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Koatom00723 Says:
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Hello all, First off I'm new to posting here and I must admit this is probably a topic that is quite frequent and I have done days searching but can't seem to really find any info on my specific situation. I apologize in advance for the long post but I will introduce myself and situation. I've been on oxycodone 10/325 for a little over a year now from a botched foot surgery and diabetic neuropathy in this same foot. It helps tremendously and seems to be the only relief I can get is from taking these. Whether its first thing in the morning to be able to stand up and get moving or whether it's to let me settle down and drift off to sleep which is something fairly hard to do. I also was recently diagnosed with PTSD from my job and I am currently out of work for this. It is not fun. The oxycodone also seems to just ease my mind as well as my pain and its honestly the only thing I've taken that helps with both. I am under the care of a pain management doctor which I've been seeing since August 2015. My script is 90 for 30 days (3 a day). I try my best to stick to this as it is the dosage I'm required to abide by.. But at times I find myself taking 1-2 more a day than the normal 3 a day I'm supposed to take. Thus, resulting in my script "running out" early. So I turn to other means and each time it's usually something different. Nothing other than oxy but just different milligrams (sometimes 5s) and most of the time it's different manufacturers (sometimes it's pink only oxy no acetaminophen, sometimes yellow Vs and sometimes white IPs). This last time I was given white ones with m523 on one side and 10/325 on the other. I became suspicious right away. After further examining them they also look rather "beat up" almost as if they were in someone's pocket for 2-3 days or drug across the ground. All the writing on them is lined up properly on each one and well centered. They seem very light weight. Almost like a hollow capsule would feel. Very chalky looking although there is a slight glaze on them in the light but nothing like the glaze that mine from the pharmacy have on them. And also you can very easily "chip" the pill with your fingernail and easily rub off the writing with your fingernail as well. And they dissolve into a chalky paste very quickly almost instantly as soon as they hit your tongue. Which leads me to the next point.. Yes, I did take one. I noticed nothing different than normal for the first 20-30 minutes which is usually when the rush hits me. It felt like oxy. It was very short lived. All feeling was gone well within the hour and I was left extremely thirsty with an odd dry taste in my mouth and a dull but worsening pressure headache in the back of my head. Felt kind of odd. Not as I usually feel anyway. Kind of dizzy and couldn't really focus or bring myself to do anything. Was very sleepy actually and I felt as if I may throw up. Anyways, this was my experience in a nutshell. I know a press for this particular pill can be purchased on on the internet for 150 bucks. I'm really on the edge about these. I feel like it could go either way I guess but I'm still suspicious. Like I said, I definitely got the "oxy Rush" that I'm so used to.. But is this something that can also be achieved with someone cutting these pills with fentanyl or xanxax or something else?? Im not taking anymore. I know the above aforementioned can easily kill and that's not something I'm going to play around with. Well I guess I covered everything that I wanted to cover.. And I do have pictures of these if you can even post them here and if I can figure out how.

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Joshua Says:
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After reading your shared discussion topic it sounds like you are taking the Oxycodone for only half of the right reasons.. as you know Oxycodone is not meant to “ease the mind” because of of PTSD. I highly recommend that you see a Psychiatrist for your PTSD, a Psych. would be able to help you more for your PTSD than your pain specialist, and also you said you stated that you are taking 1-2 more [pills] a day then what you are prescribed, if you tell any Doctor this just as you are explaining here, I’m sure they would take you off this medication immediately in order to prevent any further misuse of the narcotic medication. I am a registered RN for Stanford Hospital and work in the trauma care unit, any Narcotic from morphine to simply just codeine (and everything in between) are not the medications for PTSD or to “ease the mind” (but you know this) you don’t need anyone to tell you that. You can take my advice or shrug it off, but you also state that you are suspicious of this new pill that was dispensed to you. This tells me that you are seeking out what’s a more potent form of Oxycodone. Now any pharmacy in the USA dispensing such narcotics are most likely going to be the real form of the medication, if they aren’t then you have a huge lawsuit in your hands!

I doubt that your pharmacy is dispensing an illegal form of this medication; now if you are getting it illegally from someone else that is a whole other story. Then that’s when I’d be suspicious of this 10/325 pill that you are worried about. So rest assure your 10/325 pill is the genuine form of this narcotic medication. ALSO, if you were to tell your experience [as you have stated here] to ANY Doctor including your pain specialist, I’m quite confident that he/she would take you off this narcotic medication immediately, as there are other medicines available to you that help you with neuropathic pain caused by diabetes. If all of America was given an RX of Oxycodone for diabetic pain then everybody would be on pain medication (theoretically speaking). There are other prescription medicines out there for this that are much safer for you. Im also sure that if you were to work with a physical therapist (at least weekly) for your corrected foot procedure, you would experience a great deal of pain relief. There is a medication that came to my mind when I read your shared story, and it is called called Gabapentin 300mg, 3-4 times a day, this medicine offers a great deal of pain relief aimed at Diabetic/Neuropathic pain relief. I’ve heard many good things about it, let it take about 7 days to get through your body and you should be feeling better very quickly. Now your PTSD, that is a touchy subject but I recommend you see a PSYCH. for that and not a pain doctor. I’ve seen so many horror stories in my time at Stanford Hospital with patients and continued Narcotic use/misuse. To be on such an addictive Narcotic like Oxycodone for diabetic pain is probably not the best route to go (but I’m sure you knew that already). Best of luck to you and I wish you a speedy recovery. -My best.

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Letsbereal2018 Says:
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Re: Koatom00723 (# 4)

I agree! Chronic pain is real! If you take em recreationally YOU can f*** off! The people doing that give those of us literally unable to get out of bed without them a bad name! 3 pills a day covers about 11 hours! Doctors, last I checked there was 24 hours in a day! I can’t walk a mile even with perks... but imagine waking up in tears because your pain is so intense and grabbing a pill bottle n waiting 20 minutes for it to kick in so you can drag your ass to the bathroom...when you know that pain, then talk to me about my use. Until then, shut the front door!! And people stamping blood pressure pills and anti-seizure pills and ripping people off, I hope you end up in jail!!! That’s messed up!!! So thirsty you take advantage of the chronically ill, is pretty s***ty.

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myst Says:

Re: Joshua (# 81)

Gabapentin 300mg, 3-4 times a day... R U serious? That was a dangerous med for me and apparently many others it caused me to nod off to sleep while in a restaurant. I have absolutely zero memory of my child's birthday, after a semi failed neck fusion surgery they took me off opioids and gave me that for many months I have zero memory of that time it is a complete blank. I missed appointments couldn't do any of my ADL's it was a dark time Plus Zero for pain relief I got a couple 5mgs a day of opioids and finally went in in uncontrollable pain close to stroking out. I had thoughts of suicide and worthlessness it took me to such a dark place. I was forced on it for pain it did zero to relieve pain...I warned surgeon I was unable to take it 12 years ago when MS symptoms started that was actually a few pinched nerves in neck to hands and arms. Back then the Gabapentin 300mg, made me violent and I was out of my mind unstable then. I guess they would rather I be like that than prescribe me opioids that would help with recovery and help pain. Well now the Government wants to regulate it just like opioids so that is coming too.

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Rick Says:
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This pill is being dispensed by the VA Pharmacy right now. I’ve been taking pain meds for a chronic condition off/on for 3 years, and only questioned the quality of pills once before.This is the first time that I felt worse after taking an oxycodone. Great as a sleeping pill, but minimal pain relief and foggy head. I am concerned for what I am taking and it comes from a pharmacy!

I went online to see this forum 2 days after shaking my head in disbelief. This manufacturer is up to some kind of scam. I am notifying the Pharmacy today.

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OverTheRainbow Says:
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Re: Koatom00723 (# 7)

Hi Koatom00723. Was looking for certain info, saw ur initial post, then the commenter whom responded 2U.... & by then, I got "ooh bunny" distracted in the thread. Stopped myself here tho, just to offer a lil web hug, lol, & albeit from a total stranger, hope at least the intention behind it will reach you? Why am I? What "moved" me to do so? Been there. Done that. No medals, but the insight is better than any medal anyways, lol. Look Koat.... its the web. U kno what lie out here? Same as what is out there, right? Just amped up on anonymity which emboldens those thoughts that are usually NOT SPOKEN ALOUD by whatever means of self-discipline society expects and foes NOT easily condone in crossed boundaries (well, that is unless one is Trump or a Trumpster, where ANYTHING GOES pretty much & worse than being merely tolerated, is accepted & even followed in practice. WTF? Oops, again, I digressed, lol) I suppose the 1st "ping" on my empathy radar hit with ur mentioning being diagnosed w/PTSD. Whatever followed in the aftermath of ur sharing a PTSD diagnosis was, for me, understandable. The commenter whom frustrated you in their response is likely unaware of what an actual PTSD diagnosis is, how the criteria must be met in order to even qualify the diagnosis and OBVIOUSLY has neither ANY experience w/the disorder nor learned wisdom of it or he/she WOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER TO RESPOND AT ALL, no less in the fashion the response was done.

On the other hand and MOST UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, I am VERY familiar with the diagnosis, having won that S***TY lottery disorder myself during my lifetime/journey. I've been thru the gammet of experiences the disorder "drags" one thru from its inception where it becomes seated within one's very friggin SOUL (or it feels that way at least?).... and even at a time the PTSD term wasn't "named" like it is today. At almost 53yrs old, I honestly wouldn't even KNOW what its like to NOT live with it because mine likely started before I was even capable of communication higher than toddler babble. Only at 47 was mine discovered. Or rather shall I say that I "allowed" IT 2b discovered. Thats a whole other daga and book or novela's of books, LOL.

Thing is.... the comment "triggered" you. And you likely have a hair trigger as is? And for that, I am very very sorry that others in society whom lack either the experience or knowledge of PTSD (&/or maybe even perhaps are equally unaware of chronic pain states?) can't/do not invest the time, energy, resources, etc to educate themselves so as to learn how to AT LEAST NOT TRIGGER SUFFERERS even if actually holding out a helping hand isn't in their abilities. Yet, I'm confident ur aware this "lack" that is present in our society extends MUCH further and more broadly across a society hell bent it seems to NOT ACKNOWLEDGE plights of others in being SO fundamentally OBSESSED w/self and the priorities affecting those same selves? What can ya do?

My advice? And I say this sincerely & with ONLY genuine intention to help YOU in the ONLY way THIS stranger can: whenever you FEEL TRIGGERED.... & BEFORE engaging in whatever behavior results from being triggered?..... breathe..... just breathe..... slowly.... in/out..... counting. Just KEEP UR ENERGY FOR YOURSELF & when triggered especially, remember whomever they are, whatever they did, wherever they are.... they DO NOT DESERVE to "get" ANY of YOUR energy bcuz YOU NEED IT and DESERVE IT MORE THAN ANYBODY! Just breathe and let everything else fade away. Those with problems will never go away. Those having some problems worse than others will never go away. Judgmental people will never go away. Right fighters will never go away. Those whom struggle to confront "wrongs" when such arise will never go away. And their plight to defend against the wrongs of the world wont ever go away any more than the actual wrongs of the world won't ever go away. You get my point?

YOU have a condition that HAS and WILL CONTINUE to drain your life of the peace, joy, happiness, fullfillment and blessings THAT YOU DESERVE because that is just the very NATURE of the God-awful neurological response to trauma that the human body is challenged to navigate and work around to even SURVIVE! Again, I am vaguely confident you get my point again, right? YOU HAVE GOT TO MAKE PEACE WITH URSELF and do it every day, even every hour & practice THAT endlessly every damn day! THAT needs 2b priority! You will NEVER even be CAPABLE of making peace or being at peace with ALL people. But.... you CAN make that peace within. If u focus on that as much as possible. That commenter? Pffft. Let it go. Try not to GIVE such negativity ANY MORE of ur energies than is absolutely/critically necessary. Recognize judgemental people for what/how/who they ARE &..... just keep moving. If that individual feels it necessary to do what they did .... if it gives that person some momentary feeling of self gratifying confidence in being more, better, higher, whatev than they PERCIEVE OF YOU 2b? Whatev? Afterall, don't you somehow ALREADY know, deep down, that right away most readers saw that comment for what/how it was? Judgy! Seriously .... I mean this .... save ur energy FOR YOU. don't allow urself to get sucked into premediated "evil" attempts of those seeking entertainment in trolling others as a means of coping with whatever challenges THEY TOO HAVE with themselves? Sites like these ARE KNOWN 2b frequent "playgrounds" for keyboard bullies. Unlike the concept of standing up to a bully possibly limits continued harassment .... the internet holds NO TRUTH or validation of that .... it merely puts the smile on the face of the bullies seeking harm. Sites like this are fodder for those narrow minded dark spirited beings whom have lost their way SURELY and likely much worse than those they encounter & seek in forums such as these whom they believe themselves entitled to call out as somehow inferior via their own VERY DISORDERED assessments/perceptions. In fact, another common playground for these bullies are the comment sections of religious or spiritual videos on YouTube, where they frequent to attack "believers" with their self righteous demeaning of masses for "believing in fairytales" or that which is untrue (in their perceptions) because science has not proven ideologies one way or another. Yeah, they goto the comment sections of Videos like the Trailer for the new movie "I Can Only Imagine" with having ONLY ONE INTENTION: to pick fights w/believers.... in the same manner they frequent forums where users/abusers gather to share and harass ANYBODY PRESENT by simply demeaning ANY USE (be it for medical or recreational) because there is some very pathological NEED to influence others to feel LESS THAN.... as a means to justify or substantiate their being (or moving towards) a position HIGHER than others. Yep, really simple concept to remember whenever you find urself in a position of having ANY ASPECT OF URSELF questioned.... what is/are the goal of the one(s) challenging you? What are their intentions? Is the approach affirming ur spirit? Is the interaction moving you MORE towards A POSITIVE "feeling".... or the opposite?

Just TAKE THAT MINUTE prior to acting &/or REACTING..... breathe.... in/out.... three times at least.... then ask urself those questions. PAY ATTENTION to how/what u answer urself ;) Make a choice. Right there! Because koak, LIFE IS ALL ABOUT CHOICES! Ultimately, ur life will amount to the sum total of all ur choices. That dips*** that responded 2U offering NOTHING that you asked for or contributed NOTHING POSITIVE to aid uou along in ur journey? WHY would you allot them ANY of ur precious and life preserving energy? Remember ALL that you NEED in order to realize progress &/or improvement to any/all of whatever is compromising your health (mental health, physical health, emotional health, financial health, etc) is that YOUR SCALES OF ENERGY which exist within & also which radiate outwards from your physical body/being.... is the establishment & maintenance of POSITIVE ENERGY promoting POSITIVE processes both within/outwards. HOW do you keep those scales balanced or weighted heavier on the positive side of the scale?

Seriously.... LEARN HOW TO WALK AWAY FROM, LET GO (&/or IGNORE if that's best u can do for now?) anything and anyone that presents with ONLY negativity to offer you. Yep, WHATEVER comes up in ur life, TRAIN URSELF to recognize whether or not you are receiving only negative energy AND/OR if an imbalance exists such that the negative outweighs the positive! Because life is an echo my friend. That which you expend of yourself into the world WILL ABSOF***INGLUTELY come RIGHT BACK INTO UR OWN. See how you reacted defensively? How you attacked back? Save that s*** for when you NEED IT to survive in real life! U don't even know that individual? See? Don't go giving ANY BIT of you away.... especially NOT to ADD to negativity.

Okay. Sorry for the book. Be well. Big hug. Whomever u are. Wherever you are, I send you hopes and hugs and my wish that whatever you are dealing with right now (?) that SOON you will experience improvement and complete healing is in ur path. Love n peace there stranger. NO JUDGMENTS, only prayers for recovery and an existence of peace/joy. Always.....

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Lainie Says:
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Re: Koatom00723 (# 2)

I have a small white oblong pill that has m523 on one side and nothing on the other side. There is no 10/325 on the second side. Can this still be oxycodone. Every search I've done shows it to have 10/325 on the second side. Are there oxycodones with only m523 on them?

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K Says:
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Did you find out if they were fake because I'm going thru the same thing

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K Says:
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Re: Koatom00723 (# 13)

So if they break quick and are chalky they are real.

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K Says:
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Re: Decriminalize (# 79)

Hi, so that's not true about manufactures making fake meds for these pharmacies. They just seem to make me wonder because I can't take a whole one sometimes, so when I broke it it just broke so easily and was soft and chalky (the m523 10/325). Thanks. So I need to stop listening to people.

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soupy Says:
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Re: Koatom00723 (# 7)

I totally understand where you are coming from Koatom. I too have CRPS, but mine is what they have dubbed as centralized. It is my whole body. I did not walk for 3 years. They had me on 43 different medications. I have also found that oxicodone is my best relief. You are soooooo right in the fact that these doctors do not take the proper amount of time with their patients and due to that, a lot of us suffer. We do end up going and buying meds off the street just to get along. Now we face this ever growing problem of so many people abusing meds and causing real chronic pain sufferers to have to go elsewhere to get relief due to cut prescriptions and limited amounts we can legally be prescribed. I hope someday they figure it out.

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