Oblong White Pill With M On One Side And 5771 On Other

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This is methadone (they call these particular ones Coffins). It is coffin shaped with an M in a square on one side and the other side is scored with 5771. Methadone is generally prescribed for opioid withdrawal symptoms, but this particular coffin methadone pill is actually prescribed for pain management. All in all, it is an opioid similar to morphine, dolophine, etc.

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, is the word you are trying to use here coffin?

Yes, this tablet does contain 10mgs of Methadone, which is used to not only treat drug addiction, but also some cases of severe, chronic pain.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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Verwon Says:

Oh and Dolophine would be the same thing, it contains Methadone as its active ingredient.

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nick Says:

I have seen someone insufflate methadone - Is this something that would do harm? Does it get in your system quicker that way? Don't know why they would do it...

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LaRR Says:

That's a dumb idea, it fries your brain, that's basically all.

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peachy peach bloss Says:

Methadone does do the trick for chronic pain...just my opinion, but u should be very cautious. I'm learning a lesson right now (detox) sicker than I ever have been..my norcos I get monthly now no longer work at all, not sure how to explain I decided to quit self medicating...its not fun now being stuck with a bone disease with no medicine that works..I would rather no one experience this.

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Yolanda Says:

Methadone will also kill you if you never have taken it before,even 10mg

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LRB Says:

I just want everyone that tries methadone. Be careful my doc had me on 2mg clonazepam put me on methadone and killed me and put me in a coma.

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