Spasmo Proxyvon Problem

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Hi i am aman and i am addicted of spasmoproxyvon for the last 4 years i eat 10 to 12 capsules daily and now i want to stop this blady habbit pls help me to get out of this..

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Verwon Says:

this site is not medical professionals, so we cannot possibly suggest a treatment option.

Most times, such a high dose habit must be tapered slowly to avoid severe withdrawals, this is true of any medication, whether you abuse it or not.

Have you spoken to a doctor about this, yet?

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Ramakant Says:

side effact in spasmo prxivon capsules

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yoyoyo Says:

how can we quit the Spasmo Proxyvon

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Verwon Says:

From what I can discover, Spasmo Proxyvon contains the active ingredient Dicyclomine, a type of muscle relaxant.

Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache.

The best way to stop taking it would be to follow your doctor's instructions or do a slow taper.


Are there any other questions?

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sunny Says:

im a heroin addict from past 3years and now im under treatment and taking a medicine name parvodex but now the problem with me is that i feel fear and my hand shakes please suggest me some help

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sooodie Says:

im 25yrs old i take spasmo proxyvon 6 pills for day time (11
:00am to6pm) 8pills for evening (6pm to 10) and 6 pills before sleep.(total 20capsule) i want to stop how do i??? pl help

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amen Says:

spasmo is more dangerous than any other drug on planet
as being the slow poison
alcohol n like heroin and stuff can be seen and stopped i mean if you motivate yourself or by the interference of your parents but sp wont even let you know that how he is finishing you
and i think six years is enough if you participated or you gonna be f---ed man i ve started one tab called nite 10 its another drug as dangerous as sp but take it in a propotion acc to your body like 2 at a time for 2 or 3 times is enough if you take 2 or 3 strips daily of sp and so it will make you sleep when you will be in urge for sp
nahi to kisi ko chaaku maar ke jail chale jaap vahan pe sudhar jaaoge

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jazz Says:

haiiii i used spasmo for a year nd i stopped it but i cannot sleep well so is der any way to get gud sleep nd overcome diz situation plz help........

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vishu Says:

i used to take more than 32 sp in a day, i am near to death as i know, i dont have will power to stop so i urge to all addicated to chose life, life is very much precious

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VishRan Says:


I am addicted to spasmo as well. i used to take around 14 caps per day, but i have left it now since last 5 days. i had trouble sleeping and had back pain, but i went to a doctor and asked for some back pain medicine. i took it and now i am able to sleep better. i have decided to keep away from this medicine. please stop using this ASAP.i promise you after 5-6 days, you will start to feel better in everything. don't be afraid of people saying its difficult to withstand the withdrawal symptoms, you just need a strong will-power to stay away from the medicine. good luck.
even if you feel constipated or feel pain in stool, its perfectly alright, increase fiber intake in you food. you can use any fiber supplement for that.its very easy to buy fiber supplement anywhere.fiber is anyway good for body.try to keep you stomach cool, drink as much liquid as you can, butter milk is a very good drink to keep your stomach cold.let me know if you need to talk with somebody.sharing your problem and pain with someone else is the best way of fighting it, since it gives you a person to help you in your fight. good luck friends, i know you can do it, as i did it.

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Experienced1 Says:

I agree with VishRan, I went through something very similar.. 2 days of sleeplessness and body pain, and then I was fine. Drink plenty of fluids after you stop them and keep urinating. Its not the best way, but it will clean out a bit of the toxicity. I know that I am not a doctor, but I also know that many addicts here, will not go to one. Try a doctor if your addiction has physical withdrawals, else, just dont ever look back at them.

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Kuljit Says:

Could you please give me your number or call me on mine {edited for privacy}. My brother is addicted to proxyvon and I am really bothered for him. Please help. If he could talk to anyone who may guide him. It is difficult for him to open up to us in family

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naresh kumar Says:

how can quit the space mo proxyon caap. please help me thanking for you

naresh kumar

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jitender Says:

dear this is dr jitender , if u really want to get rid of this then u go for reheb, no other option

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ashit Says:

is this possible i hav tried before but couldind do it i stopped for about 7 days but my withdrawl symptoms didnt stop plz help

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anjaana anjani Says:

Nope...I don't think these is true...I had popped almost 15-20 nos. of this Blue Devil n for atleast 10 yrs. But one fine morning I had made up my mind that I'll quit n I quit...yes I had faced the withdrawal symptoms..but today is the fifteenth day I didn't touched a single !! The main thing is the will power and a very little amount of paracetamol tabs.. So, I know that I all also can....revert me bak...I ll share some more useful tips !! No doc n know anti opioids me....


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anjaana anjani Says:

Hi Asit,

Please tell me the details n I will try (my level best !!,), but the rest is in your hand's....

Anjaana anjani..

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Emmjai Says:

I was taking between 20 and 40 tablets a day. I started with Corex and a few Spazmos at the end I was just taking the pills to keep withdrawal away. I didn't really feel high. It got to the point I would take one Corex too many and fall into a stud or where I didn't even know where I was.

Some friends would ask me what happened or what was wrong. I would mumble something about blood sugar. Other friends I would catch looking at me and I'm sure they didn't know what I was.

I'd fought drugs and booze in the past but access to SP is so easy.

In the end I stopped taking them in June. It was quite uncomfortable and I did not sleep for two weeks. I was depressed and suffered a lot from a herniated disk. But I was determined not to give in. It is a very difficult drug to get off. Any of you, successful or not should be proud.the have the desire to stop.

One thing that helped was how I looked at myself. When I was taking the drug I was just a lazy layabout. Nothing anyone here would want. I turned that around. I was a good guy and I was strong. I am tough enough to do this. No matter how bad I just kept at saying I don't want to be that lazy drugged guy again.

If I did it you can too. I'm really not that tough but tricking myself worked. Just stick with it.

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im 25yrs old i take spasmo proxyvon 6 pills for day time (11
:00am to6pm) 8pills for evening (6pm to 10) and 6 pills before sleep.(total 20capsule) i want to stop how do i??? pl help

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Mr x Says:

U can, I was into that sp for the last 10 years, but I did, everything is normal now, it depends only on your will power. It's a matter of 7 to 10 days. Try to be at yr home or somewhere far away during this period. U will feel very different, have patience during these days.. patience n will power can only get you out of this addiction. Or reduce the consumption day by day, like the way U began. If U don't have will power n patience, then follow a doctor. But think how U live your life before you consume this s***. Everything is in your head.... it's a mind game, don't let it rule over you. Everybody does have a strong will power, but they don't know where to use it.

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