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Hey everyone. I just started zoloft today and I have been having really bad side effects the past few hrs. Increased anxiety, sweating, nausea, i just feel awful. Is this normal?

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Sorry to hear about the symptoms you're having as of late. Though, looking at the drug monograph for Zoloft (sertraline) it appears that all of those are listed as possible side effects on the web page for the US National Library of Medicine at:


If any of them have become too bothersome or severe, I would definitely encourage you to contact your doctor as soon as possible just to be on the safe side. Sometimes if certain side effects are left untreated they can gradually manifest into worser symptoms, so it's almost imperative to seek medical help and/or consent from your doctor to stop taking the medication immediately.

I hope this helps! Feel better soon!

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thanks for the reply. They anxiety has calmed down but is still here. Yesterday I got extremely sweaty and overheated (its 17° where I live)since that happened I have felt like im stuck in this high. Is that supposed to happen?

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I'm up in Boise, ID right now where it's around the same temperature and even colder at night. My body hasn't quite acclimated to it yet and I actually get overheated and sweat more too when it's really cold and I'm trying to bundle up to stay warm… so I think that may be somewhat common for people who live in this type of climate (or at least during this time of year). My guess is that the body just doesn't have enough ventilation or air flow when you bundle up in cold weather and gets overheated as a result.

Do you find this to be the case as well?

But I'd say if you're also experiencing the overheating/sweating while inside and in an otherwise normal temperature, then maybe it is related to the Zoloft, or the Zoloft could certainly be a contributing factor. I'm just not sure how to know for certain, since you can't necessarily cold-turkey the medication to find out if it's causing it or not. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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This happened to me when I first started, I got so scared. I cut it in half which made it 25mg and I was fine. I increased it to the 50mg in about a week.

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I read a side effect is anorexia? Is that true? Because this plus my vistaril makes me eat.. I was hoping to lose weight while getting rid of depression and anxiety so please help me.

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