Alprazolam Yellow 2mg Vs White 2mg

taunya Says:

What's the difference between alprazolam yellow 2mg and the white 2mg? Is it as strong as the white 2mg?

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EDDY Says:

Color or Shape means nothing when it comes to Xanax. If the pills are not for you do not take them!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Taunya! How are you?

From the limited information in your post, it seems that they are both just manufactured by different companies.

However, as Eddy stated, the color and shape doesn't mean anything, so you haven't provided enough information for a definitive answer to be given.

Learn more Xanax details here.

This medication has the potential to be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Can you please post back with more details, such as the markings that are on the tablets in question? That is what would enable them to be identified.

And thank you, Eddy! :-)

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o4sho Says:

there is absolutely no difference between the milligrams in either color. and depending out what color you get really depends on which pharmacy you go to. Walgreens normally has yellow ones, cVS is usually white and more local drug stores such as save on or something like that normally carry green. so it's really just a crap shoot. Good luck

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JellyRoll Says:

uite a few people consider the Greenstone products to be of higher quality. They always gegin with one "G" and then include a number. A "GG" is indicative of a Sandoz product also held in high regard by quite a few patients. And then you have the rogue patients who believe the yellow PurePac bars from Walgreens are of the highest quality. I say if the product works to cure your anxiety then it's an effective product.

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best Says:

The filler material in the pills can be quite different. 2mg is almost nothing. it would be maybe 1/4 of a match head. So to give you a pill you can break into several pieces these companies have to put a filler material with the alprazolam. Some of these are harder to break down, can be toxix and even cause the half life decay of the shelved alprazolam to vary. For the average person who will take their medication within the 30 or 90 days they are recommended to take it... they would not notice any difference. I however have tried every brand that exists in the US as well as South America and many in China and India. I am very sure that I have found the most consistent and effective 2mg alprazolam pill and I always have that kind in stock to take when I need it. It is a white version

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Maxundergroundchem Says:

Thats the dumbest thing iv ever heard hes gena take the pill no matter what at least we can educate him on the properties of what hes taking instead of going o im a weiner dont take drugs that arnt prescribed to you ya ya we all know that but the fact is these prescription drugs are being taken by peaple that arnt prescribed them so intead of refusing to guve info and cousing som1 2 take a drug blindly possibly cousing a od just give the info weido thares no difference whats so ever green yellow white cream thare just different manufacturers. They all contain 2mg of alprazolam the only difference are the fillers and additives witch can effect the bioavalibility of the drug itself and its adsorbtion rate dosage forms for instant release 250mcg 500mcg 1mg and 2mg exsrended release formulations 24h 500mcg 1mg 2mg and 3mg oral solution 500mcg/5ml and 1mg/ml inactive ingredients microcrystalline cellulose (refined wood pulp), cornstarch, docusate sodium (used as emusiffyer but used pharmaceuticaly as a stool softener), povidone polyvinylpyrrlidone and iodine 9-12% added as a antibacterial, sodium starch glycolate (salt from carboxymethyl ether), lactose (sugar from milk), monohydrate magnesium sterate (epsum salt) . collidole silicon dioxide (sand) . and sodium benzoate (salt of benzoic acid).

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Shed Says:

I'm with you in the white are better for instant help for anxiety. The yellow and green take longer to work.
I don't agree with you on a filler. 4 qts = 2 mgs. I have never read anywhere the name of any filler. If you have a name please advise. Thanks Shed

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John Says:

The yellow are not manufactured by purepac anymore they're made by Actavis who bought out that company and have a different formula now. Everyone's body or any kind of medication reacts different to various formulations even though the active ingredient Alprazolam or whatever the active ingredient is for whatever medication they get is the same. The reason why you mention greenstone Pharmaceuticals that make Alprazolam being so good is because it is actually the exact and I mean exact same formula inactive ingredients and active ingredients as the brand made by Pfizer. I've mentioned this a few times for a lot of different medications and what happens is the pharmaceutical company who makes a medication that is the brand as in the original medication is in Xanax is made by Pfizer. They make a deal with a company like green stone who actually sells them as generic and so Pfizer Pharmaceuticals gets a kick back or residual money off all the tablets sold. This is a very common practice so if you do your homework you can actually save some money with a lower co-pay on a generic brand that's exactly the same as the brand. A lot of people or most people don't know this because pharmacist will lie and say that it's the same medication because of the active ingredient. I can tell you as a longtime pharmacist MD for over a decade that the best place to go if you can his Mom and Pop's pharmacies because they are usually owned by one or two Pharmacists and always pretty much do the right thing.. The deal was with the larger chain pharmacies though is that they have you sign a confidentiality agreement states certain things the way they tell you to do it. Pretty sad and very unethical but it's the truth. I really hope that this helps a lot of you so you can actually get some brand medication by paying for generic prices. All you have to do is do a little homework looking up pharmaceutical companies and who owns what? It's I believe it's definitely worth a little Googling and searching on the computer if you're going to put it in your stomach everyday don't you? Or if you just want to save money I guess.

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John Milton Says:

I'm a pharmacist MD and I'm not surprised that you're actually can copy some stuff from Google and you were correct about how inactive ingredients can make the difference in how it affects somebody in various ways not really the bioavailability though that's where you were wrong. But regardless that's just for one kind of Alprazolam that you were mentioning meaning one manufacturers actual fillers for that product meaning the non active ingredients. So all the other forms which are thousands from different companies that make Alprazolam and even in the 2 mg dose all have different inactive ingredients except for companies like green stone that have the exact same everything because they have a deal with Pfizer just like many other companies do with their brand of their medication and other generic forms that other pharmaceutical companies make of the same medicine. It's just a win-win for both companies because they both profit from the quality of the brand and the other company profits from residual income from using their product. So I'd always recommend on a side-note to do your homework guys so you can actually get a cheaper generic that's the same exact medication literally as the brand. You just pay cheaper copay which is great again it's so funny why there's so many know-it-alls year and all they do is Google things lol. I went to school for a few years to become a pharmacist MD and what that is is someone who pretty much knows more than most doctors anyway regarding all medication and can write prescriptions as well for anything except for schedule 2 medication. So I think I know what I'm talking about in this case thank you

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Gg Says:

First real educated response I read on all kinds of ???s. .My bf dies think the telephone and green are better. Me there the same. But I must say the 2mg ex.release gave me more relief. Do u know if they last longer? Ty

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Mike W. Says:

I'm not sure what to say. I'm a stage 4 cancer patient that has been taking every type of Xanax there is Brand & generic and (also the green and the yellow bars are actually generic and if they wanted are allowed to put 20% less active ingredient which is Alprazolam in this case in the medication). So I've been taking it for 21 years. In the medical field all this is called (meaning yellow vs. Green vs White blah blah blah) is the placebo effect. Check out what the definition means. It just means that they think or whoever it is thinks that the colored ones that are generic and possibly most likely have less of the active ingredient even in it? So I WOULD BE MORE CONCERNED ON HOW MUCH WHICH EVER PHARM COMP. U can buy from would be to do some research? Because sometimes after the the brand as in the Pfizer brand 4 Xanax which is up so that generic medication can be all over the globe, prob a thousand of them or more? Once the (NEW BRAND MED. PATENT) ENDS, FROM 10-20 YRS FROM DEVELOPING THE ORIGINAL BRAND, THE PHARM CO. STILL WANTS TO MAKE AS MUCH CASH OFF THERE ORIGINAL PRODUCT AS POSSIBLE?

So if you do a little research you can find out that at least one generic company uses the exact same formula as the brand so you pay the same amount for the generic as you would the brand medication. It's a simple deal, they just agreed to pay a certain percentage of their earnings. But us as consumers we don't check it out. It all just comes down to greed? So the moral of the story is do your homework so you can save money and get the best product 4 the same price or cheaper? Usually cheaper. I truly hope I help some people out there at least one. I spend at least an hour or two a day trying to help as many as possible since I'm not doing much anymore since my cancer got me pretty good. Have a great day. You have any questions just asked me.

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Rhonda Says:

Re: Shed (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

The green Xanax 2mg. I hate they make me feel weird. They said its the filler as opposed to white Xanax

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Pete Says:

What I don't understand is how the hell u in this day and age have a doctor who gives u 2Mg Xanax? I'm guessing at least a couple times a day also? I've been on half a milligram 5x a day since 1998; 20 years never had issues with them and there the only way I can stay normal throughout the day, and sleep at night. I live in Long Island and can't find any doctor to increase my meds even just 1mg which is so stupid. I've had 2 back surgeries so I use Xanax to try to keep still. I tell doctors the more benzodiazepines mean less opiates for me, which is much safer for me. Anyhow, but these doctors don't care, they just push the pain pills and frown at the benzo guessing *****s.

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Tasha Says:

Re: John (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

What about the new blue 2mg bars?

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ShellF81 Says:

Re: best (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

What brand is the one you highly recommend please & thanks .??

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