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blue oblong pill with 002 on one side, LU on the other side
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I was given these pills by the pharmacy in a refill instead of the Seroquel I should have gotten. I want to know what these are before I call the pharmacy about this. ## These tablets are manufactured by Lupin Pharmaceuticals and they list them as containing 50mgs of Sertraline, which is a generic for Zoloft. It is an SSRI antidepressant that is also used to treat anxiety. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and weight gain. Definitely not Seroquel. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I'm not understanding. You were given these pills by your pharmacy but they're not Seroquel? What does the bottle say on it? Perhaps it has the generic name "quetiapine." ## I was taking 50 mil of Zoloft but still exper...
Updated 9 days ago.
Does Seroquel Show Up On A Drug Test NO
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NO Seroquel does NOT show up on a drug test. Seroquel is usually not tested for unless specifically asked for which is highly unlikely and if you are getting a positive result on a drug test you might want to make sure that its actually seroquel and not something else. ## How long (days) stopping seroquil until it doesn't register if tested for? ## Yes Seroquel or as stated on my bottle Quetiapine will show as a false positive for tricyclic antidepresents. I take 50 mg twice a day, a low dose, today I took my normal morning meds and popped positive for tricyclic antidepresents this afternoon. This is not something that is normally tested for on a drug screening such as work or your P.O. My test was urine tested by a lab and was run twice with the same result, my test was more in dep...
Updated 12 days ago.
can i take seroquel with methadone
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I think I'm having a bad side effect. Like hitters and really bad anxiety. Need help. Please. I'm on 50mg of seroquel and 280 mg methadone daily. ## Hello, Peter! How are you doing? Some caution does need to be taken, when taking these medications together, because they can increase the toxicity of each other, so that could be what's causing your problem. Have you consulted your doctor? You may need them to make a dosage adjustment. ## I am on 101mg of methadone (9yrs) and just got prescribed elival for sleep. Will the elival put me in methadone withdrawal ??? ## You need to get off of seroquel right now, and educate yourself. How can you be so stupid? Combining a tranquilizer strong enough to kill a lion, with methadone? A medication that takes 6 hours to kick it, so you ca...
Updated 14 days ago.
How to taper Seroquel ? Becoming Allergic to it
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Hi, I take 100 mg of seroquel at night and have for 10 years. I do have the 25 mg tablets as well as the 100 mg ones. I take this for sleep for fibromyalgia. I itch and itch now after I take seroquel. It is getting worse. Getting bruises from itching on my legs. :'( I have been having a feeling in my throat like itching and tickling. Been through this before with other types of medications. I have had hives from other medications I had to stop before. I am allergic to a lot of medications. As sensitive as I am, surprised I was able to take seroquel this long. I do feel like a zombie the next day. I am getting worse and worse reactions to this medication. If I get worse, I know I will have to taper really fast. I don't want to. But may have to. I go back to my doctor next month. I a
Updated 16 days ago.
Seroquel Questions and Slow taper?
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Hello, I am a 48 year old woman and I have been on 100mg of seroquel at night for 8 years for depression and sleep. I need to slowly taper off this. It seems it is making me even more tired and I sleep and sleep for very long hours. I have a lot of issues with it. I have a few questions. I take the 100mg tablet at night. I also have some of the 25 mg and was going to use those to taper. But even though I know 4 of the 25 mg tablets are 100mg, It seems to work different when taken that way? Anyone else notice this? Should I just try to cut up the 100mg and taper that? I wanted to take 75mg and take the other 25 mg tablet and cut it up. I want to do a very slow taper. I would be happy to taper 25 mg over 2.5 to 4 months. I have tapered off other things in the past that I took for fibromya...
Updated 17 days ago.
Seroquel show up in drug tests yes or no
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Does seroquel show up in a standard urine test i hear yes and no someone please help with for sure answer thnxs ## Seroquel contains the active ingredient Quetiapine, it is an atypical antipsychotic and as such, no, it is not a substance that is tested for and detected on drug tests. And just for additional information, I also checked the list of substances that are known to cause false positives and no, it is not known to cause any. Is there anything else I can help with? ## what does buspar show up as in a drug screening? ## Technically, Buspar, which contains the active ingredient Buspirone, is an antianxiety medication and should not show up as anything, however, it has been known to cause false positives for LSD. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am supposed to take sero...
Updated 18 days ago.
Can I use expired seroquel
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My serouqel is expired, how long after expiration can I use it ## Hello, Barb! How are you? This medication doesn't get dangerous, once expired, but it will start to lose effectiveness. How far expired is it? When was it filled? ## Hi, iam taking seroquel 2014 old. is that really bad and how?
Updated 25 days ago.
Does Seroquel Come in Liquid Form
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My dad has dementia/Alzheimer's and it's very problematic to get him to take his meds. Does Seroquel and Ativan come in liquid form? ## The Ativan does, but not the Seroquel. What I'd suggest doing is speaking to his doctor about it, to discuss the problem and see what alternative medications can be prescribed that are in liquid form, or perhaps injectable. There are quite a few options available, so they shouldn't have a problem helping you and, if you have to learn to give him a shot, it is pretty simple and the doctor or a nurse can teach you to do so in just a few minutes. Is there anything else I can help with? Learn more Ativan details here. ## Guys stay away from drugs, one time use can effect your life it is not good stay away from any drugs ## Seroquel does come...
Updated 27 days ago.
trintellix seroquel
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I was given 50 mg trintellix and seroquel 10 mg to take combined. They don't know if I'm manic depressive or just have major depressive disorder. Wondering what it might be supposed to do for me exactly. I recently lost my insurance and now I just have my prescription. ## These medications can be used to treat depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and some cases of bipolar disorder. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings, and weight changes. How are you doing on them?
Updated 1 month ago.
epilepsy and bipolar
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My sister takes take her tegretal and seroquel. Do these have a horrible impact upon each other? She seems like she's drunk all day. I believe it's the seroquel. I just want her to have some normalcy in her life and she definitely cant function like this. ## Hello, Laura! How is your sister doing? I'm glad you posted your concern, because she does need to speak to her doctor. She could be developing an issue with serotonin or something else, which has the potential to be dangerous. Normal side effects to Seroquel include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. How long has she been taking them? ## she just started taking the tegretol again about a month ago. Shes been on serequel since april. ## A month is long enough for it the serotonin to possibly be building up in her...
Updated 1 month ago.
Seroquel "dosing"
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Is it possible for someone to give you seroquel, and you not notice it? The taste of it, the effects of it? Anything? If it could happen, how could you prove it? Via blood, hair, urine, or ???... Please respond. Thank you.
Updated 1 month ago.
false positive drug test seroquel
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I take 300mg of seroquel and i have tested positive for thc when i know i have not smoked any marijuana at all. Please help!! ## I take seroquel xr 300 does it come up positive for thcor benzo ## I take seroquel, suboxone, remeron and lyrica..... I keep buying drug screens from the pharmacy and I keep failing for cocaine... Will any of the medications I'm prescribed cause this false positive?
Updated 1 month ago.
Seroquel is working for me but I know I should get off it. Advice please!
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Hi, Im a 23yr old female, have been taking Seroquel for about 2 months now. I had anxiety, racing thoughts, overthink, and couldnt sleep some nights, so my doctor prescribed me this. After a breakup and miscarraige it helped me get my life back together, I can think so clearly now and am so much happier within myself. It has stabilzed my moods! I want to get off it because the side effects I have read scare me - diabetes, insomnia etc + the groggy mornings are hard but do-able. Soo last night I didnt take it, had an OK sleep, waking up every couple of hours but this morning I have anxiety back and dont know what to think. Is it possible you can get psychologically addicted to it? I dont want to stop taking it because its worked wonders in my life, but I know its not good for me and the ...
Updated 1 month ago.
Seroquel and weight gain
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Is anyone else experiencing weight gain from seroquel? I still work out the same as always, and eat the same way, but I have gained over 20 pounds since i started seroquel 2 months ago. I dont want to stop taking it becasue i finally found a drug that helps, but this is an unacceptable side effect to me, anyone have any tips for dealing with this? ## Tell your doctor he might be able to help. ## I have been taking seroquel for about six months now and I have actually lost 16lbs. I take a dose of 400mg a day and have not hadd any problems. I have not even changed my diet or my exercise habits (which aren't the best). I do not have any side effects maybe it is a combination of the seroquel and other medicines you are taking? Seroquel actually began as a medicine given after surgery as...
Updated 1 month ago.
drug test seroquel
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I have taken sequel to help sleep and I stay at a place that can drug test whenever they want. So my question is Will I test positive for anything else by using seroquel? Please help me know the facts ## if I take seroquel today, will I get a positve test tomorrow
Updated 1 month ago.
seroquel side effects
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Is schizophrenia a known side effect of seroquel? ## Seroquel contains the active ingredient Quetiapine. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, sedation and weight gain. You can read more on this drug here: Are there any other questions? ## I have been on seroquel for years and I have noticed that if I don't sleep well I feel nauseous the next day. Is that common for anyone else?
Updated 2 months ago.
Does Seroquel Show Up On A Drug Test
4 Replies RSS
i take 300 mgof seriquel and also clanopen so should i worry about parole im percribed the clanopen ## It is not necessary to worry about any medication that you were prescribed as long as you have a copy of your prescription in hand or the ability to contact your doctor regarding the prescription. However, regarding Seroquel: It actually can show a false positive for TCA (Tricyclic Antidepressents), if you are tested for that. It is not a TCA but based on my research it often tests positive for it. It is not an illegal drug, but if you are getting screened for all drugs, yes it can show up on a drug test. I hope this information helps! ## I go to flacra and I take vicodine, lyrica , celexa and clonipin but the urine tests are coming up as dilation? ## I take 200mg of seraquel a day. Iv...
Updated 2 months ago.
seroquel false positive
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I'm on Seroquel XR & it ones up positive for THC when I test at probation. They have a complete list of my meds. Here in our county, they send it off to a lab that confirms it being either a " true or false positive ". It comes back from the lab as a false positive of course, since I do not use. Hang in there Seroquel takers! It's a CRAZY DRUG! ## Seroquel has shown up on my drug screens a few times now as TCA. This was on a larger panel cup test. A lot of meds can be abused and more places are getting better tests.
Updated 2 months ago.
Lu Y17 Round Pill
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I found a pill. Not sure if it is seroquel or flexoril ## This tablet contains 100mgs of Quetiapine, so it is a generic for Seroquel. Learn more Seroquel details here. Where did you find this one? ## Purple pill with w 105 on it ## Keep finding these pill at boyfriend ...the daughter mother gives them to daughter is this safe
Updated 4 months ago.
4 days off seroquel
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I was not told the reason I went freaking bald was these pills. My daughter and I are both balding. hell,no I am 4 days off seroquel, welbutrin xl, and buspar, all of which cause hair loss. the doctor took me off 250 seroquel and told me that I would only gain weight on the higher amount. put me on 100 and I gained 20 pounds. mind you I had gastric bypass and eat basically grapes and dang apples. I am itching like crazy and digging like I have something. I know now I should not have stoppe cold turkey,but,lord knows I want my hair back and now. please help me to get over this withdrawl because,it's driving me batty. thanks ## Hello, Shady! How are you? Alopecia can occur as a result of many medications and if you were taking several, it's really a guessing game to try to figure ...
Updated 4 months ago.

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