Accord Clonazepam

brian Says:

These are horrible, Accord Clonazepam. I'll be glad when I get my new script and can go back to TEVA.

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Verwon Says:

There have been a lot of recent complaints on our site about medications manufactured by Accord. Sorry you also had a bad experience.


Since pharmacies buy in bulk, it is highly likely that they'll still have the ones manufactured by Accord in stock, when you order a refill. So, you might want to make sure to tell them ahead of time that you don't want them and prefer the ones made by Teva.

Are there any comments or questions?

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Matt Says:

So I got my script filled before I left town and I always check my bottle for my good ole MFG and NDC#. Both were intact but the surprise was on the inside. Little Blue pills with the C and the 1..... Not my normal 1mg TEVA. Being trusting I figured maybe they finally changed color. I took one and roughly 2.5 hours later I was in a state of displaced panic. I snapped my wifes head (out of character big time) and cut someone off on the highway flipping them off as I passed (very out of character). So my wife looked into it and they were Accord 1mg Clonazepam in the bottle. Needless the pharmacist screwed up and wont refill or take his mislabeled medicine back. But my doctor as great as he is is moving me to a little pharmacy he goes to and calling in my script for emergency refill due to mislabeled medication. Sadly these Accord are still no match for the hades the Activis brand put me through. The Activis landed me in ER.

I take mine for Seizures and have for 15 years. 1mg 3 times a day.

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Matyilip Says:

Accord is high quality. I like it much more than TEVA,.....,..........kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Barbie 616 Says:

Re: Matyilip (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with you. I have fought with my pharmacy to get my Accord back. Teva is garbage. If I had the Accord, I wouldn't be awake all night, like now.

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Mike Says:

Re: Barbie 616 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I agree 100%. Has anyone had success finding Accord? Rite Aid stopped carrying Accord. I called Walgreen, CVS, and small pharmacies and no one has it. I have either gotten used to Teva or I am being wiened off clonazepam. I have gotten used to sleeping after taking Teva, but they are much weaker than Accord if effective at all.

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Barbie 616 Says:

Re: Mike (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I refused the Teva and asked the Pharmacist to get me the Accord. They said it was orange colored but to me it looks like pink. They did order it and I had it the next day. I'm on the 0.5 mg. I got it from Rite-Aid. And I'm back to sleeping and being much calmer.

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Barbie 616 Says:

Every drug works differently on every person. Teva did nothing for me. Accord works great.

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Lazaro Says:

Re: Mike (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Wal Mart pharmacy EXCLUSIVELY offers only the Accord brand; they used to be able to order any clonazepam generic (That's where I got my Qualitest clonazepam ordered after Target switched to CVS) but about six months ago they told me that they contracted solely with Accord (Exactly the way Walgreens contracted with Mylan..which still makes me laugh at its absurdity). Qualitest tho is truly, by far, the best generic. In the ten years I have been on this medicine- not even the Roche brand name Klonopin comes close to its efficacy.

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Mike Says:

Barbie and Lazaro thank you very much for your responses.

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Barbie 616 Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Accord works great for me. I've been on it for many years. Teva does nothing. It all depends on how a person's body processes the drug and what fillers are in it. They may even have the same fillers but in different amounts.

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JJ Says:

Mike, I refilled mine today at Walgreens; they gave me Accord, which I have never used. Mine has always been mfg by Mylan. I was very pleased with the Mylan...I am very hesitant about the Accord. I hope it gives me the same results!

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Horsegirl75 Says:

Re: JJ (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Has Mylan filled with the Accord brand and I’m having interpose withdrawal. It does not last the same time frame as the Mylan. I’m pissed off and yelling at everyone or crying, not sleeping and it makes me feel sick. I called Walgreens and let them know that I would switch pharmacies if this was going to be their new Clonazepam med!!!

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Jimbo71 Says:

I preferred the Accord over the Teva brand, myself.

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Roberta Says:

Re: Matt (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

My Son had a similar reaction. He was Suicidal, then violent and panicking.
Klonopin usually puts him to sleep but the new blue ones just seemed to further agitate him. I can't find much on the maker or the inactive ingredients. He also seemed to have an increase in Seizure activity.

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Snoozy Says:

I hate when the pharmacy switches brands on me , especially to a brand I never heard of! I don't know what to expect. No one mentioned using Sandoz clonazepam? New brand is Accord. Will let you know.

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Duchessofperu Says:

Accord is Chinese. It made my grandson have full blown grand mal seizures. The day we got our hands on Mylan they stopped.

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Ames Says:

Sandoz has always worked the best for my son. When they switched manufacturers to Teva it was a disaster!! I found out today that Sandoz has discontinued making Clonazepam, so I chose to try Accord. All I hope is that it works similar to the Sandoz brand. He is very sensitive to the additives/ inactive ingredients in certain meds. Fingers crossed!!

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Mylan Bestie Says:

Re: JJ (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Accord is horrible. It changed my lifestyle. It causes anxiety that I never had on Mylan. I just took Mylan for sleep and now I can't sleep and have anxiety and trouble eating and if you like to feel drugged instead of alert, Accord may appeal to you.

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Jeans Says:

Re: Mylan Bestie (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on Mylan for 25 years and recently it seems weaker unless I built a tolerance. Took Accord and slept great but had a major headache and felt drugged the next day. Maybe Accord is stronger and I can cut my dose? Anyone have any thoughs on Mylan verses Accord?

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Mylan Bestie Says:

Re: Jeans (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Accord is tricky. You can have withdrawal symptoms if you cut the dose to fast. At this point, even one/fourth of a 1 mg is too strong. I take a chunk smaller than that more than once a day. You can't try to be alert and skip a daytime dose or you will have issues at night. I'm just a consumer; not a medical person. This has been over a month of taking. The less the better but you have to decide when to take the daytime ones and the night one and decide what is too little or too much. I hate the dopey feeling. I can't get much done at all. I think it also depends on a person's size and what they take it for. I call Mylan customer service to keep ckg on the status of that. As bad as Accord is, I do not want to begin trying the "zepams" out there, i.e. diazepam (valium is smoother) but it is strong too. Mylan fit the bill and I wasn't ever dopey feeling.

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Kirk Says:

Re: VeggieGirl (# 144) Expand Referenced Message

Today I checked 4 different places for Accord 1mg and they all have Teva
I was filling mine at an independent pharmacy which always got me the Accord brand. Recently they went with Teva and they told me they go with what’s cheaper.
Regarding the Accord quality issues, I know for fact that the 1mg was not on the list of recalls.
Also, all pharmacies go through major distributors such as McKesson and AmerisourceBergen
These guys dictate what the price is

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VeggieGirl Says:

Re: Johnny murphy (# 145) Expand Referenced Message

As of right now it's not available anywhere in the USA. Accord Company did a volunteer pull of their product to have it tested by a Independent Lab. Who knows how long that will last good luck all that is available is Solco or the non generic one

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Johnny murphy Says:

Re: Matyilip (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

How can I get the accord clonazepan

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VeggieGirl Says:

Re: Just concerned (# 138) Expand Referenced Message

Accord is not made in China, it's made at three sights in India, same goes towards Teva. Only Clonazepam brand that is made in China is Solco, the company will tell you they make products in Charlotte, NC, Clonazepam is not on that list having looked into it.

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Kckid Says:

I had to go to Walgreens instead of Walmart to get Accord Clonazepam which works for me. Teva doesn't. Then Walgeens said they could no longer get it. I've called Accord to see where I could get Accord Clonazepam again? I have Dystonia.

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Jack Says:

Re: Duchessofperu (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Accord is not a Chinese company

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sc3dacity Says:

I take 1mg Accord Clonazepam every night for epilepsy. I was in the ER recently, and they did a standard urine drug screen, and they told me that NO benzo metabolites were found in my urine. That explains my seizures! Anyone ever had a bad batch of Clonazepam and find that their benzos don't contain benzos?

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sc3dacity Says:

Re: Duchessofperu (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Realistically, EVERYTHING is chinese, even if the final pill pressing is in the US. Likewise for India. The US company selling the drug has the obligation of QA, so don't be ripping on China.

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Joanne Says:

Re: Barbie 616 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I know that this is an old posting, but I'm wondering if you are having problems with it now because it worked good for me but the last two refills have not been good. Hope that you can reply Barbie.

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Just concerned Says:

Re: Ty (# 134) Expand Referenced Message

Hello I just wanted to say that I also had a problem with the Accord brand. It is made in China and has other ingredients that are not supposed to be in it. It isn’t pure Clonazepam as it is from China and most of their drugs are not screened by the FDA. I have been on the Methadone maintenance program for over 20 years and have never been positive for any substance but my Clonazepam. I pick up the Accord brand got drug tested after taking the Accord brand for 7 days and was positive for 2 Benzodiazepines my Clonazepam and a minute amount of Alprazolam. It was a disaster and the amount of problems it caused was unbelievable after some digging the head doctor realized it was from China and now just like other doctors I’ve heard about tells all his patients not to get any medications from the pharmacy that are made in China. So I hope u don’t have any issues with the Accord brand if u have to get it.

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