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120qty 15 mg. roxicodone from sarasota - Dr. Fernando Valle M.D.

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Verwon Says:
I'm sorry, this site does not manufacture nor sell any medications, this is an information only website.

As to filling this online, it is going to be very difficult to do so. Because of the extreme amount of diversion and abuse of Oxycodone, most places will no longer provide it through the mail. They try to stay away from controlled substances.

Is there a problem obtaining it from a local pharmacy?


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nikki Says:
I've been trying to find a pharmacy to fill my father's prescription for 168 30mg oxycodone for almost a week now he's got slipped disc in his back and has been in immense pain without them, is there any way to fill his prescription online or is there a pharmacy that has them? I've tried going to pharmacies from sarasota all the way down to homestead FL. He needs them asap, can anyone help please it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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DHorn Says:
Just about ANY pharmacy can fill a prescription for generic oxycodone. If the Dr. has prescribed a particular pill that the pharmacies do not have, go back to the Dr. and tell them you need it in a more common form. I use 5mg oxycodone tablets for break-through pain and EVERY pharmacy I go to has them. Of course, your prescription must come from a Dr. that has a DEA number and the script must be on a form that has security features. If pharmacies are not filling your dad's prescription, you need to ask them WHY and go back to your Dr. with that info.

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Jay Says:
and the time has come for ACTION!

An alarming number of medications are simply no longer available in FL. Oxycodone, adderall, hydromorphone, -just about everything from class 2 and beyond.
I have legitimate prescriptions from a Dr I have treated with for YEARS, but they are now as useless as the paper they are written on.
It is much, I repeat MUCH easier to find the medications which I am PRESCRIBED on the STREET! -that's the ONLY place to find many targeted medications now!

The "pill mill bill" is bogus BS, there has not been ANY pharmacy who will fill the obnoxiously large "pill mill prescriptions" in fact, finding a pharmacy in your OWN AREA who will -make that CAN fill a prescription from a legitimate Physician is simply impossible.
No one seems to really know who to point the finger at either!?? Some blame the Pharmaceutical industry, still others blame the DEA, so, tell me, who is causing this? who is depriving us of our rights to professional and legitimate treatment here in FL? because as soon as I am sure who to go after, I am going to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!

who is with me???
please email me with any factual information that can be used against those responsible for this abuse, as well as whether or not you wish to be included as a plaintiff in any CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT that may arise.

whether this is a result of FL Governor, his newly appointed "Drug Czar" the Pharmaceutical companies, the DEA or any other party or agency, WE THE PEOPLE do NOT live under a Communist Dictatorship, and we WILL NOT allow this abuse to go on unpunished!
Lets band together and put a stop to this!
I pay hard earned money out of my pocket to a licensed physician to treat my numerous health conditions, and I am now "not allowed" to purchase the medications my Dr prescribes me? Pharmacies can't get them? "Pharmacies are not taking on new clients" have you heard this one?!!!
What Country did I just wake up in!!!
THis is Still the USA, right? Stars & Stripes, REd WHite and Blue Flag? BIll of RIghts? Constitution? or are those all a thing of the past?


put it in writing: how this has affected you or your loved ones, what you have experienced, how your RIGHTS have been walked all over as a result of Florida's made-up BS "Crackdown on PRescription Drugs"

FLORIDA HOUSE BILL 7095 is misleadingly named the
quality medical assurance act!??
are you kidding!
if you take medications and live in FL, you better read this! and vote AGAINST anyone who supports the destruction of your rights through this misleading act

there are no "pill mills" running rampant as these lying self righteous hippocrites would lead the sheep to believe!
all this garbage propoganda is being strewn out there for a reason! and when this many Politicians rally around something so fervently, you better believe there is a BUNCH OF MONEY being made off WHATEVER they are doing.

are you going to let these elected officials profit off your SUFFERING!? That is EXACTLY what they are doing, and all the posts in this thread are evidence that they have been doing this for some time!

I will not stop until I my rights as a patient and a citizen and a Human Being are restored, and those responsible for this are made to pay for what they have done!

If you have any ideas that can be used for this cause, please, don't sit in silence! We have to rally together and DO SOMETHING about this!

My little pharmacy has just about gone out of business, Just last week when checking to see if anything had come in at all, the Pharmacist (who I have gone to for nearly a DECADE) told me that it is the worst for some of their Cancer Patients, and those who take behavioral and Psychiatric medications.

as a matter of fact, this "medication ban" has DEFINITELY caused a DEATH in one area:
read about a case where someone who could no longer fill his prescription ended up gunned down by Police after committing his first and only crime, the ultimate crime no less..
this is a must read that justifies going after those responsible for CUTTING OFF OUR MEDICATION

here are two lives DESTROYED -One man is PARALYZED and another is DEAD!
how many more have been destroyed, how many more will there be?

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Chantalle Says:
I couldn't agree more with you. Your whole post is so true Jay. I'm with you all the way! I'm so upset and in a lot off pain myself. I just don't understand..

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gina Says:
i live in pittsburgh pa and im perscribed oxy 30 and as of yesterday my pharacy and every other pharmacy will not fill my script this is crazy what can we do

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LenBen Says:
Bet your dr is dr herndon lol, find a new dr babe, he is dirty as they come

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Nonsense Says:
Jay I totally agree with you but how do we get in contact with you? The price gouging of charging 4 to 8 dollars for a oxy 30 is illegal and all the bs of not being able to fill a legitimate script is illegal. I know ppl who have been on them for years and never had to pay more than $1.25 and now all of a sudden they cost more at the pharmacy than they used to sell for on the street. It's not on backorder either like they say I know this for a fact. Mostly all walgreens and cvs refuse to order them due to the fear imposed on them by the DEA.

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Rosebud Says:
LMAO! Dr. Herndon is a dirty doctor! No pharmacy will fill for him anymore! I don't understand why he isn't in prison? He deserves to be! I am an addict thanks to him! I'm opiate free but still my body and mind still tell me they want it but I just ignore it. I can't afford to be on drugs..i have kids that need their mommy :)

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Jess4life Says:
If anyone knew a place near PA, or WV ohio wherever please let me know

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Jess4life Says:
I'm having trouble filling my script, too for oxycodone and opanas. IF ANYONE KNOWS A PLACE, PLease contact me and we can work something out. (i don't think they let me post email) please

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angman66 Says:
I TOTALLY AGREE they are making it impossible for people with LEGITIMATE prescrptions to obtain their medications! or there is OUTRAGEOUS price gouging. This is only going to cause people to go looking ANYWHERE for their meds, which can only lead to criminal enterprising & profiting.

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Ellie Says:
In reading your posts, I couldn't agree more with you all. I feel your pain, as my husband suffers from severe cervical pain as well and is unable to fill his RX.

What is sad, but true, is that those people who are in true need of the medication for their severe pains, pay the price for all the other As... who screw it up for everyone else. The feds should go after the abusers, not those who truly have a medical need and are in constant pain. What else is this government going to control. This country is being run with a socialist mind. The idea of "All for one, and one for all" just doesn't cut it. Not every person is the same, and if you have severe, chronic pain, and are taking maintenance medication with a ligitimate RX from a Pain Management Doctor, you should not have to suffer. I agree, it's time we step up to the plate and stand up for our rights. Florida is the worst state for this BS. Obviously, the feds have nothing better to do. They are wasting tax payers money in tackling such stupidity. Instead, why don't they ban alcohol and cigarettes too. Afterall, there are millions of deaths every year involving alcohol and cancer. They only ban what they want to ban. It is what is convenient for them, and nothing else. This is an outrage.

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hollywoodgrl Says:
I totally agree! Im sick of being treated like a drug addict! Im blood tested, urine tested, electrically fingerprinted at my Dr's office. He does all he can to make sure you're following all the rules. Now we deal with Pharmacies who decide who gets their meds? Some want only cash, others say if you havnt been there within 6 mos. NO, only if you live within 30 miles? How is all this legal? Some are lg. chains. They wont give info by phone so you drive around for a week to no availe.I CANT TAKE MUCH MORE! I had to switch to Hydromorphone 8 mg. today. Its not even close to Oxycodone 30 mg. But you can buy them on the street for $20.00 ea. When in Gods name will someone help us???

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SarasotaRXProblemz Says:
Very sad. Went to my Dr anf 30 pharms in Sarasota county as I have been doing for past 3 months and every pharmacy says no. This is a HUGE epidemic and the people that have legal scripts are succeeding! I am wiped out from doing all this work just to try and fill my leak prescription. I have to travel all over again tomorrow. Last month it took 4 whole days blood, sweat and tears and finally I got lucky. This is horrible! I believe some places have it and they are picking those they think have serious pain. However, this is all wrong! I have been in pain for a long time playing hockey since I was 3 and started taking roxis legally for the past 3 years after my MRI's came back with real reason to be on these meds. Help us! This is so unfair. Many people that are in our same situation can only take so much of this hardship before they really do something they wouldn't ever think of. This needs to get better before it gets worse!

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SarasotaRXProblemz Says:
SORRY!! EVEN MY POST ON HERE GETS MESSED UP!! I went to my Dr today. I am totally legal and have been on my meds for 4 years. The past 3 months have been a nightmare! My pharmacy I had been going to in Venice, FL all of a sudden said they don't have them. They say they order, but never arrives. Now I have to ride to at least 40 pharmacies before I get a yes. Every month!! Last month it took 4 days and I finally found 6pm on 12-30-11. I have been so upset over the stereotyping at each pharmacy. This is ruining our lives just trying to fill. This is harder than getting them prescribed which is very difficult as is. The people that are legally prescribed these meds and live in FL are hurt the most. These pharmacies should mind there business, do there job and fill without question for anyone that has a real Dr and real script. Help us! So messed up. We are in enough pain as is and to put us thru all this drama. Not right!

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john doe Says:
I'm having the same trouble. I live 40 miles south of Pittsburgh and. can't get my opanas filled. DId you have any luck?

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jess4ever Says:
Actually I have with the OPANAS. But not so much the oxy 30's Let me know if u still need help, maybe we can help eachother out... email me directly ur #

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jess4ever Says:
Besides herndon, who's a good dr. For opanas or etc. anywhere near pittsburgh or the surrounding area/s of PA-period..?
Everyone post 1, i'll start;
Dr.schipkovitz NS pgh

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Jess4life Says:

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