180 Days Almost Up For Teva's Generic Adderall Xr??

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I am currently without insurance and I had to pay $275 (cheapest I could find) for my GENERIC Adderall XR 20mg/60 count. I have read that Teva was the only one to produce the generic version for 180 days from the launch date, which was 4/2/09. My math indicates their 180 days will be up in two days (9/30/09) but I can't find out if any other companies are going to be producing the generic which should drive the price down significantly.

Does anyone have any information about anyone else producing the generic Adderall XR 20 mg other than Teva/Barr? The generic name is Dextroamphetamine+amphetamine mixed salts, extended release. I cannot keep paying almost $300/mo for medication.

I take it for narcolepsy and cannot function without it. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place here. By the way, I have noticed NO difference between the generic and the name brand, except for the fact that I think the generic works better. :) Thanks!!

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darren Says:

1st, your not getting 60 20mg XR's you are getting IRs instant release or immediate release. No one will give you a 1 month supply of 60 XRs. Shire is the only one that makes XRs untill about 2 months ago then kike ball TEVA came out with there generic XR oh and btw i was paying 75 for a 20mg adderall XR supply with insurance. same with vyvanse. anyways, BARR only makes IRs. so your mistaken with the whole XR thing. now with insurance i pay 15 dollars for 90 20mg generic adderall IRs and cor pharma makes that one. now i personally am much much happier with my instant release adderall. they hit me faster stronger and are just way better. the only differance between IR and XR in this case is they have added a racemic acid to the recipe. and that to me dont work as good vyvanse sucked a big nut. anywways no one yet or will be for quite a while will have a generic for this other than teva and just now i read the last part of your comment and see your saying the same thing as me so haha sick. well i wish you luck my friend the only thing i would go look for other than adderall is maybe vyvanse its simmilar but there is another and its been my goal for a while to get its called Desoxyn. LOOK IT UP! and go easy on them CNS stimulants, you will go crazy if you keep taking them amphetamine psychosis look it up.

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lunachick29 Says:

Darren - I think I know better than you what MY prescription says. I am getting 60 pills a month, 2 a day and they are XR, not IR. I also was able to answer my own question - Impax started shipping their version last week which will drive the price down.

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Verwon Says:

Actually, the different between XR and IR is that the XR is a time released version and the IR would be an instant release.

Lunachick, I am glad you've found another company making them, so I really do hope the price goes down for you.

You can also check about getting assistance with your prescriptions:

Pparx.org Click Here

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Aries Says:

Lunachick - I, too, am prescribed 20mg XR 2x daily. My body metabolizes XR at the rate most people metabolize the IR. You are absolutely correct, you can get 60 of 20mg in one prescription.

(Darren is incorrect with the information he provided.)

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Aries Says:

Lunachick - Barr does also make the 20mg XR generic, you are correct.

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lunachick29 Says:

I tried Ritalin, but it was garbage...even though the generic was only $6 at Walmart for 90. I went back to generic Adderall IR 10mg 3/day, it was better but not much. Just got a scrip for 20mg 3/day. Both IR scrips I got filled at Costco for a total of $34.97 each. MUCH better than $286/month!

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lunachick29 Says:

Oddly enough, the price went UP when the other maker came out with the generic XR.
@ Aries - I agree...I think I'd know what I was taking every month for the past 2 years better than some stranger that doesn't even know me. If the highest dose/pill for XRs is 30mg, how else would someone take more than 30mg if needed?
I just hope I get insurance soon or the market corrects itself and the price drops. That's crazy for a generic. Especially when the assistance plan is no longer available.

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lunachick29 Says:

@ Darren - go to google and look it up. Teva purchased Barr. For the 180 day exclusivity period, Shire made the regular and the generic formula for Teva/Barr (same company).
Trust me, I have researched this particular drug and the makers with every scrap of information I could find from reliable sources.

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Rex Says:

Anyone see the episode of The Simpsons when Milhouse says to Bart, I think we know your father a little better than you, Bart?

I think I know what prescription bottle has in it a little better than you Lunachick... what an ass.

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Xerox Says:

Please avoid Teva\Barr brands of Adderall. Due to legal issues Teva is not allowed to duplicate Shire's product, only to mimic.

I suggest that you have your doctor state that all Adderall tablets prescribed be of Eon\Sandoz generic brand. The company continues to produce clean Adderall, equal to Shire. They (Sandoz) continue with Quality Assurance.

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roger Says:

yeah i get 60 20mg a month.

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LT Says:

I am prescribed 60 20 mg XR generic adderall tablets so the previous poster is incorrect. In addition, I am prescribed 20 mg IR. I take it for narcolepsy.

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Danielle Says:

Check your information. I happen to get a 90 day supply of 20 mg Adderall XR....

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Jennifer Says:

Hello, I've been taking Adderall for 8 years now and unfortunately I don't have insurance but there are discount cards that will save you BIG time. My prescription is for 120 pills, 20mg ir 4x a day. I pay only $66 for Barr/Teva Brand using the best of my discount cards. Contact me via reply and I will share my resource. Take care

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Jen Says:

Where do you get your discount cards??

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Erik Says:

Can you tell me what discount card you use?

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CMS Says:

So, when and where were you informed of this?

For the last year, I've been prescribed a 90 count of generic 20mg adderall xr. This is the first month I've been taking sandoz' generic ir - 90 count, too, of 20mg.

Oh, the presumptions that rampage our virtual world.

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Jennifer Says:

The discount card I use is from freerxdiscount.

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Danni70 Says:

CMS, what do u think of the Sandoz brand? They used to be my favorite, hands down, in both the 10 and 20 mg tablet...for a long time I wasn't able to get them and had to take the Teva brand...i must have gotten used to Teva, because when I got my last refill, i realized it was Sandoz, which should have made me happy and did, until I started taking them...maybe I am just too used to the drug in general now i suppose....

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bpomer Says:

You smart enough to know Teva is Israeli. But ignorant or hateful enough to use the word kike. Hate is a s***ty vibe and a horrible way to go through life. You may dislike what some people do and how it affects you but why generalize to hate. Yes I'm Jewish. I'm not sure of your stereotype but my parents were extremely poor growing up. Dad became orphaned. Had to learn to fight in projects. Been stabbed. Mom literally shared bedroom with 3. Dad worked his a** off to do well. Despite his experience growing up with mostly black guys (fights, stabbing etc) he's not prejudice and knows it was the few not all. So if he can be cool I would think you could.

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I've been prescribed 30mg adderall twice daily for over 2 years now. 27y.o. from NY, ADHD. People are ill informed completely, it's annoying, do your homework folks. I did EXTENSIVE research on this topic. Generic adderall affects folks different simply because these generics are produced in India & foreign land & the Fillers & Binders that are made in the generics affect each body differently, hence all the negative effects. I truly believe this after being obsessed & infuriated at the reasons why, no info is consistent on the internet, hence the fillers binders effect everyone different. I refuse to take anything except Pink cor pharma. I benefit the most from it, energy/kick/focus mostly. In 11/2016 i got teva footballs, instantly noticed huge difference. felt withdrawing & wanted to just lay down all day. The more i took the more sick i got. It was the worst month of my 2 years on adderall period. From then on i dedicated myself to a *knowledge is power motto* & i keep it respectful & personal with pharm techs that if you dont get the pinks, then call me and i'll go elsewhere simply. Hell with that s***. We as adderall patients have rights, that are being fringed upon legally. The dr's and pharmacy's all only care about 1 thing...dollars.

That's the cold truth, how ur med makes u feel means nothing to them. A select few dr's truly care, but that's rare in 2017. I've been hooked on suboxone for the last 10 years and i'm only 27, and adderall now, which my tolerance is sky-high. 1,000mg calcium carbonate (antacid) helps 2% if that. Holidays are pain days for nothing cuz tolerance builds so quick. Supplement with magnesium and a few others to keep it low. And keep ur dose low. It's the best way, when 100mg wont do s*** but make ur sack hurt, u got a big problem like myself. It makes simple life hell on earth sometimes that cycles around. Good day folks (tips hat).

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Ljane Says:

Please tell me where I can get this info to make my adderall 20 mg XR Cheaper. Please and thanks.

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talia7 Says:

can you share the discount card that you use?

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Sabie Says:

I have been taking meds for adhd since I was in second grade, I'm 26 now. I currently take 3 20mg aderall pills a day, I'm supposed to take 4, but medicaid won't pay for more than 3. I do NOT want to switch to a generic form, they don't even make one for the 20mg pills yet (and yesi do know this for sure cause my doctor always signs the ok for generic part of the script, and I'm still getting name brand. I filled my prescription 4 days ago) the last time I was switched to a generic I had a suicide attempt, which a psychiatrist directly attributed to the generic drug (I was on ridelin at the time). Because of my mental state when I'm un medicated I can't survive without my meds, but if I get a job I will lose my insurance and the last time I checked the cost for 120 20mg pills was a little over $600.

If anyone has any knowledge of a discount card I could use to reduce the cost for adderall xr I would love to know. I want to get a job, but I will get fired if I lose the ability to get my meds.

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Alex Says:

was recently prescribed Adderall XR and the price is pretty painful. best i've found for generic is $147 for 30 15mg. That's through Walgreens with a Blue Cross discount.

Any recommendations you have to reduce that price would be very welcome.

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Diane Says:

Hi Jennifer, my daughter hasbeentaking adderallxr for about 6 years now but she has moved from Illinois to Washington state, has beenhavin trouble paying for the medicine. Where can she get these discount cards? Shecantfunction very well without this .

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tbone Says:

So do I.

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ginabritt1965 Says:

I get 30 mg of xr generic, 60 per month.

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Kelly Says:

I was recently dx with adult ADHD and have no insurance. I have been paying out of pocket for Adderall XR and recently switched to IR out of financial necessity. My doc and I are tweaking the dose but it seems like this will work. I am interested in reliable coupons/discounts for Adderall IR. Thank you.

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Christine Says:

I am an Insurance Broker & need to help my clients save $$ on this medication since very few Insurance companies are will to foot the bill. Please share your resourse with me so I can help these people.

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