Nerve Pain/methodone/fentanyl/neurontin

katlou Says:

For various reasons I suffer severe pain related to: Spinal Stenosis, herniated disc in cervical spine, previous broken tailbone. I have previously tried, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, but now am on Fentanyl patch along with Neurontin. These only control about 50% of pain and have often "breakthrough" pain that is nearly unbearable. A friend recommended Methodone to add to these meds. Can anyone tell me if it would help? Also, would it be risky as far as overdosing? I have a really high tolorance to opiates.

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Verwon Says:

In most cases, Methadone wouldn't be advised, because it is very addictive and habit forming.


In most cases for breakthrough pain, an instant release medication would be used, such as Oxy IR, which is available as a generic, or MS IR, which is an instant release morphine that's also available as a generic.



Has your doctor made any suggestions?

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sunnigirl Says:

I been on methadone 22 years. and It never touchs the pain. neuropathy.any kind of pain. im on 120 milligrams and Im crying because my back and rotor cuff.has been so severe.not even 240 mills took away my pain. please if u take this it for a few may work on ur pain for a few months. but then it will quit.I never should of got on this im 55

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Gess Says:

Methadone is an unforgiving drug that gets right into the bone... a doctor specializing in methadone and the supply of it to methadone addicts told me that only 2% of those on it wishing to after stop it could not and 1% of the 2% mentioned went back to it... My brother was on it for over 5 years. I watched him lose his teeth and develop severe bone problems... I can not stress strongly enough to you to Please stay away from methadone. Initially it was created by government to control illicit drug addiction and bring down crime rates.. some.. very few.. of all those on it hold down jobs etc, the others remain sadly remain addicts but now to a drug much harder to kick than opiates.

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