What Is Canex T Used For?

Amy Says:

I had uti and a burning sensation but not in vagina and dr gave me this to apply

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Verwon Says:

It contains the active ingredient Clotrimazole, which is an antifungal medication, so yes, it is normally used to treat things such as yeast infections.

Learn more Canex-T details here.

Did he give you any antibiotics to take?

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Amy Says:

Yes, I was on a 3 day course...however, I do think that I'm peri-menopausal and I had this burning sensation again after I was treated for the UTI, but its definately not thrush of sort as the burning is not inside, the Canex T that he gave had no applicator so I'm just applying it to the area.

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megan Says:

hi there can I use canex t for my 18 month old baby,she has got nappy rash and its been red for two weeks and it does not want to go away ive tried everything.

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Malefa Says:

Yes i tink u cn use it bcz my 9year old bby gal had a nappy rash dat was untreated by several ointment bt de Dr gave her Canex T,it really hlpd her within 2 days.

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mazet Says:

Hlw my body had lots of rash what cream can I use to cure rash

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xoliswa Says:

Hi, can I use Canex T on my 23months old daughter she's got rash on her neck and I've been using different ointments bt it can't seem to go away permanently every afta 1week it comes back please help

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portia Says:

Rush on my viginia

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Lucky Says:

I have a rush all over my back now its on my thighs, very itchy the doctor recommended canex t but its like its not working. My fear is that this could go to my face.

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Clara Says:

Hallo everyone. I have a 9 month old baby boy and he is kind of badly burned by diarrhea. I took him to the doctor 4 days ago. The doctor gave me cantex v to apply on the burn but it seems to me that the burn does not heal. What is the actual correct way to apply it when removing the nappy?

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lynn Says:

Can i use canex t for white spots in neck

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lebza Says:

Hi...my vagina is itching and when I urine it's so painful can I use canex t cream?

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Hi i have fungus on my head will the canexT help?

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Robby Says:

Fungus in the head,what causes them

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blessing Says:

Hi, my vagina is itching & burning inside & around and is irritating i went to a dr the nmedication he gave is finished without getting better and is almost 2 months now can i use canex t to apply inside and around my vagina. please help this thing is irritating

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Salma Says:

Iv got a athlete's finger its a fungi problem wat can I do about it

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tino Says:

hi. I woke up this morning with a big cold sore on my lip close to the corner. Can i use this canex t on it and would it be affective, cause cold sores are infections too they said. I dont really know much about this stuff so please help?? I really just want this to go away as soon as possible?

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pleaseHelp Says:

I researched what I have and it is called a Wart, its in my vigana and I went to see a doctor for it and I was given Canex and Paracetamol for it...will i

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hlengyy Says:

I have a 2 year old baby she have a neck rash how can i help her Its horrible plz help

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nosipho Says:

Hi. I have black inner thighs, can I use canex t or what can you recommend for me?

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sarah Says:

I am pregnant but I hurt and envy to scratch in my vagina now I wanted to know if canex t cream at a risk for my baby

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