Local New Jersey Doctor That Prescribes Xanax/klonopin Or Valium

kimmie Says:

Hi, I have extremely bad anxiety and need to be on something. I have used all mentioned above before n they work great but NO doctors want to give them out anymore. They gave me some other non benzo weak s*** that doesn't work at all. Can anyone recommend a doctor in new jersey near 08854 (Piscataway/ Plainfield/Edison/ Etc). Please lmk. My email is {edited for privacy}. I'm really desperate n tired of suffering with this condition. Thanks in advance.


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Julie S Says:

Dr. Joop Offerman, Pittsburgh, PA cut off all of my benzo w/in 1 minute. He Had me on atavan 3x per day and ambien 1X at bedtime. The pharmacy called him to ask him a question about an ativan prescription and he telephoned me saying that he would NEVER prescribe me a benzo again. He makes you wait till the last day of your pill supply to refill....and cut me off cold with no backup supply until I could find another doctor. I believe that I am still alive, but going cold turkey off these meds CAN KILL YOU. He had NO medical concern about THAT! I am 53 and have had adhd and an anxiety disorder through childhood. it is all well documented that I have suffered from this my entire life. It affected my performance in school, college and and my professional life. He only cared that the pharmacy called. DR. JOOP OFFERMAM in PITTSBURGH, PA WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE TO SEE ME DEAD OF ABRUPT WITHDRAWAL from these meds than have his feathers ruffed by a call from a Giant Eagle Pharmacy. THAT was MALPRACTICE!!! Then he said that if I felt myself "DECOMPENSATING" I should go to UPMC MERCY hospital. WHAT A HOMICIDAL A**HOLE! Luckily for me my father is a psychiatrist and prescribed me Klonopin (2 per day) to soften the transition and protect me from COMA by granting this script even though he does not prescribe much and is a primarily "talk therapy" physician. I cannot say enough about how dangerous what Dr. Offerman did to me was.

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chasedawg Says:

Looking for a doctor who will give me xnaxas I'm in paterson in Clifton NJ so if you no a doctor who tak aetna better health medias hit me up thank you

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ChronicAnxietyRelief Says:

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My primary physician did the same damn thing. Also made me take a drug panel and klonopin doesn't show in drug panels!!! I called the manufacturer marked on the pill, and yes, they said it is true that klonopin does not show in DRUG PANELS. Since they are very popular!!!

An "OFF-LABEL" drug that is excellent for anxiety is called BACLOFEN. A very famous heart doctor in NYC took BACLOFEN for ANXIETY and to get him to stop drinking alcohol every day from his very stressful job. Start with 20mg x 3 per day and go up higher if needed. It is an uncontrolled substance that is NON ADDICTIVE as well!!!

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kenneth Says:

Dr. Paul Ottaviano
25 St James Place
Great guy, very nice - will write whatever you want.

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Bob Says:

Kim, I agree with you 100%. I can't find anyone to help me with my anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep. It's killing me. I live in cape may county and don't sleep but 1 hour a day. If you can recommend somebody I would be so grateful as I have run out of options. {edited for privacy}. I'm 64 yrs old and being treated like a 10 yr old.

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Mello Says:

Re: Bob (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Have you made any progress? Atlantic county here.what in the world is going on,picking on non abusers.

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Mello Says:

Re: Bob (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Bob did you get any help yet,,,I'm in Atlantic county and looking for some help also,,

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Mello Says:

Re: Mello (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Does anyone know of any natural treatments for panic disorder that work

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Sasha Says:

Re: Mello (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Try phenibut. Order from Nootropics depot. Google it. In Russia it's used as antianxiety med. Actually gave to their cosmonauts for panic attack. Attaches primarily to gabba b receptor but staves off cravings. My psyche appt yesterday was a new & nasty Doc. Immediately over the phone he cuts me back from 6mgs of valium. Which is NOTHING to 4mgs. I argued till I almost died. I'm physically ill with numerous probs. One illness causes anxiety. Too much thyroid hormone. I'm type 1 diabetic & more. So read about it & It's legal for time being! It's similar to baclofen & read about it on Reddit. I wish someone told me this. A lot of research cuz they r doing to benzos what they did to opiates. So the patient suffers!!!

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