H 86, Tarceva, Soursop

CncrnDghter Says:

My mom just recently got diagnose with stage 4 lung cancer and I'm trying to figure out if H-86 is similar to a medicine called tarceva. I'm hoping to find out what h86 as well so if its a all natural then what is it? I heard that soursop helps kill cancer cells but is high in nuero toxicity so I'm hesitant to have my mom take anything while she is taking tarceva. Just wondering if anybody out there has some testimonials regarding H86, Tarceva or Soursop that actually helped them with their cancer.

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about your mother's situation with cancer.

Regarding H-86, there happen to be several other posts on this site asking questions about it as well, but I still have yet to find any information on it, at all.

There is nothing listed in any of the medical literature or resources that I've searched, so I can only assume that it's not actually a tested and proven remedy.

It's also likely that something of this nature could possibly be under development outside of the U.S; past my online boundaries.

May I ask where you first heard about H-86?

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CncrnDghtr Says:

I got an email and the content was strong enough for me to investigate it further. I found several post and forums but nothing concrete enough. I did find a clinical trial that sounds like H86, a chemical called DCA. This chemical is a generic drug that a professor in Canada uncovered. It was able to kill and dramatically reduce the size of cancer in a matter of six weeks but he had a hard time getting funding due to pharmaceutical not able to make money of it since its an existing generic chemical that can't be patented.

Right now, I'm just doing more research on how I can help my mom. Thank you so much for replying.

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patricia Says:

what genetic exactly? heard tested 100 people and great results. any other info on anything else? my sister is starting tamoxifen for breast cancer after lumpectomy and 6 weeks radiation for stage 1. cannot believe insurance will not let my daughters have mammogram until age 40. saw 24, 33,33, 38 at radiation office. no one should ignore lumps underarm or anywhere on breast, particularly side you sleep on and sqush it at top. be vigilant.

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Bill Says:

Hi ya all, I have been studying medicine and alternative medicine for about 6 years now on my own. In that time I have read over 1.25 million pages of research from around the world. Cancer is a fungus. Check out the Italian Dr. that cures cancer patients with nothing more than baking soda. All cancer patients have a acidic pH. Research what foods and drinks turn alkaline in the body to raise pH levels to 7.3 or 7.4. Raw vegetables and fruits are known to cure cancer. NOTE: If you have cancer stop eating\drinking anything that has sugar or turns to sugar after it is consumed as cancer thrives on sugar. If you want a safe sweetner try xylitol. Every adult makes about 14 grams per day in the body. A few people have reported side effects from using xylitol but it could have been from some other substance that caused the issues as people do jump to conclusions wrongly. Use xylitol in coffee or tea or in baking for that sweet taste. Xylitol is not a sugar but tastes sweet like a sugar. Search the Budwig protocol. Dr.Budwig was nominated for her cancer research 7 times. Cheap and effective in curing cancer. Selenium has cured prostate cancer if you get the right kind as many types do not work. Cayenne Pepper tea destroys tumors. 10 cups per day. Research Dr. Richard Shultze and the healing power of Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne Pepper also stops heart attacks and strokes. Vitamin C in mega doses through IV cures cancers. Research Drs. that know the correct protocol. Research Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize winner) and his research on mega doses of Vitamin C. Mega doses of Vitamin C are known to cure many types of disease including AIDS. Vitamin C can be taken in large doses orally without getting diarrhea. Research how much and what type of Vitamin C as there are several different types. Scientifically proven that the sicker you are the more Vitamin C your body utilizes. Research it. Bacteria\microbes are the same thing. They are defined as parasites. Parasites cause 70% of cervical cancer in woman. They also cause breast cancer. Research how to destroy the bad parasites in your body that cause disease. There are good parasites that the body has a symbiotic relationship with.Research how to get the good parasites into the body such as eating fermented vegetables. Turmeric helps or cures over 600 types of disease. Scientifically proven. Turmeric is the strongest pain reliever that you can find over the counter w/ out a prescription. It does not damage the stomach or liver as do aspirin or ibuprofen and tylenol when taken daily. Turmeric also has cancer fighting properties if taken daily. Scientifically proven. Check out oil pulling and why everyone should do it to cleanse the body of harmful chemicals etc. For natural remedies from all over the world check out earthclinic.com Also, for cancer check out cancertutor.com. To destroy parasites go to humaworm research other sites that have protocols for destroying parasites. For some cancers research the pharmaceutical drug called Mebendazole. Mebendazole is used to kill the giardia parasite which people get from swimming in lakes and streams or drinking the water from them. People who had the giardia parasite and took the drug found out at the 30 day protocol they no longer had cancer. Scientifically proven! Try MSM as it also kills the giardia parasite but am not sure if it will destroy cancer at this point. Remember!! Vitamins and minerals are not all created equal or made of the specific type the body can utilize. Some Vitamins\minerals do not work in the body for this reason. Research what types work and what brands are the best as brand makes a difference due to the manufacturing process. Some vitamins and minerals must be taken together to work in the body properly. Some vitamins and minerals cancel each other when taken together. Research which ones to take together and wait 4 hours to take the next series of Vitamins and minerals etc.For joints or herniated disks research Hyaluronic Acid. Check out Qi Gong an ancient Chinese protocol that heals the body. It works as I tried it for a torn muscle,and ligaments in my back. After just 30 minutes of using the protocol my severe back pain was gone and never returned! Also, check out the Silva Mind Method to cure disease. It consists of meditation at a very deep level of mind that through visualization, desire, faith, and belief you can heal yourself and others...even from a distance. They have a free course if you get to the right page. Try it for free and see what miracles you can manifest. It also works and is similar to Qi Gong but yet different. REMEMBER...BEFORE BEGINNING ANY PROTOCOL TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR FIRST AS ANY DRUG YOU MAY BE TAKING CAN CAUSE A SERIOUS ISSUE WITH YOUR HEALTH. ALSO, MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS TO THE LETTER FOR A PROTOCOL TO WORK THE WAY IT WAS MEANT.

I will try to check back later for any questions.
Best of health and Have a blessed day!

OH!! Forgot, The Japanese Medical Society earlier this year stated that drinking 4
glasses of water 45 minutes before breakfast may cure every disease known to
man. Research it! If you knew what I know the above statement would make sense to you as it does me.

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