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I have been a patient of Dr. in Kanas City for approximately 2 years. And he was very good in regards to providing pain meds that would last a month. But recently, and unknowingly I was prescribed 3 days worth of Percocet. Not until I got home from the pharmacy that they had prescribed a narcotic. I tried to return in pharmacy, but the could take them back. So the long and the short of it is that I was discontinued as a patient after two years. I need assistance finding a new pain management Doctor in the Kansas City, Wichita, Newton, Kanas. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I live in Kansas City and the same thing happened to me. I was with a Dr. in Overland Park whom I saw on a monthly basis however I was discontinued because I missed and appointment and I took a xanax script from a psychiatrist and was going to let her know on my next appointment I didn't need the xanax just the hydrocodone however I was dismissed asap. I Didn't even get a chance to explain. I've wasted so much time looking for a Dr. who will prescribe pain meds, I have no insurance and I don't have the money for inj's. and physical therapy all the time. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A DR IN KANSAS CITY OR SURROUNDING AREAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED THANK YOU.

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I'm in the same boat, as is my husband. We have both been on long term pain meds, managed by our GP up until May. At that time, I was dismissed for taking one of my husband's stronger meds when I was on the verge of an ER visit. One time. But they discontinued my patient contract and then dismissed my husband because our "family had a breakdown in trust." I have Medicaid, but he doesn't currently have insurance. Any suggestions on a Dr who could help would be greatly appreciated by both of us. My husband has fibro and some major back issues from years as a mechanic. I was a stupid young driver and got into multiple car accidents which has completely Effed up my back. We both take 800 mg Ibu 3xdaily, but it barely, if at all, touches the pain. I am so sick or being looked at as a drug seeker when we are both in such legitimate pain that it significantly limits our lifestyles. My 3 y/o is 40 lbs and pretty much to where neither of us can pick him up. Ideas?? Thank you!

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Hi. My dr is being investigated for what I dont know, but now I cant get my pain meds or anything else I take. Is there a dr around tge kc independence Missouri area that isnt against writing them? I do have mri images to show my back problem. Please help, im sick of looking and going to dr s who tell me they dont believe in writing narcotics.

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Hi im in the same position. I have a 6 yr old and a 1 year old. I hurt so bad but can't find a dr. Have you found a good one ?

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same here guys I need strong pain meds im in independence no insurance any ideas?

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any pharmacies open tonight that will deliver? I have a good script, just need a refill on it. Post injury pain from hip femur and heal break in a fall... I don't know of a open pharmacy please help {edited for privacy}

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I just found this site. I too am in desperate need of a doctor for my pain meds i don't know how many places I have called almost every pain management doctors I found 1 in overland park. Went to see them felt like they should have just came right out and called me a junkie. I know what works for me and my 30 day script c would last about 6 weeks because I never abused my meds. They saw that with my pill count but they still treated me like crap.

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I found a Dr. Simon in overlandpark Antioch and College Blvd. Very limited #of pills only hydrocodone no morphine. Must be able to come in,whenever they call for a U A and must bring in pills for a pill count. I hope this helps. Good luck take care of yourself. I know exactly what you are going through and I wish you all the best.

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I'm going through the same thing, we need to band together, the doctors treat u like crap. And, when you're in pain they always want to throw u at physical therapy, I'm sorry it does not help. God bless, if I find a clinic I will post to this site. I do have arthritis, and fighting disability.

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Have you found a doctor yet?I am in the same boat you were in and need to find one.If you dI'd would you please give a name or facility?

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Having same issues, need to find a doctor now that I got insurance but don't want to doctor hop if they won't prescribe what I need until I can get back into pain management... I have spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, fybermyalgia and severe arthritis Tylenol just doesn't cut it...any suggestions?

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Go to Walgreens they are open 24/7. Can you please tell me the name and city your Dr is in ?? Please!!!!!

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Go to Walgreens they are open 24/7. Can you please tell me the name and city your Dr is in? Please!!!! That is what they treated us like. Just addicts that want to put your pain at bay. We are I n our 60's and just want some kind of quality of life. And that makes us addicts.. bull crap. Totally inhuman. Yeah, we are addicts that just want to mask the pain. There will come a day when they wkll need something for pain. Then think back to all the pain patients he denied. So damn unfair and
Un-American. Drs remember their oaths? NO. I would love to be off these meds, but they have nothing for pain without opiates. And a Dr put us on them in the first place. God please help us. You know we live In severe pain...got to be someone.

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I'm in kcmo and looking as well.. Have insurance and have cash just need a doc..

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Will they take Missouri Medicaid will they prescr pain pills first time you go and if so can i please get there number please im in severe pain from car wreck have spinal stesnois plus bulging disc ty.

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Dr. Simon has since been shut down...he's having legal issues

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I just want to die. I'm so tired of the pain and no one wants to help or care. It just hurts so bad all the time. I can't hardly keep a job or enjoy life. What else can I do? I'm so tired.

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Dr Channing Smith in Jackson Mi will prescribe pain meds as long as you have valid reason ..proof..and insurance.He is a really good doctor but dont go in there and BS him..that wont fly

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