Need Subutex Prescription Filled In Wva

BmoreDan Says:

I have been trying for two days to get my subutex filled and i either get "i need to be a pregnant woman" or "i have to have a wv id" but i have a pa id and live in wva... Can someone possibly tell me where a place is in ohio vally moundsvill or fallansbee wva? Anywhere in these areas that will fill my prescription?

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Mike Says:

I'm having the exact same issue I live in the Wheeling area I go to a PA doctor and I'm having the hardest time get out of me

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Tjuggz Says:

Hey you guys. We should talk. I'm having some issues of my own so hopefully you're still on this forum! Just write me back asap please. Thank you.

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Susie Says:

Please tell me where i can get a pa script for subutex filled in WV?

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taylordame Says:

where can i get a prescription filled at from pa with a wv ID?? please help

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AmberWV304 Says:

Re: Mike (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

If you are an A&R Solutions patient by chance, they have a mail order pharmacy and can overnight and most insurance companies have their own mail order pharmacies too. Check there, may be worth it.

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Jeremy Says:

There is a little pharmacy in Dennison OH that might fill it

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