Zapiz With Alcohol

itirkarp Says:

What is the effect of having zapiz 1 mg or more, with alcohol? Meaning: if i have 1and a 1/2 mg of zapiz and then drink alcohol, what would be the affect on my body?
need expertise.

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Verwon Says:

Zapiz contains the active ingredient Clonazepam, it is a Benzodiazepine that is commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

The main danger that arises from combining it with alcohol is that the alcohol can intensify the side effects, which can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and irritability.

The major thing, however, that you have to watch for is the central nervous system depression. The medication causes this, that's how it works and the alcohol can make that even worse. For some people, this can be very dangerous and cause emergency situations or death, because it slows your rate of breathing, lowers your blood pressure and slows your heart rate.

That's why you are advised not to drink while using this medication.


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YG Pinto Says:

My doctor is prescribed ZAPIZ 0.25 as a regular dose with Baclofen to treat alcoholism, is it correct?

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Rohan Says:

Yes it will make u forget that u wanna have alcohol
The temptation is diverted

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Meenu Says:

M taking zapiz now a dys. 25mg cn I skip the medication as I take wine for three days

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