White Cross Energy Pills

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smaller than an asprin and makes you want to get up and go, fast

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Crystal Says:

I am not sure what you are asking, if you need me to identify your I will need more information about the pill. If you need me to locate a drug or it's ingredients, I will need more informaiton as well. Please post back so i can assist you with your question.

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BJ Says:

It's about half the size of an asprin, it's white, plain on one side, an X or a cross on the other side. That's all there is to it.

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Crystal Says:

The only pill I could locate with just an X on it is Sennosides 17 mg, but it's brown and round. I will keep trying to see if I can find any more.

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Denver Says:

those pills are probably no longer available. we used to buy them in the 70's for $20 per 100. 2 in the morning and you were ready for anything including lose weight. I lost 35 pounds that I didn't need to lose in a matter of just a few months. Basically they were just a diet pill though. I'd love to have some now but probably wouldn't be good for my high blood pressure.

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D Says:

found pill. small white round. blank on one side with a horizontal line on the other..

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BJ Says:

Yes Denver knows what I knew them by but I never knew the legal name for them.I'm doing a study on side effects and how it will effect blood pressure is one of them.

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meanmom Says:

Did you ever find the cross tops, I was also looking for them.

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tony Says:

can u still buy these white crosses? we used to buy them in 2000 in north carolina when i was in the marines.

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cb Says:

i am looking to identify plain small white tablets with 100 imprint on one side and the other side cross scored. any ideas?

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DenverCyko Says:

These were 10mg Amphetamine salts, made in Mexico mostly at the time (70-s-80's). Like all other bathtub drugs, the dosage was not consistant, but the formulas were based on a 10mg tablet, white, cross on one side, usually blank on the other. There is little street demand for this non-crystaline form of speed nowadays, so I doubt if they would be readily available, if at all. Dexadrine and Adderall (ADHD drugs) are as close as you'll find to the cross of yore. (FYI- Many who took white crosses were ADD and were just self-medicating, unknowingly.)

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Maui Says:

I believe the lillte white cross pill was called Tedril. It was sold over the counter and very effective for energy and focus. We used them in school to study. I sure miss them but it seems like anything good either disappears or shows up later under a different more expensive name...prescription only.

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Maui Says:

BINGO! But with a spelling correction and confirmation, it was called Tedral and I just learned it is no longer available, Google or Bing it.

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charlie Says:

Hi i rember mid 60s early seventys this supplement that was real small thin had a x on them you could buy 25 for 5.00 a nickle bag, or one thousand for 100.00 a jar, what exactley was in them i rember two would really get you feeling good, and i never took more than four in one night although id heard of people taking as many as thirty pills. i also wittnessed people abusing them. Well, im 58 years old now and have been clean sober for 28 years.Thank god, but i always wondered what exactley was that stuff, thanks

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GDub Says:

I used to take this supplement back in the '70s. We always called them "white cross" and they were cheap! A few drawbacks, though - Cotton mouth (big time) and body trembling. My hands still shake today.

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Linda Says:

I painted a whole room one night by myself. I tried one in the seventies. Wish I could found one now myself.

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GDub Says:

I'd probably have a heart attack today, but they sure were fun. Smoked a BUNCH of cigarettes, though. Didn't seem to matter that you could cough up a solid block of nicotine the next day (that's if the first day ever ended).

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J Says:


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troiker Says:

can u buy the little pill that has an x on the one side, better known as the white cross? I am always feeling tired, run down and need something to give me energy

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Lindaxxx Says:

I used to use these energy supplements back in the 70's and 80's like yellow jackets and Speckled eggs ..where are these now ?

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nelson Says:

guys you are being ridiculous. i've lost a year of my life to vyvance a form of amphetamine salts. very similar to adderall or white crosses. i too, lost a 15 lbs that i really needed, and havnt gained back. along with your fantastic energy and weight loss you'll get psychosis, generally scizophrenia. i.e the movie Reqiume for A Dream. I've even seen it happen to a friend of mine, its real stuff. they arnt diet pills and they shouldnt even be takin for adhd unless highly neccesary. please exscuse my spelling, i am a drug addict ^^ and am only 17 years old trying to make sense of what ive been doing with my life and how to move forward.

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