Is There A 5mg Klonopin

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is there a 5 mg klonopin

I have a yellow pill that says TEVA on it, but I don't know what the numbers are. Could it be a 5mg klonopin? ## Hello, Katie! How are you? No, there is no 5mg dosage available on the U.S. market. However, Teva does make a yellow one that is a 0.5mg dosage. The numbers should be 832. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## No, yellow Teva is only .5 mg, AKA HALF OF ONE milligram. There is no such thing as a Klonopin pill higher than 2 mg. ## There are in fact no higher doses than 2 mg klonopin on the US market, but there are higher doses in foreign markets. I have seen all the way up to 10 mg klonopin. ## So the teva 832 ye... ...

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klonopin 0.5mg

Is there any generic for klonopin? Thanks ## CLONAZEPAM ## i was prescribed this medicine - hence i want to know the details ## What's the difference between .5mg and 1mg? I started on the .5mg and recently was changed to the 1mg ## Im going into rehab and need to be clean of clonazepam. I took 0.5mg. for one year. Been off it 5 days, is it out of my system? I weigh 165lbs. and take no other drugs. ## I was recently prescribed klonopin for panic attacks, anxiety and nervousness. It's the 0.5mg tablet with a #1 on top and a #2 on the bottom. I was just wondering how it may make me feel?! ...

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YELLOW klonopin.5mg

round yellow pill with A-009 on top side and15 on the bottom. ## Klon 0.5 tablet full detail in hindi ## The tablet with the A 009 marking with a 15 underneath is manufactured by Otsuka American Pharmaceuticals and they list it as being a 15mg Abilify tablet, which is used to treat Bipolar disorder. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, constipation, mood changes, and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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5 mg klonopin

can long term use of klonopin cause cognitive loss or disfunction? ## whta will 5mg of klonopin do to me ## It could cause such issues, but generally, they go away, a few weeks after you stop taking it. The FDA also warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, and irritability. How are you both doing on it? Have you experienced any issues, or problems? ...

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orange klonopin

Are the orange klonopins generic has 1/2 on one side ## Yes, they are manufactured by Accord Healthcare and they list them as containing 0.5mgs of Clonazepam. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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Xanax Vs Klonopin help

My girlfriend has an assortment of emotional problems such as bipolor,ocd,borderline personality disorder and agoraphobia. Basically it has her to where she doesn't want to leave the house because she thinks people are staring and judging her. She goes to the psychitrist once a month for her meds which are resperdal, topamax,cogentin and .5mg of klonopin. She's been taking the klonopin for about 3 months and it only works if she takes 4 of them which is the equivlent to 2mg. She is thinking of asking her dr to switch her to 2mg xanax but is deathly afraid to do it. Her shrink isn't one of those dr's thast will just hand out drugs she convienced herself that he will view her as a drug addict instead of an emotional mess seeking relief. Her condition has been documented si... ...

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Tapering from Klonopin

Hello, I've been taking 2 mg of Clonzepam for about 5 yrs. If I go longer than four days without it, I can't function. While I do have panic disorder, I'm fairly certain the feelings/actions are withdrawl. In the past month I've been able to taper down to 1.5, and I want to continue until I'm no longer dependent on the drug. I need a realistic schedule on tapering/detox, and do I just fight through the withdrawls (i.e. fingers, arms, hands curling, numbness, anxiety, etc) My Dr doesn't get it...I'm in the process of finding another, but some help in the interim would be great. ## To the person who was taapering off clonazapam. I hope you are doing it slow enough. I take 5mg down from 6 and drop half a pill once a month per Doctors orders. I have had no side e... ...

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Generic Klonopin Images

a round peach/orange pill with a score through the middle then a 1 perfectly centered in the top half of the pill (or above the score) and a 2 perfectly centered on the lower half. Back of pill is blank. No other identifying images. ## I don't have an image to post for you, due to copyright reasons. But yes, there is a 0.5mg Clonazepam tablet that's listed in the databases that matches this description. This is a Benzodiazepine and may be habit forming, so it's very important that you not take it, if it hasn't been prescribed for you. Where did you find it? Learn more Clonazepam details here. ## Thank you for the information. ## Klon 0.5 tablet use kese kiya jata h ## So what is the tablet, country of origin, and manufacturer then, Verwon? Surely we deserve that informat... ...

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Klonopin Withdrawal @ .5 mg

Is it possible to become addicted to .5 mg Klonolpin daily dose? When I say addiction, I mean actual physical withdrawal symptoms. I would think most could come off a dose this small without any serious withdrawal. ## At this low of a dose and not abusing it by taking more and more of it, someone would actually become dependent on it, rather than addicted. And dependence can cause some withdrawal symptoms, when the medication is discontinued, but they are usually pretty mild. Learn more Klonopin details here. The most dangerous aspect, if they'd been taking it for a long period of time, is the risk of seizures if they stop taking it abruptly. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Even after taking Klonopin 0.5mg for a short time you can still have mental & some physical ... ...

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Yellow Klonopin 832

What is xanax equivalent of the yellow klonopin 832? ## That is a 0.5mg Clonazepam/Klonopin tablet, so the equivalent Xanax/Alprazolam dose would be 1mg. Learn more Xanax details here. Learn more Klonopin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...

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Klonopin Brand Difference

What is the difference between klonopin 0.5 mg with a pill marking of R33 and 832 TEVA? ## These are both generics for Klonopin, which contain 0.5mgs of the active ingredient Clonazepam, the only different is they are manufactured by different companies. This is a Benzodiazepine, so it may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## there is a difference in how the medication is absorbed in the body. you are not being honest. Klonopin has a much better effect on me. I suffer with rapid thoughts and can not clear my mind to fall asleep. Klonopin has worked for many years. Now i have no choice but to work with other medications, suffer, use clonazepam, or pay outrageously for a medication I cannot aff... ...

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Klonopin Brand is Now Available 12/31/2014

My prescription for Brand Klonopin 0.5 mg tablets was just filled by my local CVS pharmacy. I had to pay for it out of pocket since my generic Rx had just been filled. ## Does the named brand klonopin work the same for you as it did before it was on backorder? ## @Sound4heaven, I would recommend looking into whether or not the manufacturer has made any changes to the list of inactive ingredients, since this aspect of a tablet also plays a role in the tablet's overall bioavailability. If there are no changes there, name brand Klonopin 0.5mg should theoretically work the same as before. But had this been a generic version of Clonazepam, then inconsistency could be a stronger possibility since it has been heavily speculated that the FDA allows manufacturers the leeway of having a plus ... ...

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what does "klonopin" look like

I have 5 pills that are yellow and round with v on one side with the numbers 3540 on the other they are supposed to be clonapin but im not sure can someone tell me???? ## The closest matching "klonopin" (clonazepam) I've seen has an imprint of V on one side and 2530 on the other (sitting over a score line). These are round light-yellow pills containing a dose of 0.5mg. For verification, you can view a photograph of it on the following National Drug Code page: 00603-2948 Did you get your pills from a licensed pharmacy? I only wonder because the imprint seems off. Thanks for any additional feedback you might have. I hope this helps! ## They sound like vivarin which is a caffeine pills got screwed by those once ...

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Klonopin mg and types of pills

I'd like to see the pill and mg per pill please - I know there are different kinds, just trying to get an idea. ## Klonopin is a name brand for the benzodiazepine Clonazepam, it is available as both a name brand and generic. I do not have any pictures to post for you, due to copyright reasons and, since it is also available as a generic, there are far too many of those to list the description and markings of all of them. The name brand, Klonopin descriptions are as follows: Blue, K ROCHE 1 K KLONOPIN (The K is a cut out in the middle of the tablet) 1mg The 0.5mg Klonopin has the same markings, except the 1 is replaced with 1/2 and the tablet is orange. The 2mg tablet is white and the number is replaced with a 2. In addition to the many generics, there are also orally dissolvable waf... ...

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what does a klonopin look like

small yellow pill scored with c 13 on one side and m on the other ## yellow round pill with a M on one side the otherside has a score with a C over the number 13 ## Do ppl,take this pill to get high? ## Yes, the tablet with the M C13 marking contains 0.5mgs of Clonazepam, which is a benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation and dry mouth. Learn more Clonazepam details here. Are there any questions or concerns? ...

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Suboxone, Adderall and Klonopin

I am very pleased to say that I take all three of these great medications. The suboxone is the most important because it keeps me from craving other drugs which I used to abuse. I take 12mg a day. The Adderall XR 30mg is helpful with ADHD and staying alert. It keeps me going all day. And finally, last but definitely not least is the klonopin 1.5mg a day. Nothing else has touched my anxiety or made me feel so comfortable around people. Each med is important, and I would highly recommend this mix for anyone with anxiety, ADHD, and substance abuse disorder. Of course, they’re all controlled substances so you have to control yourself and be responsible, especially with a history of substance abuse. Other than that, just find a good doctor who cares and take them as prescribed. If you ... ...

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hydrocodone, klonopin and celexa

Is it ok to take 35 mgs of hydrocodone if u take 5mg of klonopin at night and 20mg of celexa in the morning? ## Has your doctor prescribed that much Hydrocodone? Taking it with the other medications may result in your experiencing more side effects, which the FDA lists as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and sedation. ...

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Took klonopin 1 mg 3 of them pregnant

Hi my name is Kerri and I am due to have my daughter in less than 12 days, been in recovery for 3 yrs and recently found out some horrific news that I'll be dealing with for the rest of my life due to my partner being dis honest ! I've taken them a few times but recently took 3 1 mg two days ago. Think it will be out of my system? I'm 29 and am weighing at 160 (prego) but am constantly drinking fluids and on the go with a 7 and 1 yr old.!! Answer ASAP please ## Hi Ke, Sorry to hear about your situation. This may sound a little confusing at first, but from what I could find, the estimated elimination half-life of clonazepam (klonopin) is listed as 30 to 40 hours. This means that if you took 3mgs, 30-40 hours later only 1.5mgs will be left working in your body - and then half ... ...

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have you ever heard of a pink klonopin?

it is bubble gum pink and is scored on on side and the other has an R on top and underneath the r is the number 33 if it is a klonpin what milligram and if not, what could it be? ## yes it is and 0.5ml ## what are the ingredents? ## Yes. The pill you are inquiring about is 0.5mg. Klonopin(Clonazepam). ## i get prescribed this... i used to get light green ones and when i switched pharmacies they gave me light pink ones but yes its kolonpin and 0.5 mg ## I was getting yellow .5mg generic Klonopin now after 2 years got switched to the pink ones. I swear they don't work as well. ## What milligrams is a round bubble gum pink klonopin with a V on one side and an inscription of 24/51 on the other side? ## Did it effect you the same or do you get a slight headache? ## Hi everyone, I am so g... ...

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yellow pill 13 c generic for klonopin

small yellow round pill with a capital M on one side and the number 13 and a small letter c underneath it ## Yes, this tablet contains 0.5mgs of Clonazepam, a generic for Klonopin, this is used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, irritability and headache. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ...

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