20mg Vs 40 Mg Of Viibryd

photochick408 Says:

I have been on Viibryd since Nov 1 2011. I began with the started pack (10mg/7 days , 20mg 7days then 40 mg). After being on it for 2 days my anxiety was TERRIBLE on the 40mg. I am now on 20mg and feeling pretty damn good...better than I have in years. Psychiatrist has agreed to keep me on 20mg and we will re-evaluate later.

My question is: are any of you on 20mg and staying there? If so, what are the pros and cons? How are you feeling...does it feel like that dose is enough?

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Verwon Says:

The dose that works well can vary from person to person and should be individualized, just as your doctor has agreed to do. It also means you will have another dose to go up to later, if/when your body builds up a tolerance to this one.

We have a couple of active threads involving people that are using Viibryd, here's the links:



And drug information:


Is there anything else I can help with?

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tony Says:

My doctor just started me on viibrd. I've taken everything under the sun. I've read many posts about the drug, most were posted last year. I take wellbutrin 300mg/day. I don't know if its doing anything or not.
Has anyone had good results with viibryd over a long period 6 months or so. Does the drug cause weight gain despite the fact the mfg. saying it doesn't. This is very important to me.

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Barbie Says:

I started on theviibryd starter pack over a month ago for anxeity.10mg for 7 days then 20mg for 7 days. Then the 40 mg. After being on the 40 mg for about 10 days I started to feel very anxious and out of sorts, a little nausea too. I took 4 more pills and continued not feeling well. I decided to cut the pills in half and go back to 20mg dose. The very next day I feel good again. It is helping cope very well now after 3 days back on 20mg. My Dr. called me about another matter and I told her about it. She says well stay at 20 for a little while then try to go back up to 40. I think i'll just stay at 20mg. My body rejected the 40mg this time and I just think its way too strong for me. I tried effexor before the viibrid and 7 hours after taking it, I developed a severe headache with nausea and then vomiting. My pupils were also dialated from it. I won't take those ever again.

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mike Says:

I've been on everything under the sun. The viibryd at 20mg + 300mg of wellbutrin + lamotrigine.
For me it didn't work plus messed up my stomach.
I've been walking around in a fog for years and very depressed for most of those years.
Last visit to the doc and he says that I have been medication resistant for as long as he's treated me.
He slowly took me off everything accept the lamotragine.
Slowly my memory improves, my mental agility improves, symptoms of depression subside. It's not gone but its lots better.
At the last appointment we discussed ect since medication doesn't work for me. At this point I say no thanks to ect. I want to see if this drug free with lower symptoms of depression sticks. I pray it does.

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Barbie Says:

Hi Photochick,
I decided to dose myself down to 20mg Viibryd from the 40mg I was on for over 2 weeks and feel pretty good myself. It's only been a few days on 20 but I feel pretty confident that its a good dose for me. I am not taking it for depression, but for anxiety and its definitely helping me with my issues.

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Barbie Says:

40mg of Viibryd was making me feel sick.

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Joan Says:

Have been on Viibryd 12 days now. First 10mg then 20mg. Not having a good day alot of anxiety. Don't no whether to go back to Effexor XR

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Notanother4years Says:

I was on 20 mg for about 4 months, I'm stopping now because it makes me feel out of it and prevents me from thinking clearly, I felt like I was stoned half the time. I work in IT so being mentally sharp is very important for me. Here's my plan for withdrawal:
15 mg for one week
10 mg for one week
7.5 mg for one week
5 mg for one week
2.5 for one week

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Becky Says:

Well I was put on the 20mg of Viibryd because it worked the best and my doctor said she only wants me on it for a few months since i am only 18 but. when I started on the starter pack I felt great on the 10mg and the 20mg but I felt so sleepy when I was on the 40mg to where I felt just asbad as before I started. Well When I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription all they had was 40mg so they gave me 15 pills and said to cut them in half. Although I feel better when taking the 40mg cut to make it 20mg I still just do not feel as good when I took the actual 20mg. My mom said it is just psychological but I honestly and truely do not feel as well. But is it ok and does it work just as well to cut a 40mg? The pharmacist said I could get the correct one next time 20mg for 30 days but my parents want to cut costs by just getting the 40mg for 30 days and cutting the pill so it is 60 days for cheaper what should I do???

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Barbie Says:

I have been on 20mg for several months now. I have a script for 40mg and have been cutting them in half. It works great for my anxiety. The only draw back is loose stools almost every morning. I see my Dr next month and I will tell her what I have been doing and see what she thinks. Cutting the pills should not change how they work. You just need to adjust to being on 20mg again

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sharon Says:

i have been on viibryd for 6 months and i have tried to increase dose to 40 twice..both times after only a few days of taking the 40 i felt horrible..both times when i returned to 20 i felt good again..i have been on anti-depressants off and on for over 30 years and this is the only one that actually makes me feel normal..i feel exactly how i should feel while taking 20..this is the first time i have had a medicine actually help..the only side effect is a very irritable bowel..i have to be prepared to use the bathroom after my first meal of the day..this is a small price to pay for a medicine that helps me so much..if you dont count the bowel thing this is the only anti-depressant that has helped without side effects..

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Barbie Says:

Wow Sharon,
You took the words right out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same as you. Normal on 20mg, with the morning bowel thing going on. On viibryd for 6 months too and kept changing the dose. 20mg is exactly the right dose and 40mg is way too much. Back to Dr. in 2 weeks for my 6 month visit and we will see what she has to say about the G I issues and if there is a solution I can share with you.

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Jgriff Says:

I have a similar question. Almost a month on Viibryd. Began starter pack. Doctor told me to go from 10 to 20 and stay there and see her after 30 days. Went from 10 to 20mg, and now splitting the 40mg in half. The 1st week or so on 20mg was ok, but now getting enhanced anxiety related to way too many things. I went on this primarily for anxiety and I feel like it has magnified it. My memory is a bit foggy as well. Is it realistic to go back to 10mg of Viibryd and stay there or is it that if you can't handle 20/40mg that you should simply not be on Viibryd ?

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K Says:

I have as well started on 10mg to 20mg then 40mg. When I went to 40mg I was so sick. My stomach ached so bad. Called my dr and decided to go back to 20mg and follow up. A month later staying at 20mg I feel great! I'm also on lamictal and finally they are working for me.

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Rathmullan Says:

My Dr. has prescribed 40 mg of Viibryd after taking me of taking me off of Zoloft. I titrated beginning with 10 mg Viibrid/100 mg Zoloft, then 20V/50Z, then 30V/0Z. After one week I noticed an improvement vs. the 150 mg of Zoloft I had been on. Viibryd has been so effective that I've topped out at a daily average of 31.5 mg by taking 40 mg on Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. and 20 mg on Sun., Tues. and Thurs. I reason why take more than I need to? I believe that the only reason that the manufacturer recommends 40 mg. is to compensate for the fact that some patients inevitably will fail to take the medication with food. Taking 40 mg. on an empty stomach is the equivalent of taking 20 mg. with food. I religously take the medication with food and 31.5 mg is working great. Plus, should my depression return I have a little bit of ammo left to fight it with by going to 40 mg daily.

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Barbie Says:

OK So I went to the Dr. for my 6 month checkup on Viibryd. Told her 20 mg was good and about the loose stool issue with this med still after 6 months. She says there is no solution for that except immodium only as needed. She offered to switch me from viibryd to something else if the bowel issue becomes too much. I really like how I feel absolutely normal on viibryd. Every once in a while a little anxeity will rear its ugly head but nothing as compared to pre viibryd days. Ireally have no weight gain and sex is so much better now that the anxeity is gone. I am really afraid to switch to something else. 10 years ago I took zyban (wellbutrin) to quit smoking. Stopped taking it after a week because I was so spaced out. No focus or concentration. I'll stick with this drug because it works well.

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SuzyQ Says:

I have been taking viibryd for 7 weeks. Started the sample pack and on day 3 of 10 mg. felt tremendous relief from major depression and anxiety.Went on to 20 mg. and got the brain zaps just upon drifting off to sleep. This side effect went away within a few days. I did the 40 mg. for 2 weeks and found 3 hours after taking it I was tired, unmotivated, craved sweets like an alcoholic craves liquor and later in the day caused extreme anxiety. I went back to 20 mg. (cutting the 40 in half) anxiety waned...but still lethargic 3 hours after taking 20 mg. I now cut the 40 mg. in quarters take 10 mg in the morning usually about 7 and 10 mg. 8 hours later.20 mg. total for the day. I now sleep well (at 40mg. I had horrific night sweats) Appetite is down..no sugar cravings...stomach problems, gas and heartburn gone. I am happy and sad when it is appropriate (if that makes sense) not the flat dial tone feeling I have experienced on other antidepressants. I hope this will be helpful to others out there and that you will experience the relief and happiness we are all desperately seeking.

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ground Says:

U don't flip around doses consistently with ssri's. They gradually build up in ur body.

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John Says:

well i did the trial pack i ended my 10 mg of viibryd on christmas day im a blusher got alot of complements it dont matter i still blushed lol. i got to 20 mg till bout january 3rd felt pretty normal i noticed i swallod saliva more not bad for blushing a little depression i was on 40 mg for about a week and a half felt annoyed with little things no blushing i can recall i personaly didnt feel good with 40 went down to 20 i feel good but i would also like to say i take 1g of colonzopam generic for kolonopin 1 in morn 1 at night thats why i get somewhat tired easily. been on 20 mg and 1mg 1st few days not well but happy to say feel good aftr bein on it bout 2 weeks now but main thing is i smoke weed it clears my head havnt smoked for a few weeks just wondering cus i plan on gttin a little pot really soon plz someone any advice ASAP thanks.

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Michelle Wallace Says:

Nothing personally, but I have read a LOT of posts, and I have seen a lot of positive feedback about high energy and no weight gain. This is also a HUGE concern of mine. Number one thing I asked my doctor, I told her if it makes me gain weight it would definitely be counter-productive (I always ask her for "bonus drugs" -- anti-depressants that aid weight loss). Don't these drug companies know that's the best way to make us happy? That or make it injectable with Botox.

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