The Timing Of Taking Linzess

Dee Says:

I was told by my gastroenterologist to take linzess on an empty stomach. So I actually take it at night before I go to bed and I usually make my BM the next morning just about every day. Once in a blue moon I may skip a day, but I never go more than a day without making a BM. I wonder if linzess may be affecting the way my body digest food. Because I'm having issues with being very hungry about 45 minutes after I eat. & I wonder if Linzess forces my digestion to speed up. After I eat. I also have a disease called insulin resistance which makes me very carbohydrate sensitive. Also wondering if linzess has any effect on the metformin I take for my insulin resistance?

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David Says:


To answer your initial question about Linzess possibly affecting the way your body digests food, states that this medication is said to speed up your metabolism (i.e. the movement of food/waste through your body) by blocking pain signals within the GI tract.

That said, Linzess clearly does affect the way your body digests food (in so far as making you feel hungry much sooner than without it). However when it comes to insulin resistance and Metformin, this is something I can't provide any specific details on, though I would encourage you to talk with your doctor about running some diagnostics in order to determine if there is in fact any interaction between Metformin and Linzess.

Hope this helps!

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The wild Rose Says:

I have been on linzess for over six weeks and I see it not doing much but giving me lots and lots of belly pain and some water weight gain. should this pill do that?
I have pain on and off most every day and have been using bental 325mg for the pain two times a day what's wrong with this picture? Why go on a pill like this?
My Dr. still doesn't know why I am having so much pain. I will see him in a few weeks what should I tell him?

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