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Canex V Cream

What's the common cause for using canex v cream? ## Hi Jerome, From what I could gather, Canex V cream is a topical anti-fungal agent that is most commonly used to treat the symptoms associated with fungal/yeast infections of the skin/vagina. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any other specific details on the drug itself; but I hope this bit of info helps! ## Can i use canex v cream after unprotected intercourse? ## Can I use canex v while im taking the doxycycline pills? ## hy I've used canex v last night n wen I go to the toilet i found a little bit of it on my underwear n toilet paper. so m asking myself if I've used it ok or not? ## My vigilant is very inch and come out a creamy discharge ## I just found out that my husband is taking Canex V. Why would he use it? Whe...

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side effects of expired canex v

Hi. Can you please tell me what the symptoms of using expired canex v are? ## In this case, since it is an antifungal cream that's commonly used treat yeast infections, the worst side effects would like be a funny odor and skin irritation, according to the NIH. It doesn't become dangerous, nor will it necessarily cause any harm, except for possibly a rare infection, if it is too old and has gone bad. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Canex has expired 6 months ago can I still use it ## Hi please help me. I bought it in 2021 and used it twice that year. So it's been 2 or 3 years. Can I still use it or should I buy a new one? It doesn't even have and expiration date listed. ## I bought mine in 2020. I still use it and it works perfectly well... I don't know if...

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how does Klion D work and how effective is it

I have an itch that is associated with burning and i even think my vaginal is inflamed. I have used 3 Klion D inserts in a 2 day period and i am not feeling any different. I want to know if it normally takes this long to start working or if i should go back to my doctor? ## Klion-D contains Miconazole and Metronidazole, it is used to treat vaginal fungal infections, such as yeast infections. It can take several days to start working. However, if you really don't feel it's helping, then you should contact your doctor. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Try klion d 100 over four time don't resurt of it on my fifft one ## Shoul i have any discharge when using the klion-d 100 vaginal tablets? ## What is klion d 100 use to treat ## If a male and female are being intima...

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Expired Clotrimazole

Have a tube of Clotrimazole Beta. Dipro. cream, 1%. Don't know how long I've had it and can't interpret date code on end of tube. It is 669K 00T12 -- please tell me what the expiration date is. ## Look at the metal end of the tube and you will see the expiration date. You may need a magnifier. It is etched. ## Bob, can you see the manufacturer name on there anywhere? If so let me know, maybe it would be possible to contact them with that lot # and they could know the date based on that? And Jasmine's suggestion is probably right too, any luck with that? Interested to know either way. ## I posted the "Exp. date" etched on the end of the tube. But it's not a date! My question is, what does it translate into, datewise? Guess I'll have to query the mfr. ## Mf...

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what is betametasona clotrimazol gentamicina used for

Betametasona/clotrimaol/Gentamicina. Will it work on dark spots on your face? ## This is a combination steroid, antibiotic and antifungal cream. And no, you shouldn't use it on your face, unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so, because there are some conditions that it may worsen. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## This is not a steroid cream... this cream is a generic to QUADRIDERM....which is another creme for infections and other diseases that US meds cant cure. We have been using this cream in our family for about 35 years. Quadriderm! ## Hey AL - just to let you know the betamethasone in the cream is a steroid. mixed with the other ingredients it is used to treat infection and reduce redness and inflammation. ## I had a very bad case of rosacea.w...

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is canex t good for my face?

Hi. I have pimples on my face and my doctor recommended Canex T, but from the posts I read here the cream is for vaginal infections. If I continue using it on my face will it help? ## Canex-T is listed as containing the active ingredient Clotrimazole, which is an antifungal medication, it can be used topically to treat fungal infections on any area of the skin, or vaginally. Learn more Clotrimazole details here. That said, no it's not going to help with acne. Are you sure that's what the doctor recommended? ## i have been using canex t together with adco betamethosine cream on my face as a lotion and makes my face beautiful and smooth... now i have developed what doctors say is a stubborn fungi on my legs and it's not going anywhere... who can help me ## Can Canex-T remove s...

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Gelmicin Drug Information

Active Ingredients: -Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.05% -Clotrimazole 1% -Gentamicin Sulfate 0.1% Dosage Form: Tube Ointment Manufacturer: Collins Productos Farmaceuticos Availability: Mexico ## is it ok to use on burns ## This medication is unavailable in the U.S. and I am sorry to say that other countries do not regulate their prescription drugs as strictly as the FDA does. That said, finding information on them is very difficult, since there are no databases which list them all, like there are for U.S. prescription drugs. The only thing I can suggest is that you try asking your doctor or pharmacist for more information. ## One product we found is called Gelmicin, a topical antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal. These products are normally sold separately in the US, whether for i...

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Terbinafine for fungal infections

I have yeast on my foot, blisters, pus, skin peeling, and a foul oder. Will this medication help me? ## Hello, Niesha! How are you? Yes, Terbinafine is an antifungal medication. Its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, indigestion, headaches and vertigo. However, you should only take it, if your doctor has confirmed that you have a yeast infection and that is the appropriate medication for you. There are other problems that could also cause these types of symptoms and this isn't the appropriate medication for all and could even worsen some. ## My. Dr has put me on a script for Terbinafine for treating fungal disease in toenails. I read online that it has side effects. I am 69 years old and my COPD was cured from hcv. 6 yrs ago on Epclusa, though I still get nausea a...

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Terbinafine Side Effects

Is weight gain a possible side affect of Apo-Terbinafine? Does it have cortisone or something like that? My dermatologist told me to take a pill a day for a whole month in order to treat the fungus in my big toe (which came out of I have no idea where since I always wash and dry my feet super well! But I hate taking pills and am worried about side effects that might not be "mentioned." ## HI, Jess! I understand your concerns. As to the fungus, you really don't have to do anything to get such a thing, regardless of your hygiene, they are very easy to pick up. Terbinafine is an antifungal and no, from what I've found it hasn't been known to cause weight gain. That is the active ingredient, there is nothing else hidden in it. The most common side effects may include dia...

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Expiration Date of antifungal creams

I have tubes of Naftin and Econazole nitrate cream that have an expiration date of 9/11 and 11/11 on the crimp edge. Are they still good for treating athlete's foot between toes and for nail fungus on toes? ## Since they expired over a year ago, it's doubtful that they will be effective at treating anything now. All medications start to lose effectiveness over time and when it comes to a cream or liquid, they degrade even faster than tablets or other formulations. Learn more Naftin details here. Learn more Econazole details here. Thus, it would be best to get new tubes of them. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can you use an anti-fungal liquid for nails after the expiration date (which is 3/17)? ## Can you use Fungicure after expiration?

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Does bactidol have side effects? ## Bactidol contains the active ingredient Hexetidine, which is an anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, which also works as an oral anesthetic. Therefore, yes, it may cause side effects, such as a slight burning or tingling sensation in the mouth or throat, as well as numbness. ## Every single time I use Bactidol after brushing my teeth before going to bed, when I wake up, there's something under my tongue. I can't explain what it is, but it always make it hard to breathe. EVERY TIME I USE BACTIDOL, THIS IS THE EFFECT and I hate this side effect :( ## What will happen if you swallow it? Especially in a little child...age 3? ## I've been using Bactidol everyday for 5 years. Are there any adverse effects I could encounter in the future? ## I...

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canex v cream while on my periods

can i use canex v cream while I am on my periods nd for how many days can i take it after my periods please help? ## Hello, Kamo! How are you? Yes, these creams can be used, while your on your period, but it is only effective at treating yeast infections. Side effects are listed as being skin irritation, discharge and spotting. It contains the active ingredient Clotrimazole. As to how long to use it, you should follow the instructions provided by your doctor or on the packaging. What types of symptoms are you having? ## I also used canex v at night bt in the morning bleeding to much is there any problm? Mst i continue using it? ## You should use it, as instructed by your doctor. Sometimes, spotting can occur with a yeast infection. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## I feel re...

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Worried about taking Itraconazole

Hello, I've have resistant ringworm for awhile now. I usually take oral terbinafine and it clears up but comes back about 3 months later. My dermatologist has prescribed Itraconazole 100 MG to take twice daily for 14 days. The listed bad side effects of this medicine worried me. Also, I have read that if you take 200 MG per day, you should only take for 7 days and then wait three weeks. Is it safe to take this medicine at this dose? I'm 52 years old and don't take any other medicines. Please advise! ## Hello, Kathy! How are you? What particular side effects worried you? Perhaps if you are more specific, those can be addressed, and someone can give you more information on how likely they are to occur, and how severe they might be. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Itr...

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expired clotrimazole vaginal tablets

i just wanted to find out how safe it is to use expired Clotrimazole Vaginal tablets. the tablets expired in April 2010 but the packing is still intact. ## Hi! I had vaginal discharge and I went to clinic they gave me clotrimazole viginal tablet,I used it then the following day as it comes out,it came with menstruation.So am little bit confused cos it wasn't my period time.Is it normal? ## Roberts, they do not become dangerous, once they are expired, but they may lose efficacy, according to NIH reports, so they may not work as well as they did, when new. Juliet, it is normal for some of it to be discharged, and for you to experience spotting, according to NIH studies. Other side effects may include irritation, itching, and skin redness. How are you both doing, now? ## I used a clotr...

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what is Ketorolaco for

My doctor said I should take this drug. I am currently taking Difenidol 25mg; Sporanox 15D 100mg;Lorazepam img; Estrogens .645mg; Progesterone 2.5mg;Ranitidine 150mg; Citalopram 20mg;Actonel 35mg; Medroxy 2.5mg; Apo-hydro 25mg; Norvasc 10mg Will Ketorolaco cause any counter reaction with the rest of the meds that I am taking now? Thank you. ## Ketorolac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory used to treat pain and swelling. Its side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, stomach irritation and headache. Read more: There is a warning listed for using the Ketorolac with the Hydrochlorothiazide (APO-Hydro) because it could affect renal (kidney) function. It can also react with the Norvasc and cause elevated blood pressure. Using it with the Citalopram can also cause increased risk of stomac...

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The effects of canex v cream on contraceptives

I am a 29 year old woman and using contraceptives {nur straight}. I have been using canex v as i was experiencing vaginal itching. So what i want to know is, will it not hamper with my prevention? ## Hello, Glagness! How are you? This is an antifungal cream, so no, it won't affect your oral contraceptives. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi i want to start using oralcon am on my periods and i had my last injection petojen on the 5th so i want to switch because am having very bad period it safe to switch right away??? ## When do the side effects of canex v cream start to occur and how long do they last? ## Good day. To follow up, I'm experiencing frequent urination and when i go to toilet, I urinate a small portion of urine, and again when I hold it for few ...

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Nystatin ointment for insect bites

Can nystatin ointment be used on insect bites such as ant or mosquito bites to help the itching relief??? ## Hello, Kay Kay! How are you? No, this is an antifungal medication, so it won't do anything to help with such issues. It would be best to use something specifically made to treat those irritations. Nystatin only treats fungal conditions, such as yeast infections. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you, I was about to do this till I saw your post. Very useful thanks ## If you get the insect bite infected by scratching it nystatin should be ok to use then ## Can I put benedryl cream on my 7 month old for mosquito bites? It says under 2 ask a Dr, so does the children's Tylenol nowadays. ## Well, it works great on spider bites!

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Fluconazole/staph infections

I am currently using fluconazole while a orthopedic (hip) spacer is in my leg following a severe infection that formed in my prostetic hip.Due to my inability to walk(toe touch only),I have gained weight ,but have also developed two staph infections in my foot and theigh,,,,,is this normal? ## I wouldn't say any type of infection is normal, since they have the potential to be dangerous. As to the Fluconazole, it is an antifungal medication, so whether or not it will help depends on the specific type of infection you have. When treating staph, it is usually used in combination with other medications. Ref: Medline Plus Fluconazole The FDA warns that Fluconazole may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and diarrhea. Are you on any other medications?

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NP-27 availability

Everyone, I am looking to purchase NP-27. Does anyone know where I can purchase this product from? ## I am looking for it too. If you find it let me know. ## I'm also looking for it. Can't find it anywhere. ## I have been looking for this product for at least 15 years. The last time I purchased this product, about 5 tubes, was at a Walmart Store 15 years ago. I have one tube left. I read the products' contents and there is another product that contains the same compounds. I will provide the alternative product in a few days. ## please let me know what product you have found to replace NP 27 since I can't find it either. ## To Grp, What is the name of the alternate product with the same compounds in it? My tube is so old and used it is unreadable. You input will be greatl...

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Don't squeeze the bottle

It didn't take long to realize that squeezing the bottle would drain it all too quickly. Much better to simply hold it upside down for a few seconds while the brush acts as a wick, then, once wet, drag it across the affected nails, ensuring you can feel wetness. In other words, forget about administering a certain number of drops. Just do what you need to do to keep that brush wet. I'm fortunate that, under Medicare and Tricare-for-Life, three bottles cost me only $16 when ordered from Express Scripts. ## I'm two-thirds of the way into this regimen and visible fungus has been reduced by at least 90%. ## I have just completed the full treatment of three 90-day periods of Jublia application to my two affected toenails, and am happy to report that about halfway through the thir...

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