Sciatica Nerve Pain

mary Says:

My doctor gave me a sample pack and a prescription for metanx because he thought it could help me nerve pain. But he said there were no side effects. Do you think this will be helpful?


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mary! How are you?

The FDA classifies Metanx as a medical food, it contains nutrients that are believed to help support nerve health and minimize nerve pain. Thus, there are no commonly known side effects for it, other than possibly nausea, since it is rather potent.

Have you tried it, yet?

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northerngrams Says:

I can check. Thanks so much. There has to be something.

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northerngrams Says:

I have not.. Thanks so much. Tried a lot of meds. Trying to get away from opoids.

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Hammy Says:

METANX definitely works for sciatica! We get samples of it where I work and nothing helps when I get sciatica. I tried the Metanx and 2 hours later, the burning, pins and needles pain that ran all the way down to my heel, was completely gone! I was blown away. Didn't really think it would work but it did! The only issue I had was a stomache ache. The last time I had sciatica, I ate first, then took the Metanx 30 minutes later, and no stomach ache. Sciatica gone after 2 hours. So yes, Metanx is highly effective for sciatica!

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Christine Says:

I have lower right back pain going into my buttocks and pelvic area. Please help with any suggestions. I hurt my back at work, it was over extended.

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Regina Says:

What kind of prescription drug can I take for sciatica pain in my right side?

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maro Says:

My doctor prescribed me vitamin B12 1mg buvable and previously another doctor prescribed me Lyrica 75mg. My numbness on my feet is getting worse day by day. Since vitamin B12 1mg buvable is discontinued in most pharmacies in Lebanon, is it alright if I go back to Lyrica 75mg for my sciatic nerve pain?

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Maro Keleshian Says:

Re: Christine (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, did your Dr.asked u to do MRI? to see if any damage in spinal cord or it might be your sciatic nerves got some problem from falling. I had t same case my Dr.put me on Vitamin B12 buvable for one week daily then once a week. By using vitamin B12 you'll feel better but l u need to go to orthopaedic Dr.

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