Overdosed On Prednisone 320mg 16 Tablets At Once

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S Houser Says:
I was given 84(20mg) tablets of prednisone for an allergic reaction to a blood pressure pill. After the second dose of 16 tablets i lost control of my bladder and have had multiple side effects to include osteoporosi,gerd,double vision,memory loss,lymphedema,stent surgery of the abdomen,nasopharyngeal surgery,ulcers of the lower legs, unstable use of my legs,loss of vision,etc. I am now a 49 yr old woman and this 10 day supply of prednisone has wrecked havoc on my life and also has affected my whole family! My husband has to care for myself and our 2 children. I cannot cook because of vision and unstable ability to use my legs,and i have not been able to drive since the initial dose began 2 and a half yrs ago.I am still urinating blood and leucocytes and even though i only took this for 10 days it has and still is affecting my whole body in a negative way due to the high dose!! I cant believe that physicians can get away with prescribing this high amount of medication, i think this is no different than attempted murder and it seems that they (physicians) can get away with it legally!!! The laws need to be changed when it comes to this medication and the effects it does to our bodies as a whole. My advice for anyone about prednisone is just dont take it at all unless your already in a deadly situation. Had i known the effects it could do to my body i would have refused to take it. This medicine should not be as easily prescribed as it is these days and i think it doing more harm to people than it helps! I was shifted from specialists to specialists until finally i was sent to the mayo clinic and saw a Dr. there who said this dose was too much for an elephant and he doesnt even know what effects this dosage would have on an elephant!!! Please if anyone reads this BEWARE PREDNISONE at all cost unless you have a life threatening situation. I was normal and going to school taking computer accounting before this medication and now i can barely function as a human being even doing basic neccessities to care for myself. I always put my trust in my Drs. and my Pharmacy but now i do not trust either and will not teach my children or grandchildren to trust them as i was taught! My family members will be told to research thoroughly and consider the pros and cons before taking meds and trusting the Drs. Their suppose to help us care for our bodies but these days seems like they have a legal license to harm us. What happened to the existing doctors of today? I think they dont care for their patients and all they want is the money to better themselves. They are not god or miracle workers but they use to care but these days they dont so be very wary of your physician. They get amenities for pushing certain drugs for the pharmaseudicals and prednisone is a big pusher for their so called wonder drug,it makes you wonder alright. You wonder what happened to your health and in some circumstances your mind!Thats all i have to say for now but PLEASE be warned, this drug may help some people but i would never take it unless i was told that i were at risk of dying! Have a good evening!!!!

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Verwon Says:
It is very rare that it is given in that high of a dosage, because it can cause serious effects.

I am very sorry to read of what you are going through. Have your doctors definitely associated this with the Prednisone?

Did you have any ill effects when you were initially taking it for that 10 days?


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Peter Huang Says:
Yesterday I visited my GP for my skin allergy and was prescribed Prednisone 20 mg, 10 tablets and was advised to stop it as soon as my condition is gone. As usual, I go to check online about the medicine before I take it. From the information offered online, anyone can see that Prednisone over 20mg is a heavy in dose and how can your doctor prescribed such heavy dose to you without warning you of its danger. You should sue your doctor for that, unless you are in a country where there is no such judicial system to protect consumers. I wish you all well to recover from it and thanks for all the warning to other maybe victims.

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JT Says:
my concern is that as a consumer why did you not inform your doctor after the initial reaction that it caused? why consume the 10 prescribed dose even if you were not relieved by the medication which it was supposed to? I mean you can sue your doctor but self awareness could also have prevented it. I hope you recover and may your blog serve as a warning that doctors can make mistakes as well but we also need to be keen in observing our own body. I mean we would immediately know if a certain med is working right or not....

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joann macala Says:
As I finished reading your message I finally knew why I am having a memory loss and deteriorating. I really thank you for posting this message. I will now stop taking this medicine.I have to buy a memory plus. Memory loss really affects my job. Thanks a lot and more power to you.

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Kelly Harleston Says:
My mother takes prednisone . She has similar side affects. Lets talk more, im Kelly, worried for my mother.

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Laura Says:
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Yes, that is an extremely high dosage. I have a severely sprained shoulder and was prescribed a 20mg dose--once daily--for one week (7 days), along with a prescription for high-dose ibuprofen as needed for pain. I, myself, was worried about taking even that dose because I've never been on steroids before, so I did quite a bit of research the night before I started taking them. I'm only in day two, but so far no terrible side effects, and my shoulder pain is much more bearable. I find it incredibly hard to understand how a Dr would prescribe such a high dosage of prednisone...for anyone. That could have easily killed you, an elephant, and a 400lb trucker. That Dr should be sued, and their license to practice medicine should be taken away. I am so sorry for all that you've gone through. Prayers for you and your family, and hopefully this will be a stern warning to at least a few people to ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH WHEN TAKING ANY MEDICATION FOR THE FIRST TIME

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Rory Says:
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I have been off and on prednisone since i was a toddler. I am now 25 and have developed cushings syndrome. I was on 50mg per day for 7 days and then 25mg for 3 days. I found out latter that i am ment to be tappered off the dose far slower to give my body time to adjust. I am a 25 year old male that now looks like im a hairy pregnant woman even got the stretch marks! I have chronic fatigue; very weak skin, and my blood wont clot.
My asthma is so bad that if it wearnt for prednisone i would be dead. But be warned make sure you tapper your dose down very slowly.

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deb Says:
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Took 3 20 mg tablets at once instead of spacing them out

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Lisa Says:
Sounds like you actually were at risk of dying. Also, why were you on blood pressure medication at the young age of 47? Are you overweight? Certainly if you eat a proper diet you don't need blood pressure meds at 47. And if you aren't taking good care of yourself is it really fair to blame your doctor for trying to hold you together with emergency measures? I really doubt your doctor was trying to murder you.

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Sharon Says:
I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue and hc does not work have been trying prednisone for 3yrs. And still can not get any energy my doctors how all but given up and I am left to my Owen devices. I weight almost 300 pounds how much prednisone should I be taking?

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nancy Says:

i am on prednisone for 4 days at home after my cancer treatment, this morning the dog came in and I couldn't remember if I'd taken them both. I know I took one of the pills but can't recall taking the second. So I counted my pills the bottle said I had 60, so I retraced my past sessions and instead of being off by 1 pill I am up by a pill. In other words my math shows I am off by 1 pill in the positive?? Do I take another 50mg or skip and take my usual dose tomorrow? HAs this happened to anyone else? What did you do? Thank you

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GLB Says:
When you go off prednisone it needs to be done very slowly.. And you can experience side effects well after you finish the dosage. Be prepared to be on prednisone for 3 years on and off... In the earlier times ca 60 mg and then tapered down... In the past two episodes only 30 mg as the high dosage.. And took it very slowly with increments of 2.5 mg... Yet my experience after being off for 5 weeks now includes tendonitis in my feet, foot and leg pains, depression, adrenal exhaustion, eye sight affected as well, blurry vision, over sensitive to sun light or bright lights, feeling either extremely cold or suddenly sweating like in a sauna. It's a 'wonder drug" for what it is prescribed for (in my case I had no choice, as all other meds for my problem close up my throat). Swelling my lips and tongue or all together.. Also had some nerved damage in my upper foot, slowly correcting itself.. If you can avoid taking prednisone or the similar names for it...Avoid it. Also had a $13000 dental bill, as my mouth bones shrunk and had to be added to and my teeth reconstructed. ...Same thing happened to a friend who was on steroids for cancer treatment..... Good luck to everyone on prednisone... It can take up to a year to get out of your system....Drink a lot of fluids (water) to help flush it out.

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Burbot Says:
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I also will no longer take Prednisone but I will take most other steroids. My problems were not as severe as yours and I don't remember the dose. I had it in a hospital for COPD. When released I got pills and was supposed to titrate down off the stuff. I got so sick and crazy that my fiancee took the pills and discarded them. It took about three days to fully recover. I will never take Prednisone again unless it is life or death! Very much afraid of that drug. It could have been worse judging from your experience but no no never again for me.

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GLB Says:
sorry ..I made a typing error>. re 'be prepared to be on"" should read I WAS ON IT FOR PAST THREE YEARS..

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Hennie Says:
How do you know you have stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue?
If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue you should NOT be on Prednisone.
Google IFM or A4M and find a Functional Medical Practitioner near you.
We routinely treat AF and resolve it in 12 to 18 months, without cortisone.
The biggest contributing factor to AF is lifestyle, so if you are serious to get well, be prepared to make some serious lifestyle changes.

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GLB Says:
when I had experienced adrenal fatigue as i was tapering off (slowly)
as with depression that had set during tapering off and once Off ..
I found out that prednisone DRAINS your potassium and magnesium from your body.and decided to supplement with a few envelopes of EMERGEN C...it was amazing how it worked for the depression as well as the adrenal fatigue
I took a pack every 1/2 hour when in a deep ( near suicidal )depression for ca 3 hours...it got me out of it....my friends could not believe the change... but when talking to my kidney MD was told NOT to take that many,as it affects the kidneys ( not good in my situation ) but that i could take 2 a day ...and then work through it..
tried the same with the adrenal fatigue ..2 the 1st day then one for a few days..
IT WORKED........ you might try it.....
good luck....( I will never take prednisone again.....unless its a matter of life and death).....and then i would have to think about it..

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