How Long After You Take Suboxone Can A Pain Pill Work

Cheryl Says:

I took a suboxone 8mg and I have some serious pain. Will vicodin work on the pain or not? I am not looking to feel high, this pain is horrible.

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David Says:

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry to hear about your challenges with pain. From what I'm reading in other related discussion threads here, the general consensus I've gathered is that most patients recommend waiting an estimated 48 to 72 hours to reap the full effectiveness of their pain meds after Suboxone.

This is in part due to Buprenorphine's long half life of 24-60 hours (est.), which has a higher affinity than other opioids on your receptors.

I hope this helps!

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appleannie Says:

i have been taking 80 mg of oxycontin and 60 mg of oxycodone day for 7 years due to back pain.i stopped last week and started suboxene. I've been quite ill for a few days but feeling better now but not normal. my back pain is back however and i don't know if i can stand it.dr gave me 16 mg of sub a day but i think its to much so i cut down to 8mg a day. already tempted to go back to foxy but i always run out and am sick of the routine, plus my dr is getting weird after 20 years.....

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Jason Says:

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I would recommend using the full 16mg's that your doctor ordered. I think that will help with what sounds like some withdrawal symptoms from the oxy and should help better with your cravings. Stick it out, you got this!

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