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smell in urine
Seven weeks ago I had spine surgery, having to have fusions with metal screw, rods and a cage. I first had a urine leakage for about 3 weeks. Now I have a horrible smell in my urine, my bladder doesn't seem to be emptying completely. I did not have this problem prior to surgeon said I needed to see a urologist, which I have. he is wanting to admit me to hospital for examinations on my bladder and kidneys. I haven't been released from my surgeon yet and another stay?? What concerns me is the fact that I did not have this problem until I had back surgery. ## Hello, Rbyrd! How are you doing? Have things improved, any? Such issues can occur due to surgery, there's no way to product who will or will not experience them. Have you consulted the urologist, yet? That woul... ...
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Wed, Aug 27 '14, 4:42 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 271415
Train wreck
I stumbled here and I'm in awe so many people are addicted to heavy duty pain meds. The Pharma's are getting richer and people are getting sicker. What a travesty. ## Hi Kim, It really is a shame to sit back and watch pharmacies grow richer while patients struggle and become entirely dependent upon the pharmacy...just to get through everyday life. In my opinion the best way to get back at pharmacies is to stick to natural alternatives, such as fruits/veggies, essential oils, herbs, meditation, etc, for our long term health. Many medications seem to contain extracts from plants anyways, so it makes sense that we should be using more raw plant matter that our bodies actually agree with. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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where to go to take out jaddele in capetown
Hie i have got jaddele for over a year have been going on menstrution for 8mnth what it removed where must l go im in capetown thank u ## Hi blesssy, Jadelle (levonorgestrel) implants are said to be inserted and removed by a minor surgical procedure at your healthcare provider's office. So you would essentially have to have a doctor or gynecologist in cape town remove them for you no matter where you ended up going. From what I've read, removing Jadelle implants could take longer than insertion and may be more difficult and/or cause more pain, especially if the implants are difficult to locate. Occasionally, additional incisions and/or office visits are required, depending on the situation. Hopefully this info helps to answer your question. Would you say that the experiences you... ...
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Sun, Jun 23 '13, 7:21 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 247993
Ativan prescription
My 18 yr old sister told me she altered a prescription her psychiatrist gave her for Ativan for a higher dose. I told our mother, a retired nurse, who told me NY just a few yrs ago started some sort of tracking system to find these types of things & prosecute them, so she could get caught. My mom found a Rehab in another state for her to get help, but now we're worried the cops will be coming for her.With these programs, how long a time frame does she have before they catch up to her? ...
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Tue, Nov 06 '12, 8:53 AM   0 
cherifer pgm 1022
dark brown capsules, food supplement ## Heys guys i was just wondering if any of you have heard of the vitamin/supplement called CHERIFER. Many of my cousins in the philippines have taken it and i can say many of them are pretty tall for their age. So far i believe there are two forms of cherifer which are the syrup style and the normal capsule dose. The syrup style is only for children under 10 and the capsule they say are for children and teens from 10-22 (called cherifer pgm10-22). So i was wondering if i should take this supplement since its labeled ages 10-22 ( means i got 3 mos left)... ## First of all, being a vitamin supplement it is not proven to do anything, other than supplement deficiencies in certain nutrients. Second, 3 months would not be enough time to do anything, espec... ...
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Fri, Jun 01 '12, 1:08 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 183716
is amoxicillin effective for common cold
I have stuffed sinus .. cough and are tired/weak. I have amox/K Clav 500-125 .. would it be helpful towards these symptoms?? How many pre day should I take? ## Amoxicillin is a antibotic.It is used to treat bacterial infections. A cold is a viral infection, so it would do no good. ## @Becky Burnside, BL is correct, the Amoxicillin will not be effective for the cold. If I can recommend anything, it would be to intake as many fruits/vegetables as possible (especially citrus fruits due to their high vitamin C content!). Also, water with real lemon juice is a really easy way to build your immune system and should definitely help to fight off the cold sooner. I've read that it's most beneficial to drink the amount of water (in ounces) that is equal to half of your body weight. For ex... ...
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Sun, Aug 25 '13, 7:25 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 251286
is copazine and meclizine related drugs
I can not take copazine, if I take meclizine, will it have the same results, very aler. to comazine ## Close. I had an inner ear infection once that made the whole room seem like it was spinning for 3 days. I could barely get out of bed I was so dizzy, but I was so dizzy I was vomiting every few minutes.. The Mec cleared it up... along with some antibiotics. I've used it for flight sickness before too. I don't suffer from car motion sickness. ...
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Thu, Jul 03 '14, 11:41 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 209218
Mazetol 200 Mg verification
My son when he was 15 yrs old he got a fit then he was operated upon for celluar vessicals in PGI chandigarh. since then he is taking mazetol 200 twice daily. then they said that he should contiue for lifetime. After opration he has got no fits. Now he is 29 yrs. old. He is healthy . He is vey intelligent he has done B.Tech, MBA what precautions should he take Is ther be any effect of medicine on his childrens. . ## hi i am manish jain from chandigarh my son get fit in sleeping i have strated mazetol but now i have to stop he is 10 year old he is taking mazetol last one year ...
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Mon, Feb 18 '13, 2:33 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 231400
Neurorubine Forte
Doctors gave me this medication to use for one week once a day due to my right hand losing most function , staying always numb and with an everlasting buzz like tingling. ## Vitamin B1 200 mg Vitamin B6 50 mg Vitamin B12 1000 µg ## I'd like to ask if Neurorubine forte has the same medicinal content and effect with Neurobion coated tablet? Please reply soonest. Thank you! ## my doctor give neurorubine injection every other due to numbness from my left arm due to mild stroke happen to me.but i'm now ok,but still the injection continue until 2 weeks.what do you think about it? ## i have a numb and tingle feeling in tip of both my big toes,i am my docter recomend this tablet,neurorubine forte. ## I had 2 Diskectomy within 9 weeks, last one 2 wks ago. Left leg numb a... ...
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Mon, Jun 25 '12, 5:07 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 185737
Paying For Ampyra
Is anyone paying out of pocket for Ampyra? The monthly retail cost is prohibitive. If you don't qualify for financial assistance, it is next to impossible to take this drug without going bankrupt. All this for a drug with a very unimpressive track record. I'm having difficulty justifying this experimental journey unless the drug company supplies the meds at no cost. Am I alone in my thinking? ## Did you try the assistance program directly from the manufacturer? Those programs are often more generous than those provided by your county, or state. You can find out more and apply by calling them at 888-881-1918. Learn more Ampyra details here. ## I am waiting to receive a call back from their financial assistance program. So far, I have heard nothing for 3 days. I hope I qualify bec... ...
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Fri, Mar 01 '13, 9:53 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 232379
ranbaxy lorazepam
I was taking Ranbaxy for almost 3 years and was just fine. No anxiety and no side effects. Then about a month and a half ago I started getting anxiety. Found out CVS changed to Mylan brand. I found I could get one more month's supply of Ranbaxy but at the two mg strength. Was a problem with dosage amount because I had to quarter the tablets. They cut in half nicely but the quartering was always unequal. I read this board and knew to stay away from Mylan, Watson and Santos (sp?) So I called around to the mom and pop pharmacies and found one that carried Excellium. I had read very little about Excellium on the forum but the pharmacist said he had been selling it for 10 years and never had a complaint. Scared to death, I transferred my two remaining refills to this place. I've been... ...
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Fri, Sep 12 '14, 6:35 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 271333
Susten 200 prescribed
I am pregnant 7.1 weeks. I got the scan done and the report says heart beat not seen and doctor has prescribed Susten 200 for 15 days at night orally. Please i would like to know the effects of this type of pregnancy ## i hav went for pregancytest on 7th day shown as negative..they have given susten 300 for five days.....can u explain me abt this......whether myself as conceived or not.... ## i m taking gabasafe plus. i was suffering from ramsay hunt before 1 month. i had miscarriage too before 1 and half month. can i think to get pregnent during taking medicine gabasafe plus ...
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 Symmetrel Amantadine
Amantadine (trade name Symmetrel, by Endo Pharmaceuticals) is a drug that has U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for use both as an antiviral and an antiparkinsonian drug. It is the organic compound 1-adamantylamine or 1-aminoadamantane, meaning it consists of an adamantane backbone that has an amino group substituted at one of the four methyne positions. Rimantadine is a closely related derivative of adamantane with similar biological properties. Apart from medical uses, this compoun...
trapic tablet side effects
i am 32 yrs old. for the past few yrs i have severe bleeding during periods. my uterus and ovaries r normal with no fibroids and cyst. i have been advised to take trapic mf 2 tabs during my periods. what r the side effects of this tab for prolonged usage? do i have to take thyroid test? my weight is increasing constantly. ## I was diagnosed with thickened endometrium n I ve this,heavy periods. So I was advised by my doc to tk meparate 10 from d 3rd day of my period till d 25th day. N since then my period hasn't stopped n was on for more than a month. I ve tested every possible ways n nothing serious was told though some cyst noticed. Then was told to tk tab tragic to stop d bleeding!m confuse how to go about. ...
Updated 5 months ago in Thyroid.
Sat, May 10 '14, 12:52 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 250439
Amantadine (trade name Symmetrel, by Endo Pharmaceuticals) is a drug that has U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for use both as an antiviral and an antiparkinsonian drug. It is the organic compound 1-adamantylamine or 1-aminoadamantane, meaning it consists of an adamantane backbone that has an amino group substituted at one of the four methyne positions. Rimantadine is a closely related derivative of adamantane with similar biological properties. Apart from medical uses, this compoun...
American Vs Australian Health System
I am so sad to hear of the American people on here the hell they go through to find a good doctor or a pharmacy that'll fill their scripts (especially pain medications) I can't fathom why it's like that and why u pay so much. Australia is way different, the doctors bulk bill in other words Medicare pay for many ppl's consultations and if u do pay you have private health ins you pay 70 and get 50 back the same day from your ins or if u pag u can go straight to Medicare and get the rebate. Also, your doctor here is happy to ring a pharmacy, ask if they have what the patient needs and tells them the patient is on their way. I'm shocked to hear of Americans in genuine physical pain driving to pharmacies for days to get a script filled. Here the methadone or drug maintena... ...
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Getting help with Librax
Where do I get help to pay for my Librax medication? Even the generic is 120 dollars. i am so scared as this is the only one that works for me. ## There are actually 2 programs that you can look into for assistance with this medication. One is through RX Outreach and you can contact them for more information at 800-769-3880. The other is through Xubek Pharmaceuticals and you can contact them at 866-699-8239. The income requirements may vary from program to program, which is why I felt it best to list both. Learn more Librax details here. Can you post back and let me know if you have any luck? ...
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Mox 500 Mg for dental treatment
my tooth was decayed and I was in some pain. I visited a local dentist who suggested me to go for a root canal. He asked me when I can start the treatment and gave me Mox 500mg yellow capsules and some pain killer. The dentist is a young doctor who seems to be competent but I would like to know whether for what purpose this Mox 500mg is for. I am slight confused as I have read some comments about it. Does it help to prevent the tooth from further decay. ## This contains the active ingredient Amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic and it's used to treat various types of infections. Learn more Amoxicillin details here. Basically, when you have a tooth that has gotten bad enough to require a root canal, it has an infection in it, so an antibiotic has to be used to eradicate the infection.... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Amoxicillin.
Sat, Feb 02 '13, 3:42 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 234443
Side Effects Of Omez D
I take twise omez d bifore mile. ## Omez-D contains the active ingredients Omeprazole and Domperidone, it is most commonly used to prevent or treat conditions such as ulcers, GERD and heartburn. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness and stomach pain. Learn more Omeprazole details here. Learn more Domperidone details here. Have you been having problems that you think have been caused by this medication? ## Bro I will taking daily one tab from 2 years ...
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why does cefdinir make my urine smell
Does cefdinir make your urine smell and does it cause you to need to go more often? ## The exact reason why medications do certain things to the body are unknown, however, they all do have side effects, because you are ingesting a foreign substance. Cefdinir is an antibiotic, a generic for Omnicef. The most common side effects include: nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain and headache. That said, it should not make you urinate more frequently, but medications do affect people differently. Have you talked to your doctor about this? ...
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