Throwing Up After Taking Oxycodone

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i had a severe migrain headache that would not go away. I took a oxycodone pill, in desperation for pain relief, and now i cant stop throwin up? i took it on an empty stomach, and can't seem to keep any thing down. any suggestions? Is this a normal side effect? I normally do not/never take pain meds, even if they were prescribed to me....

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GrandBuddha Says:

Try a spoon full of peanut butter and sip on a clear soda. I'm actually feel sick right now it seems to help. I just took a 30mg Roxicodone on a empty stomach. It is making me sick as a dog because the strength of it on a empty stomach so try eating something that will be kind of absorbent kind of like when you drink too much. Kinda stinks you couldn't keep it down waste of a good medl

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Verwon Says:

Yes, narcotics can cause nausea and vomiting in some people, especially if you aren't used to taking them and do so on an empty stomach.

Learn more Oxycodone details here.

It should really be taken with food to avoid that and with a full 8 ounce glass of water.

However, the most important point is that this is a prescription medication and a very potent narcotic, so it shouldn't be taken if it hasn't been prescribed for you, I don't know if it was in this case, but I just want to make clear that there are reasons that it's a controlled substance.

It also carries the risk of being habit forming.

Are there any questions or comments?

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wendy Says:

The percoet they now dish out at the pharmacy has changed. The manufacturer has changed the ingredients to prevent over dose. I found that (Active) percocet, doesn't cause me to throw up. Before u get your percocet filled ask the pharmacist about the different manufacturers to determine the brand that doesn't make u sick.

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Gwenie Says:

I go to my PM doctor today. I am short 3pills. What do you think they will say? I was sick We. and Thu and was throwing up. I'm more than certain I threw up my oxycodone 10mg, I replacee them with the three missing ones. Will this be an acceptable it is the truth. Thanks.

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Lali Says:

This happened to be too a year ago. Horrible experience, I was at the laundromat when I decided I would try them. WORST mistake of my life after throwing up 3 times and drinking sprite it finally stopped

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Terri Says:

OMG! I take o xycodone 10/325 .mg. they don't always make me sick but when they do I vomit all day long and can't hold anything down. It really stinks feeling like this all day. Can someone please tell me if there is anything I can eat or drink to help with this problem? I am under a docs care and he said I need to stay on them. They are the only meds that work for my Lupus and RA pain. Thanks in advance.

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Ameralia Says:

It happens to me as well, terrible instant and uncontrollable vomiting. You are not alone. Told my doctor his reply I don't know why that's happening then wanted to put me on a nausea pill? No I take enough meds and if you have severe pain nothing really stops pain. It helps for a while I think end one is best for me I've terrible headaches and back pain much caused by stress. I feel for all of you it's terrible no way to live.

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Terri Says:

Thank you Lali. Im sorry you have that problem as well. I wish they could come up with a solution to this problem. Those meds are really hard on the stomach. Seems like the treatment makes you sicker than the illness you are trying to treat. Oxycodone is a good medicine but really wicked to the body.

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C Brown Says:

I have been told my doctor that Oxy reauires a certain amount of a specific stomach acid to metabolize into morphine to kill your pain. I get violently ill with Oxy vs Hydro because I don't have enough of the active stomach acid to break the oxy into morphine, so my body rejects it IMMENSELY. If you have this issue I HIGHLY recommend switching to vicodin or hydrocodone.

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Janet Says:

Feeling very sick with Oxycodone 20 mg, but I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night and 5mg as needed at all times.. Can't stand it.

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Jessica Says:

Simple answer crackers and water or just crackers. I just wish someone else has said this It's the only answer I needed.

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quitcrying Says:

quit acting all high and mighty. it says it in the first post about eating something, so maybe if you actually read before complaining...just because you just noticed circular things roll downhill doesnt mean the rest of us didnt already know...

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mssweety1981 Says:

I took 20 mg of oxycodone as prescribed and I forgot to write this dose down so 2 hours later I took 15mg as I woke up hurting and thought that's why is cuz I missed a dose will this be considered an overdose I'm freaking out here

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Gene Says:

Cannabis oil works best from anything like that,it will stop you from throwing up and you'll feel much better

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FactsNotFiction Says:

Oxycodone does NOT turn into morphine in the body. Morphine is derived from opium and oxy from thebaine. I know the post is old, but people shouldn't believe incorrect information as fact.

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Barbie Says:

I can't take the generic for Endocet, being Oxycodone, as I get So sick and vomit all day. I don't ever get sick on Endocet. The pharmacist explained to me years ago their is more of one chemical in Oxycodone then in Endocet which causes me to get sick. Dr.'s write Endocet No Substitute, on my scripts now. I'm also allergic to Codone which I get so sick on vomiting.

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Sealady Says:

As your doctor for anti nausea medicine - oxycodone makes me vomit horribly - taking the anti nausea meds 20 - 3- minutes before the oxy works. I REALLY hate taking it, I hate the nausea and vomiting and HATE the lightheaded feeling - I just can't imagine why anyone would take this stuff voluntarily.

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Manic215 Says:

Ummmmmm.... No. Lol. That is the most idiotic thing i have ever heard. S***, you can OD on water... Anything. But oxycodone is a STRONG OPIATE! OPIATES can and will kill you very easily if you take too much. Stupid people are causing new addicts to overdose. How can you tell someone that poison cant kill them because a manufacturer made it different? Opiates are opiates, they kill pain, and they kill people in high enough doses, regardless of how someone makes it... It's the active ingredient! I really hope no one reads your post and thinks, hey oxycodone is safe! I can't OD! Let me take several of these.... Dead. I hate people who talk just to talk (or type) when they have not a clue what they are talking about. I thought Trump was bad.... You're telling people you cant OD on perks.... You need help. I feel bad for you, but seriously don't tell people this bulls***. Aint no shame in being ignorant. But there's tonz of shame in pretending to be an expert when you have no credentials. Sorry people, that just blew my f***ing mind... Cant OD on oxycodone..... Lol

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Joe Says:

If you throw up after taking oxycodone, do you have to take more.

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Ashley Says:

I have be prescribed oxycodone for several years now, but if I take 2 Oxy 10s and then 30 mins later I throw up. Is the 2 tablets wasted? Or do I take 2 more because it's like you don't feel it after you throw up.

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