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IMPORTANT. Regarding severe reaction to drugs, side effects, etc...
After only a week of being prescribed Cymbalta, (Duyloxetine Hydrochloride) 20 mg. cap once a day, for depression and back pain by two doctors working together, I fell victim to several of the side effects of the drug. Although I did not know that they were side effects at the time (most notably weakness, loss of coordination and balance). I consulted with the prescribing doctor, I was told that I had not been on the drug long enough, or at a high enough strength dosage to develop any of the side effects. After another week of Cymbalta I was falling down, could not walk straight, fell off my bike three times (once seriously) and could barely lift my arms over my head. I visited Rite-Aid and the public library and retrieved "print outs" concerning this drug. To my surprise, I had... ...
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Tue, May 20 '14, 12:35 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 265448
I Found Neurontin and Buspirone in son's room, what do they do to him?
i found neurontin 300mg and buspirone 10mg, why is he taking these? they were prescribed to someone, but the label with name has been torn off. My sons not prescribed these at all. Wondering what they are doing to him? ## Hi neurontin i am told people take with opiates to intensify their high. Buporine is suboxone which is to help with withdrawal and suppose to help cravings for opiates. Not a good combination of medicine to mix im not a Dr but have family that are addicts . Best of luck ## Hello, Carol Ann! How are you? I'm happy to clear this up for you and provide information on these medications. Neurontin contains the active ingredient Gabapentin, which is an anticonvulsant that's also used to treat certain types of nerve pain and mood disorders, but it is not a narcotic an... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Neurontin.
Tue, Mar 18 '14, 10:54 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 261164
Help find a Doctor in Chicago Suburbs Prescribes Vicodin and refills
My primary Dr only allows 1 pill 5mg - twice per day for a year. I need doulble that to control back pain. ## I need Pain killers for a lower back slipped disc and current doctor only offers one 5 mg pill twice daily that does nothing. I am in Western Sububrbs of Chicago (Naperville/Whaton) and looking for a NEW DOCTOR that will offer higher doses or alternate prescription medication ## Have either one of you considered seeing a pain management specialist? The issue here is that you've both been seeing primary care doctors, who aren't specially trained in the handling of such issues and thus, they may not feel comfortable doing so. ## I need to find a dr in Chicago who will prescribe pain meds. Would anyone have any answers ## Has anyone found a good pain clinic in the Chicago s... ...
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Wed, Nov 28 '12, 8:37 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 229385
Was badly addicted to hydrocodone/oxycodone/percocet for 7 years. Am now free thanks to buprenorphine(Suboxone).
Not real sure why exactly it is that I feel it necessary to post here in this forum. Maybe I'm hoping that someone looking for help will read this and make the same decision myself and my husband did. 7 years ago I was introduced to the joys and wonderous feelings of pain pills. Always working in the restuarant industry as a server/ bartender, the high I got from taking tabs or percs or whatever I could get my hands on led me to believe that I was a better server, better at my job, made more money, could talk to people more openly and be a happier person all around. At first, like the beginning 3 years I would take 1 to 3 lortab 10 mg in one day and be hopping around all over the place till the wee hours of the morning, talking everyone's head off and energized to the max. As th... ...
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Wed, Sep 17 '14, 10:43 PM   50  Subscribe to thread 226220
what exactly does suboxone do? is it addicitive?
i have a friend who desperately wants to get off of methadone and pain pills. will suboxone work? is it addicitive too? if someone can please help me that would be great! also is it very expensive, that's what i've heard. ## Well, first off, yes, it can be addictive as well, however, it has distince advantages over narcotic meds, Benzos, and even Methadone. Suboxone works on many of the same receptors, since it is a narcotic agent, however, it does not give the same high effect and euphoria that most addicts enjoyed, which is what made them get addicted in the first place. It also contains an opiate neutralizer, so it neutralizes anything in your system from the other drugs you were using, and of course prevents someone from continuing to use while they are on it. Most people wh... ...
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Mon, Oct 13 '14, 2:09 PM   254  Subscribe to thread 173697
g32 500
off white pill oval i found theses pills in my childs room and i need to knoe what they are thank you ## its naproxen...just a can be abused like any other medicine but as far as getting high or drowsy it doesnt affect the brain at all...i got some for my back aches and a female friend of mines had it prescribed for her menstrual cramps i believe ## This is a prescription strength of Naproxen though, 500mgs. So if they do not have a valid prescription for it, then having it is illegal. ...
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Thu, Mar 13 '08, 1:18 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 179237
ingredients in dinintel
How long does Dinintel diet pills stays in the human's body? ## Help can someone tell me how long dinitel remains in your body? I have only taken them for 2mths but it elevated my B.P. so I came of now I am having chest pains. I have been off the pills for at least 3mths plus. ## What are you taking to help threat your hypertension? Depending on how high it was, just stopping the Dinintel may not be enough and after 3 months, it is definitely no longer in your body to have an effect. What are you current BP readings? Please go have this checked out by a doctor, as soon as possible. Chest pain could be the sign of a dangerous medical condition. ...
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Mon, Jun 30 '14, 10:50 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 262645
Talwin, Talwin Px & Talwin/compound
Anyone use this for chronic pain? How is it compared to meperidine (demerol)? I used to use an electric wheelchair. Nerves pinching off in neck etc. hands drew up.. Through faith & devotion to God (daily) & finding good Doctors (myopractors, accupuncturists, some kinesiologists& chiros) using Zanaflex for spasms & demerol (mild dosage) for pain I am making tremendous strides & there is no crazy high feeling. I can function & get about now fairly well w/ only a cane & daily devotion to the Lord & simple isometrics. Good Luck & God Bless your healing ## Was able to dig up some information from the manufacturer's label for Talwin Nx (Pentazocine + Naloxone). Talwin is a potent analgesic and 30 mg is usually as effective an analgesic as morphine 10 mg... ...
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Fri, Jul 24 '09, 9:02 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 193993
Buy Suboxone
im am trying to get off painkillers no doctor will help i have 4 kids i need to worry about is there any place to buy suboxone leagly ## Unfortunately the only legal way to get Suboxone is through a prescription from your doctor. If you're trying to wean off I would highly recommend visiting a pain management doctor or specialist as opposed to a regular MD, since they are generally less reluctant to prescribe the types of medications. For more information on doctors in your area that are known for prescribing Suboxone and other related medications, I'd recommend checking out the the link below: I hope this helps! ## hi, i am assuming you are a woman, a mom of 4 children, looking to get off of opiates...i agree with david...i myself hav... ...
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Tue, Apr 23 '13, 10:30 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 245972
I was on Victoza and was losing weight and my sugar count was way down then started having stomach pain very high and back aches so my dr took me off of it and put me on cycloset..i feel better but im starting to eat like i was and gaining some weight back is this normal..i need to lose wt badly. Ive been on it for one week. thanks ## Cycloset contains the active ingredient Bromocriptine and it has not been shown to cause significant weight gain. How have your blood sugar levels been? This could be just a reaction to their fluctuating from switching medications. If they are higher, because of a rebound effect, while your body gets used to the new medication, then that could be causing more hunger, so you eat more and will gain some weight. However, this should correct itself, as your bo... ...
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Sun, May 29 '11, 12:32 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 218119
methadone reviews needed
I have many injuries too many too mention. Is methadone a good option for chronic pain management? ## Hello, Ray! How are you? No, actually Methadone is not a good option and is usually reserved to be used as a last resort, when someone has exhausted all their other pain management options. The reason for this is because Methadone is very highly addictive and most people never get off of it, even those that use it for addiction treatment, rather than pain. Most people end up taking it for life, since it also causes very severe withdrawal effects. Learn more Methadone details here. There are other options available that are much safer to use. Has your doctor made any suggestions? ## well ray i see you said many injuries which would indicate to me you were probably in a major accident lik... ...
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Fri, Dec 13 '13, 5:16 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 256845
qualitest hydrocodone
I take Qualitest 10/500 pink hydrocodone. My pharmacy has told me that Qualitest will no longer be making this. I have tried other 10/500 pills to no avail. Qualitest is the only manufacturer that works on my pain . Does Qualitest offer another size ? ## Hello, Ted! How are you doing? Actually, after the first of the year (2014), none of the manufacturers will be making this dosage, anymore. Due to the risks of liver damage or failure that can occur with long-term use of high amounts of Acetaminophen, as well as the overdose fatalities that have occurred with these medications, the FDA has requested that all combination prescription products be lowered to contain no more than 325mgs of Acetaminophen, per dose. Learn more Vicodin details here. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the ... ...
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Fri, Nov 22 '13, 6:00 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 255873
norco 10 325 mg and tramadol
My doctor has me taking norco 10 325 every 4 hours for pain. I have tramadol as well. The tramadol feels like it does absolutely nothing. Because the tramadol doesn't give me a high feeling I thought it might be better to take. Will tramadol work as well as norco and if so, at what dose? I just want to get rid of the pain!! ## It really depends on you, how much does the high feeling affect you? Because it will eventually wear off, as your body gets used to the medication. It is just a side effect. However, it is one of the reasons that some people end up abusing certain medications, they like that high feeling, so they keep taking more and more of it to get it back, whenever it wears off. And no, the Tramadol will not work as well, it's not anywhere near as effective as the othe... ...
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Fri, Jul 25 '14, 2:40 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 259008
what is stronger than oxycodone 10 325
I've taken gabapentin,norco, and then oxycodone. I was taken off the oxycodone recently because I was talking the max six pills a day and my pain was still unbearable. I have five bulging disc and a pinched nerve in my back. I have spinal stenosis. This has caused pain throughout my left side down to my feet. I'm also a diabetic with nerve damage. I'm scared to do multiple rounds of injections in my back. Is there anything I can take to help me at least get some rest. I had to quit my job because I can't sit or stand and the pain is too much ## Hello, Cindy! How are you? There are many other medications to choose from, including Oxycodone in higher doses, without the Acetaminophen. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause si... ...
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Mon, Oct 13 '14, 4:56 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 271390
This Mediaction Sucks
phenytoin sod ext, i have neck pains, odd rashes and always dizzy,.. arent these pills help you not have siezures? not make you feel like your gona have them? am i making any sense.. i have to take 3 every night and i just started..this medication doesnt seem to be working or doing it's job.. ## How long have you been taking them? What you've described can be normal side effects to this medication, but they should hit their peak at about 4 to 6 weeks of use, then start to taper off as your body adjusts to the medication. Learn more: If the symptoms are severely problematic for you, then you should contact your doctor, as it may not be the right medication for you to use, or you may be on too high of a dosage. ## I have been taking this medication almost 1 year. I began to take s... ...
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Thu, Nov 15 '12, 1:08 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 226275
cravings wanna go back on it
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Jan 16 '13, 12:05 AM   11  Subscribe to thread 182210
oxycodone op vs oc
This month I have been getting the pain relief from my Oxycontin as before. I am now informed that they hanged the formula from OC to OP and that the OP do not contain Narcan. What am I supposed to do when I am no longer getting the relief I had before. I don't want to have to go to the higher dose just to get the same relief. I had to fight the insurance company for what I was getting before. ## That is correct, the new Oxycontin OP does not contain Narcan, however, if someone tries to misuse the medication, it does turn into a gummy substance that retains its time released properties. This formulation change has resulted in many complaints that it does not work as well as the old formulation and causes off side effects. We have had many posts regarding this, for the past several m... ...
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Sat, Nov 13 '10, 1:58 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 210669
Dilaudid white m 4
Can I cut/ break this pill in half, or is it time release? I do not generally take painkillers but my sister gave me one since I am unable to move my neck. ## Cut it in half with a sharp knife. Youll get 2mg of Dilaudid. You would be much better off taking the whole pill. ## Would 4 mg be too strong? I used to take Vicodin and have a high tolerance to it. I have taken a small dose of roxy in the past and it was too potent for me. I didn't want to repeat it with this dilaudid. ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, it is a very potent narcotic, so if you aren't used to taking it, there can be a danger of overdose if you start off with 4mgs. You really shouldn't take it, at all, without a doctors approval. However no, this tablet is not time released, it is ... ...
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Tue, Jun 12 '12, 12:49 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 231704
has anyone had good results on soboxone ## I have. I was addicted to pain meds for years stemming from a knee injury in college. When I finally told my doctor about all the extra pills I would take, i.e. buying them on the street, he advised me to try suboxone. I did, and I started at a higher dose, and it's fairly easy to taper the dose down in the beginning, just make sure you do it with your doc's help and let him/her know how you are feeling, physically. It is a little harder when you start going down from 2 mgs a day to 1, then 1/2 then a 1/4, and so forth. I've had more sucess taking half my dose in the morning and half in the evening, that could easily be psychological though. Anyhow, it is possible for this treatment to work, just don't try to wean yourself off t... ...
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Fri, Dec 12 '08, 11:22 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 185830
Oxycodone HCL 5 mg.
I have cronic back and neck pain, I was on a high dose of morphine for a long time and came off of it a year ago. The pain is so bad that I had to start taking vicodin off and on and it helped but made me sick to my stomach because of the tylenol. I was on every N'said made for many years due to failed back surgery etc. I have a nice doctor who seems very understanding about joint pain and will give me what ever necessary. I am taking oxycodone 5 mg. because it has no tylenol and doesnt make me sick. I am afraid of my body getting used to the drug and having withdrawl when stopping. I may take it once or twice a week and then not for days. Is this safe or can I become dependent with out even knowing it. I figure if I let it get out of my system and only take it when it's severe ... ...
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Wed, May 02 '12, 7:19 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 213616

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