Xanax (alprazolam) Highly Addictive?

kim lawson Says:

Xanax, (alprazolam) is wildly popular and prescribed often. I voluntarily took myself off 1mg. of Xanax at bedtime as I was already taking benzodiazepines. Hangover and sluggishness the next AM were a problem. Not too terribly habit forming when titratrating down or switching to a alalog like diazepam. Years ago my Dr. dispensed Dalmane 30 Mg.for insomnia. They are definitely euphoric and very habit forming. The next day, I couldn't concentrate for hours. Clonazepam was safer and less hangover was apparent.

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EDDY Says:

Did you have a question for us or is this just a bunch of your thoughts?

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kim lawson Says:


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EDDY Says:

Yes Xanax is both of those. It also works quite well and is pure poison, go figure? I'm not sure Klonopin is any 'safer' although my PCP tried to tell me that, even had me try it a couple years ago. I had him prescribe Xanax this time and he was a little hesitant due to the stigma of alprazolam's popularity and scrutiny. I also was very honest and told him my problems with this medicine, hospitalized in 2010 for stopping all benzos. This is a no no as you know!

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kim lawson Says:

Question: Is Xanax THAT addictive or difficult to discontinue? Answer: in my opinion, no, not so. For some the psychological discontinuation is sometimes more difficult or the craving for alprazolam is intensive. The physiological or bodily craving isn't there. One believes it may be. But to the short term user or the person taking it as directed for < a few nights off and on for panic disorder or anxiety that is not a neurotic in the aspect of agoraphobia(Fear of places or situations that might cause panic, hdlplessness or embarrassment as dangerous or uncomfortable, often due to the crowdedness).

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EDDY Says:

Xanax is one of the most highly addictive drugs known to man with withdrawals that can drop you like a fly!

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David Says:


You didn't mention how long you were taking the 1mg Xanax before discontinuing treatment, and I find that to be a crucial component to how severe withdrawals are. However other reports I'm seeing from those who've experienced Xanax withdrawal first-hand from long term use, conclude that it caused severe stomach pain, seizures, stroke, migraines, insomnia, symptoms similar to that of dementia, etc...just to name a few... There are also studies on nih.gov indicating that Xanax withdrawals could potentially be fatal and already have been for a number of individuals. I suppose for someone with all the resources to help counteract its effects, symptoms may be minimized to an extent, but certainly nothing to take lightly in my opinion. Thanks for your feedback!

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Kim Says:

ADDENDUM; In my personal case my use of 1 mg. Xanax HS was intermittent and not daily. Often just as a adjunct to fall asleep sooner than later. Surely we fall asleep when we are tired and require no additional medication at all. Thanks for the input. No latent problems with Xanax with a substitution of a long acting benzo like 10 of diazepam.

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JEK Says:

Re: Kim (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

if you take longer than 5 years it can cause you issues from not sleeping to tremors to going into a coma so check with your doc before you just stop it

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EDDY Says:

Re: JEK (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Xanax can cause many problems. Coma is a new one we are reading about here?

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J Says:

Re: kim lawson (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I totally agree with your statement!!!!I was prescribed them and years ago when I had my knee surgery I was prescribed oxycontin and Percocet about 15 years ago. I was totally hooked but got saved by suboxone. There is no drug to save you if your hooked on Benzos except to do a very slow taper off of them by being watched and drug tested. Plus there is a good shot you might have to do it inpatient.

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