Walk In Doctor Prescribing Adipex

lilly Says:

Need doctor prescribed adipex near Sandusky Ohio

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Heather Lynnn Says:

Got one in Elyria, oh
Dr. Benit
$115 for the first visit, then 60 for the following. He also gives B-12 if so desired.

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lilly Says:

Thanks so much for helping. .

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Jane Hou Says:

Need a prescribing doctor, Houston Tx, Metformin
I am not diabetic but can not lose weight and have heard this helps some people.

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Elosie Says:

Need a real doctor to prescribe phentermine for perimenopause weight gain yikes! Doctor in nyc would be so great. Please post if you have a name.

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minnietexan Says:

Hello! Looking for a prescribing doctor in the Cleveland Ohio area 50 mile radius is great. Please help, I have moved and do not kmow where to start here. THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!

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Jess Says:

Do you have to make an appointment with him? Because it says walk in dr. Also, does he give you the pills or do you have to go to the pharmacist?

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Danielle Says:

Looking to jump start diet with adipex. Northern Michigan.

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April King Says:

I need to take to talk to a doctor a bout loseing weight

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Clegirl Says:

Hi there are there any others you know of. He is prescribing the imprint with 25 in them and those do not work for me umfortunatly.

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Tonya Says:

Hi, Im looking for a doctor near Elyria, or Cleveland, Oh who will perscribe adipex I called a Dr. Benit in Elyria and they are closed till further notice, does anyone know of another doctor.


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Tonya Says:

Called Dr Benit, he's closed till further notice. Does anyone know of anyone else?

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Sandy Says:

Dr Robinson on Abbe rd. $120 first visit & $80 every two weeks after.

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Mat216 Says:

Hi anyone have any recommendations of doctors prescribing phentermine in Cleveland OH or surrounding suburbs area. Previous doc passed away and one relocated to a different state having a hard time finding doctors in this area or close any recommendations that are willing to accept new patients would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance....

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Arvella Says:

Re: Mat216 (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Default Clinic in Mentor that can prescribe phentermine. Healthy Solutions MD is a weight loss clinic which can prescribe phentermine. They will give you an exam by a physician and do labs. Make an appointment for a free consultation.

Phone: 440-255-5900
Address: 7322 Industrial Park Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060

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Pam Says:

Re: Sandy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Any idea if you need an appointment? Do they give you the medication at the appointment or give you a script?

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GreatMom Says:

Re: Sandy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

The government has cracked down on physicians prescribing the medication.
As a result, he will give you a script .. no longer the pills after an exam. My prescription were denied by 4 pharmacies (Walgreens, Walmart and Rite Aid) in Lorain and Elyria. Physicians all said they didn't think I required the medication. So disappointed.

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