Long Term Use Of Atenolol

sanjit Says:

Eight years back, while commuting to my workplace (40 km's away) by a train, I suddenly got fatigued and caught a blackout while getting up from my seat. A friend of mine immediately rushed me to a nearby Doctor, who after checking my BP (180/120) prescribed Atenolol and some sedatives to me He said that I have to take Atenolol for whole life, and I am following the same. Will somebody guide me, whether I am doing the right thing or must I take a second opinion now after getting checked my heart's functioning. I don't have any trouble with my heart but if anyday due to oversight I forget to take the medicine, I feel uneasiness in my head. I feel I have become addictive to this drug. Please help.

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anjali Says:

Hi Sanjit
I have been on Atenolol for a month but no side effects to speak. It's best to ask your doc as he will know best whether to change it or not. I was told by my dr that it could cause breathing problems in some asthmatics.

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sanjit Says:

Hi Anjali, Thanks for the reply.Actually my querry was to get information about it's long term use. If any person like me has used this medicine for 8 to 10 years continously, what are his observations. Primafacie this drug hasn't shown any contra indication on my body

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sanjit Says:

Today my Doc. after carrying ECG,ECHO,TMT & blood profile tests, on me recmmended Metoprolol Suucinate tabs, in place of Atenolol, which I was taking since last 8 years This I think was because of my high BP 170/100 though I took Atenolol 50 mg. prior to visit the Doc.Can somebody tell me why Atenolol did'nt control my BP.Is it due to longterm use of the drug.Pl. reply

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Verwon Says:

It could be due to that fact that you were on it for so long, as your body gets used to a certain medication at the regular dosage, it tends to not do as much and sometimes a dosage change or change to an entirely new drug is necessary.

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sara Says:

Dear Sanjit,
My husband has been on Atenolol for over 10 years and he has never had a problem with this medication.
Hope that helps you.

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sanjit Says:

Hi Sara, Thanks for the info.Now I should forget Atenolol,since my Doc. has prescribed another medicine ie. Metoprolal Succinate+Amlodine in it's place.The reason is when we are prescribed certain medicine ,we forget to monitor our BP, to confirm the effect of the drug,bearing in our mind that it is working properly.Therefore my request to you is that you please get your husband 's BP monitered at regular interval ,before and after consumption of the drug. Regards.

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cartikeyan Says:

i am using concore AM 2.5mg for BP. can i know the side effects of the tablet

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GymBabe Says:

I have been using Atenolol for 3 years now. To be precise, I started taking it with Norvarsc by April 2006. This year exactly by April, I noticed that my left fingers except the small one are getting numb all thru the day and night.
I saw my Dr who sent me for sugar test and it was normal. The medication i was given did not help matters.
I am an active person doing my regular exercises five times a week and I monitor my BP with my apparatus.

I have decided to monitor and observe my body myself. I now discovered that my problem is coming from Atenolol. I first discontinued Atenolol for one Week and took only Norvasc, immediately my fingers came to life every passing day with little or no numbness felt.

Then the following week I tried to include it, mind you I take half of the tablet that is my prescription. The moment I included ATENOLOL some hours after my fingers got stone dead and it took 2 good days for the effect to leave me as i did not take it again.

So my good friends, i can make bold to tell you that Atenolol is bad for me as my body chemistry is not in tune with it. It may not be the case with you anyway.

My advice is that we should be able to observe and monitor our BP and body regularly when we are put on these strong drougs. I hope my observation will help somebody somewhere. Thank you. Gymbabe

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Miky Says:

I just wanted to mention this as the guy above me did not,
IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED ! to discontinue abruptly (or at all) your atenolol because it can make your condition WORSE or give you a HEART ATTACK. You should always talk to your doctor first.

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Joseph Says:

once u started any medicine for hypertension, u have to continue this for life time. am using aten d since 10 yrs. there is a possibility of thickening of heartwalls. so walk 2 kms. daily. do prescribed exercises. avoid salty and fried stuff, red meat etc.
monitor ur bp and maintain it as per ur age. young man 120/80
limit intake of sugar, that u may not go diabetic. do not smoke. limit drinking to one peg a day.
a guy from orissa told me ht can be controlled by rubbing ur scalp one hour before bath with vadukapli
lemon cutting, that the juice is applied and massaged well.
this will not do any harm try this and monitor ur bp with a sphygmomanometer. i did not try
because am on tour since one month.


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boson_vector Says:

I started taking atenalol 10 years ago to prevent very hight ventricular heart rate during afib attacks with occational brady cardia while sleeping (observed when hospitalized for afibs. About 2 month ago I started to fall during walks, I felt a sudden light ness in within 2-3 seconds my kower legd gave way and down I went (contious througt the whole event}. Yje last month before I had about 20 of these episodes and was hospitalized for 3 day, alltests came back negative (mri ekg stress test heart enzyme test, and normal heart rythm. Any body else experience this? After bradycardia during sleep I was taken of atenalol, swittch to and discharge with an event recorder. The falls have stopped completly, anybody else experience falls like this after long term use of atenalol? I'm surprised since I believed that increased tolerance rather than the opposite would be more common. , ,

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Mary Bennett Says:

After being on Atenolol 50 mg x 13 years, I felt fatigued while at work in the ER and had an EKG that showed that I was in accelerated idio ventricular rhythm. My BP was normal and rate about 60. I was hospitalized and taken off the beta blocker--now the rhythm is normal (although a bit faster (64-72 at rest. Apparently the beta blocker caused a complete heart block. I am 71 years old--maybe age had something to do with it.

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Teresa Says:

My dr put me back on atenolol 50mg after off a year , I still have bottle of pills , can i use these? says expires 10/11

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Wendy Says:

I have been taking Atenolo, 50 mg for over 10 years and it seemed controlled the BP. About two weeks ago, worked with an alternative practitioner, I tried to reduce to 25 mg and BP seemed ok. I also use sauna 3 times a week to produce sweat to detox. Last week, I suddenly developed severe rash. Could I be allergic to Atenolo suddenly?

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Teenia Says:

On atenolol for over 3 years and noticed depression, fatigue and hot/cold extremity spells. Thought i was e tering menopause til my optomotrist noticed i was on this for ht from my patient info papers. He urged my seek an alternate bp med since this one is so old and has many severe side effects (he was on it for a short time.) Sure enough...switched to water pills and after 2 weeks, i feel reborn. What a difference! I urge everyone to seek another form of med or treatment before using atenolol.

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Brenda Says:

I've been taking Atenolol .25 mg once a day for 5 years with no unusual symptoms. This past week I ran out and didn't have the money for 4 days to get the refill. On the 3rd day without the pill I began noticing my heart beating, something I never notice unless I wake up from a nightmare, etc. Most noticeable at night. I have now had 1 a day for the past 3 days and last night was the first night the palpitations were weaker. Don't stop this medicine cold turkey!

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Larry Says:

For a long time (close to ten years) I was on Lisinopril for my slightly HPB and it did an acceptable job. When I told my doctor and he saw for himself that I had developed a tremor in the left hand he switched me to Atenolol. His thought, I suppose, was to kill two birds with one medication (sorry for the mixed metaphor.) The switch proved adequate for the HBP, but gave me, I would say, just a 30% (or less) improvement in the hand problem. The Dr. likes it or so it seems to like it. The switch then was not a big improvement.
So that brings up another problem-I like the Dr, but the fact that he doesn't seem to have an opinion one way or other on the switch makes me wonder if he's really on this or not, which makes me think I should get a second opinion on it. Although I don't want to be hurtful in this it IS my body and it IS my life, so...
Any thoughts on any of this?

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Mary Says:

I'm experiencing a chronic cough which is productive (greenish in color, yuck!), someone said long term use of Atenolol can cause this. Is this truthful or not?

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basma habib Says:

my age is 37years ,my bp was 180/110 and 170/100 for last 10 months but i do not know about my bp and my heart beat is very fast some time and very slow some time.i had pain in my eyes i went to eye specialist he said you checked your bp then my dr checked my bp 8 days my bp reading was same 180/110 and 170/100 then dr recommend me ATENOLOL then i take ATENOLOL .now for my week my bp is 120/80 SO i want to ask you how long i should i take this ATENOLOL?for life time?

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Rita Says:

Can you please send me any documentation of correlation between coughing and long-term Atenolol. I am desperately seeking help for my wonderful mom. She is suffering so much with this unexplainable cough. Has had many test and nothing is showing up, but she has taken Atenolol for many years.
Any findings will help. I can also send you what I find.

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