Yutopar Side Effects

Kaye Says:

Have a sister who took Yutopar in 198I, I believe, because of pre-mature labor. She was hospitalized for 1 week and then was taking it in pill form for another week. She got chills and shakes when she took the medication. She was 6 months pregnant when her she experience pre-mature labor. After 2 weeks of taking Yutopar she called her doctor and told him she would not take anymore because she was concerned that if she had this type reaction what was it doing to her baby. She had a beautiful baby boy, that full term +, that appeared very healthy; however, he has dealt with major issues from youth to present: depression, anxiety, cannot function on a day to day basis. He kept screaming something was wrong and all of our family labeled it as "grow up and get over it" until now. His situation has gotten very extreme. My sister has wondered if Yutopar has caused this behavior (she has 3 other children that are fine). We are looking for answers and have not found many. Anyone going through this nightmare that might give some direction would be appreciated.

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PatAdkins Says:

sorry to hear another horror story about yutopar...I took this drug in 1982 and I have a daughter that is the exact same as your nephew...please visit my thread yutoparakaritrodrine and please feel free to post your story...thanks

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David Says:

For any new readers, here is the link to the discussion thread that I believe post #1 may have been referring to:


I sure hope you're all able to find the answers you're looking for pertaining to Yutopar. And perhaps browsing through some of the feedback on other related threads here (to see what different patients have to say) would be a step in the right direction. It looks like there's a pretty substantial number of reviews on this topic.

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Johnston Says:

Hya Kaye I also took this drug in 1980 for premature labour.i was pregnant with twin boys and lost one of them after 32 hours of birth.i always blame this drug for his death.my surviving twin who is now 36 has many mental health issues .

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Andrea Says:

I also was prescribed Yutopar in 1981 due to premature labor and was on it for approximately 5 weeks. I was also given magnesium sulfate and another drug for my son's lungs prior to his delivery at 29 weeks. He has had challenges with addiction, ADHD, anxiety and depression his entire adult life and reports that he cannot remember a time when he was not anxious. There are an amazing number of reports from others who have/are experiencing similar issues. I am amazed that there has not been any litigation. I've seen a legal case that was settled due to the death of the mother from the drug. Guess I should consider myself lucky that I have not had any health issues as a result. If anyone knows of a legal case in progress, I would appreciate learning about it.

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smb Says:

My son also said that he can't remember a time that he didn't feel this way, and that he has always hated his life, even as a young child.

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mig Says:

Re: Andrea (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Please read Yutopar aka Ritodrine thread for recent posts.

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