Where Can I Get My Prescription Of Subutex Filled In Washington Dc

lacy Says:

I need to find a pharmacy. I am so sick. I go to the dr in washington dc but can't find anyone to fill my script. Any suggestions please?

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frank Says:

Let's swap some info I lost my doc in dc and now I can't find one I was on 3 subutex a day and now nothing but I know plenty of places to get scripts filled if u can give me the info for you doc please

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Nhdl Says:

I know where to get Suboxone from in Maryland actually in Rockville. I can tell you where if you could let me know some pharmacies that are cool to go to.

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Nhdl Says:

Does anyone know a pharmacy in Maryland or DC that will fill my Adderall without checking the state monitoring system

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Hey NHDL, sounds like you are part of the problem! Why would you be worried about the rx database if you were not hiding something? Seeing multiple doctors? Trying to pay cash cause you abuse your meds? This forum IS NOT for people like you! Go away! !

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Missy Says:

Arlington pharmacy in Arlington Virginia and check around leesburg Virginia you'll find a few pharmacy there to

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lo Says:

Re: Missy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I'm from wv. trying to find sub doc that also treats adhd

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