How Long Does 30mg Of Ativan Stay In Your System

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If I take about 30-40mg of Ativan today/tomorrow will I pass a drug screen on next wed. ( about a week) I keep seeing and hearing different things! I haven't taken anything like this in years, so just wondering how long it takes to clear!!

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Verwon Says:

Ativan contains the active ingredient Lorazepam, this is a Benzodiazepine, used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, irritability and headache.

That said, 30 to 40mgs is a VERY high dosage and it is not safe to take that much at once. This is a very potent medication, what are you taking that much?

I am assuming that since you are concerned about the drug screen, you do not have a prescription for this. If you do not take any more for a week, yes, it would be out of your system by then.

However, I must reiterate how dangerous such a high dosage is, you run the risk of overdosing and causing possible organ damage and death.


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soapie Says:

im in the same situation, i have a high tolerance to benzos so taking 10-30 mgs of ativan is high but doesnt affect me too bad just relaxes me. i need to know if it will be out of my system within the week i may have to test for the court. speaking of that what type of method do the courts use to test you on site? can they differentiate which benzos are u taking or will it just show up as "benzos" i have a legal script for xanax and had one for ativan but t was awhile ago and i lost the bottle but saved the pills.

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soapie Says:

btw im only planning on dosing once

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soapie Says:

im doing the same exact thing. so if i take one big dose just once it will be out of my system in a week?

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mookie Says:

jeeze louise, if any of you people talking about taking these high doses of Ativan are still alive.....
"I'm planning on taking 30-40 mg of Ativan."
why would anyone plan to do that?

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cacalac18 Says:

you are crazy,it may kill you

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missymel98 Says:

Yea NO doubt!.....i took half a 30.....i could barely walk.....actually looking needless to say....i slept well that nite.

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Tracey Says:

I'm going to suboxone program and have a nice of hugs and program for about 2 months now and have came clean anything I'm at the same with marijuana opiates I had went to the hospital last night so it broke out the rash all over the place in its really bad and then to make me happy Chanukah tax they gave me some good I the pan to help me with the black since I don't itch How long you think that was in my system if Ilcome out my urine on Thursday

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nance Says:

Just a question? I had tobtake my nursing boards, and I was shakin likeba leaf so a girl there gave me a 1mg , dont ever do it but I did pass. Anways, really will it be out of my system tomorrow cuz I have an interview. Otherwise im just gonna fess up

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What kind of blithering i**** takes 40 of ativan? You are easily in the danger zone of respiratory depression and possibly cardiac arrest. .......with benzos less is more me I'm a RN with a substance abuse problem.

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Chrissy Says:

What happened? I'm curious, a nurse as well, hospitals used to screen after they've offered you the position. When you come in for paperwork, then. I would have be honest, like you said. I know current employees are put on probation and have random pee test frequently!
I hoped it worked out for you!

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kmg Says:

I have taken 25 mg of ativan spread out over the course of three days but how long will it take to get out of my system. I have severe ptad and panic disorder.

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Dont want to die Says:

But what if you took it all at once?

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Luna Says:

I took 3 - 1.0 lorazepam last night. is it safe for my to take 20 mg of Duloxetine tonight?

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sarina Says:

damn, who would take 30 or 40 mgs. you girls need to get into Percocet10/325 and hook us up

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lupy lardo Says:

these people freaakin out about how much these people take is funny to me!!!our bodys get used to a certain drug ud be surprised how much it can take. i took 50 mg at one time and didnt feel anything......, but i have been taking everyday for years.

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Meg Says:

The average daily prescribed dose for Ativan is 1-4 milligrams, why are you taking 30-40??? A regular dose will be out of your system the next day.

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Susan Says:

I have 3 sisters battling breast cancer all at once including me, I was so nervous, I has 2 mg of Ativan that did not help, after a week, I realized I had taken 100 mg in a week, because I take Ativan on a regular basis, I have to have a scheduled drug test in 3 weeks. Will it show that I took that much?

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