Withdrawal From Opiates And Using Suboxone

Red Says:

I've been abusing vicodin and percocet for over 7 years. I'm fed up with it all, but terrified BEYOND TERRIFIED of telling my doctor about it, for fear of losing my kids. I turned to a friend who takes Suboxone and she is helping me enormously......I'm on day 4 of only 4 mg per day. Anyone know if I go through the "proper channels" if I will lose my kids over this? I'd much rather be doing it under a doctor's care, but my friend helping me was pretty blunt and said that she had to LIE about the amount she was taking in order to get help in the first place. I've tried cold turkey many times and got scared to death when it lasted for more than a week...normally withdrawals were only lasting me a few days. I'm in over my head, and trying everything in my power to correct it....any suggestions? Anyone in the same boat?

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Good Luck Says:

Not to sound like an ass but you should probably just tell your doctor (the one giving you opiates) that you believe you are addicted and want to get off them. If he/she can't understand that then they are probably a pill mill doc anyway. If you have already tried "cold turkey" or any other method by yourself and cannot stop then a good Doctor will help. Your "work friend" should probably go to another suboxone doc if she had to lie to get it. It's not a "fun" drug.

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Verwon Says:

It is not those who admit the problem and look for help that usually lose their children, it is usually those who refuse to admit there is a problem and just keep letting it get more and more out of control.

You can check for other doctors in your area that treat with Suboxone at the website Suboxone.com, or talk to your primary care doctor.


Are there any questions or comments?

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E Says:

HI I never usually reply but wanted to give you resurrance I have gone off and on suboxone the past three years, one of those times I was actually pregnant, and also have a three year old, not once did the doctor threaten me or say she was going to report me, she was completly understanding and helpfull, even being pregnant she helped me and I need it at times just to help me take care of them, please find a doctor you will be so happy you did,

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Grace Says:

Hi. Where are you located? I am with a Suboxone Office (private doctor) in NJ and we are accepting new patients. You do not have to lie about how much you are taking (withdrawals are withdrawals) and, No, you will not lose your kids as it is private medical care. If in NJ area, fee free to call my office. Thanks and don't worry about your kids being taken.
Office Telephone 732.455.8820

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princessap Says:

i woulg just go to a Dr.who specializes in suboxene treatment!!They KNOW that your going to be strung out on an opiate!!Thats what they're THERE for!!lol.Google Suboxene Dr.s in your area&start calling ASAP!!Peace<3

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Kimberly Says:

Hello I know the original post is over a year old but I want to say a few things in case anyone comes across this while searching for info. You need to find a dr who prescribes suboxone. That info can be found on their website. Your children will not be taken away from u because u are on this medication. I have been on subs for almost 3 years & I have 2 kids. Now lets get to the part about the friend who had to LIE to get the suboxone. This is probably true if she was taking pain pills & her habit was not big. A lot of drs will not prescribe subs to a patient who's habit is a couple of Vic's or percs. They will tell u to sweat it out the withdrawls won't be that bad. Same applies to methadone. U need a raging herion habit for a clinic to accept u as a patient. The clinic that I was a MMT patient turned away pain pill addicts. I personally thinks it s***ty because withdrawls are withdrawls.

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greg Says:

I see your posting in 2011, I was Oxcy addict for three years ... takes six weeks to begin a real mend ... then another six weeks ... before really felling alive ...

I have more to say, if you are still stuck ... I spent $8K on rapid withdrawal with a M.D., to be honest I reacted from the I.V. and made my recovery even longer...

Was Free for six months and relasped, then another two weeks of withdrawal, then three more to better ...

the natural stuff Withdrawal Ease is worth the info and $90 ... the print out is worth it alone ... the suboxone is a road of another addiction .

It help me to write it down and look at it everyday that
5 million americans are stuck on legal pain meds ...

Hope you made it back to the real world ...Blessings,G

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Melissa Says:

Just saw your post and had to respond in case some poor soul looking for help stumbles upon your insensitive words! Let me say this loud and clear, SUBOXONE NEED NOT BE JUST ANOTHER ADDICTION, and for many of us it is not but rather a means by which we reclaim our lives and our sanity! I have seen people fail on suboxone, but it was because they did not seek help for the underlying cause of their addiction, rather they thought they could just replace one with another. In that case yes you will fail and you are only trading one addiction for another. You have to admit your addiction, seek treatment for it (in whatever form that takes) and take the medication as prescribed. That is the key, see it as a medication for wellness not a drug to feel high. And on that note suboxone has no euphoric effects on opiate dependent patients, only on opiate naïve patients. Meaning no one I know takes suboxone to get "high" because you cant, no matter how many you take. And the naloxone prevents you from getting high on other opiates, which many people find a helpful deterrent in the early days of sobriety. My final statement is this, suboxone should merely be a tool in an recovery program, not the sole means of recovery. And if you go to a reputable suboxone doctor, and not the ones who ask for cash up front and do not take insurance, they will usually require you to seek some type of counseling or rehab as the PRIMARY source of support for recovery.

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Art in OC Says:

The problem with suboxone is financial. Insurance companies are OK with generic Norco, but Suboxone is costly - $1000 or so a month for insurance provider. Only by going to a doctor who deals with addiction will they fork it over. If a GP or internist writes it, it's rejected.

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Darlin Says:

Please look into Kratom to help you. Subs are just as strong as the meds you're abusing-getting off Suboxone is just as difficult as getting off Oxy/Perc/Hydro. Promise. Do some research on Kratom and get your life back!

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TommyC Says:

If you are using Suboxone to get off of Vicodin and Percocet it is only a two strip process. You will bypass the withdrawals because Suboxone is much much stronger and even more addicting. This is what they do at the highest rated detox hospitals. 1) Go I to withdrawals ( mildly). 2) Take 8mg of Suboxone. 3) take 4mg of Suboxone the next day. By the time the Suboxone wears off which is several days you will have gone through you pill withdrawals without pain and walk away from Suboxone without getting addicted to it. Any Doctor who gives you more Suboxone to get off of Vicodin and Percocet is purposely trying to make you his slave. My Doctor dragged me out for five years on Suboxone because I did not know better and he was after my great School District Insurance.

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Bon Says:

Hi everyone - I ran out of of my oxycodone 30mgs. I have to start suboxone 8 mgs tomorrow. I only have 2 and half. In the past I was able to get 3 out of one so in my mind I have 6. I don't get my oxycodone refilled till the 16th (yeah I know this is a big screw up). Do you think I might be able to start small doses of suboxone after a couple days I could do a piece every other day to make them last?

Am so worried about getting sick. Haven't been sick in like a year. I have been on these oxy 30s for 5 years. I cut down a lot on the oxycodone cause I knew I was running out. Took my last one today. Any help will be appreciated. Am scared. Help thanks.

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ddf Says:

Re: Bon (# 12) Expand Referenced Message
So sorry I didn't see your post sooner. I hope you're ok. Please go to a suboxone doctor and quit the pain meds. I was on heavy duty pain meds for almost 15 years due to chronic back pain. I mostly took as prescribed but would occaisonally take more then run short. I know that horrible feeling and did suffer through withdrawal a few times. My kids convinced me to stop the pain meds and switch to suboxone. After a day plus of misery and a short adjustment to suboxone, I felt and still feel so much better! Mind you, it may have been so smooth for me because although I was physically dependent on the pain meds I was not an addict in the sense that I didn't need or want the meds except for pain relief. Suboxone is a much more effective pain med than any opiate! So for anyone taking pain meds for actual pain, please see a doctor and make the switch! I know some people feel its just switching one drug for another, and that may be true, but it is a much better choice.

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Tiredofpain Says:

Re: ddf (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

So I've been on the same medication for years! I have had bad batches of medication and for anyone saying they are all the same is a lie. Anyhow I was given rps one month usually my brand is kvk and it works. Let me skip to my point. I ran out early and I was really really sick. I felt like some sort of junkie which I'm not the pills didn't work. Well, I never want to experience that again in my life. But I also don't want the pain I live in. So someone that has never taken anything than what has been prescribed I'm clueless. How does suboxone work with pain is it really effective?

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Optimistic Says:

I used to be a CASA and where I live DCYF didn’t care if people took methadone or suboxone. As a mater of fact, the mom of my casa kid kept relapsing while on Methadone so they wanted her to increase her dose so she would stop buying fentanyl but she refused, presumably because she wanted to get high. They only got involved with her kid because she got arrested with her kid in the car.

Your doctor is a mandatory reporter, but if they don’t think your kid is abused or neglected they can’t reveal your medical status to the state.
Just be careful what you say. All states are different but my friend’s sister just had a Methadone baby and the hospital was openly joyful she didn’t abandon the baby there, so they definitely weren’t looking to have the state take it.

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