I Have High Blood Pressure And Diabetes - Is It Safe To Use Lipozene

Pamela Says:

I am very concerned about lipozene is safe with my conditions, of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Pamela! How are you?

Since Lipozene is just a nutritional supplement that's claimed to help with weight loss, there is no information available on possible interactions and contraindications.

Have you consulted your doctor? That would be the best thing to do, so they can help you discover a safe and healthy way to lose weight.

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Jen Says:

I was wondering the same question? But I take it anyway just thinkin it has to do something and it does curve my appetite and make me feel fuller. I have noticed that in the past 4 months I went from 60 mg to where I'm at now 95mg and I've gained about 15lbs. I've also did a lot of research on losing weight being on methadone and it's keeping your metabolism going. I went and joined golds gym and got a free session with a trainer there and was honest about being on methadone. He told me that is a major factor that slows your metabolism plus gives you craving to eat sugar. That I need to Eat small meals like 6 times a day. Like eggs nuts yogurt chicken and vegetables. That part is going to be hard especially for me. He also told me to take 2 20 minute walks just around the neighborhood and that keeps your metabolism going also for me to drink five or six 8 ounces of water a day. He told me If I wanted it then I really just got it do it and stick to it and ill have results by summer. Hope I help someone it's easier said that done I just started and I cheat my self but when I know I am I defiantly take 2 Lipozene. I'm not working right not and gets up to get motivated is the biggest thing for me right now. So I keep a 120lb bathing suit next to my bed lol

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kiko Says:

Can I take lipozene if I have high blood pressure and diabetes as well?

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Chaun T Says:

Is it safe to take lipozene if im type 2 diabetic..taking insulin..metformin..amlodipine for blood pressure

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