, round the letter L on one side

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H Bomb Says:

what is a small round pale yellow pill with the captial letter L on it?

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Verwon Says:

If it's about the size of an Aspirin tablet, one of the low dose ones, then there's a good chance that's what this is.

There are several on the market that are yellow and use an L, though they are each slightly different, but they all contain 81mgs of Aspirin, the dosage that's used for heart health and blood thinning.

Right now, just doing a general search for a yellow pill with the L imprint, I've found 3 different Aspirin tablets that fit.

Is that possibly what it is?

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bryan Says:

What is a yellow round pill with a L engraved on it. Its not a black L just engraved

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Meme Shelly Says:

Small round yellow pill, blank on one side capital L on the other. The L is engraved but has no color. I cant find this anywhere.

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Anni Says:

Same here. Small cream yellow round tablet with the letter L engraved in it. I only found results with the black letter L. There is no color in the L

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irakyew Says:

I found some little round pills marked with an L. What ate they?

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just me Says:

They could possibly be a vitamin. You can always call poison control as well. Tell them you found them on your kid or something and need to know what they are.

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Wade Says:

Man this messes with me bad !!! All these people finding little yellow pills with L imprint on one side !!! Somebody dropped their whole bottle of these !!! Lmao im out of aspirin and my chest hurts alot but nobodys sure on the WHOLE web what these are! Somebody Please give me an answer Quick because I won't take it if its NOT ASPIRIN!!!

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m Says:

Walgreens 81mg chewable aspirin are small, yellowish tablets engraved with a capital L. Thanks to those who suggested aspirin as the culprit.

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Karilla Says:

Why not just go buy another bottle of baby aspirin? It would take you less time than waiting for someone to reply! That could be days!

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Ev Says:

What is it?? L engraved on side, pale yellow, small circle

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LBPharmD Says:

Please don't do this. Poison centers take calls about children ingesting pill seriously. Just be honest and ask them what it is.

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Jasmine Says:

Very small round tablet pill with small letter L on one side IS low dose aspirin.

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Only me Says:

Hi, an sorry if I've come on here wrong but couldn't see how to, lol . Anyway, . I have a Very Small Yellow Round but bother sides have little humps Luke a small hill both sides, . It's the same size as a small 2 Medium norm watch Battery & 1 Side is The L same as u all BUT there's a - on the Other like a Minus sine, . An I ant Got a Tube of Glue what it is but I had it put away Quit Good so I mugshot new what it was once, lol . But I'm hopping its a pain killer but a Strong 1, . Of even some kind of Relaxent to help me drop off cus as u can see From the time I Havent/dont sleep good Full Stop an found this Digging around my flat but it's a defo Leagle tab by how it's made so please let know if u can help, . Nice 1, . DAY . !

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Julie Says:

They are low dose Aspirin 81mg made by Signature Care and sold in Jewel Osco. It is for minor aches and pains.

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Rivrey Says:

They are definitely adult low dose 81 mg asprins. (Nsaids)

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Mrpharmacist Says:

The small pill with an L is 81mg aspirin. Now the mystery is solved

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J Says:

Omg I am looking for same thing. The L has no color just stamped into the one side

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Lynn Says:

This little yellow pill is 81 mg of aspirin both have the letter L engraved on it. it maybe colored black or maybe just the color the of the pill both are the same pill.

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Josie Says:

I what has a capital L on one side and the number 1 on other side?

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