Where Can I Find A Dr In Florida Who Will Prescribe Xanax To Me?

Scott Says:

I have been prescribed Xanax for the last few years. My Dr has recently retired and I would like a recommendation of a Dr who can help in South Florida. I have anxiety and sleeplessness.

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Eddy Says:

Florida is a very big State. It takes 15 hours to drive from the Keys to the top. How far will you drive for a Xanax?

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Eddy Says:

Try this guy in South Florida. He was my Doctor in a tiny California town. He would rather prescribe pills than touch you. Things might have changed since I last saw him.

Soto Adolfo MD.
4513 Executive Dr # 2nd, Naples, FL 34119
(239) 591-2803

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Scott Says:

My be initial question says South Florida. But I do ovcationallyfor work to Orlando and Tanpa. Anything south off West Palm is easy too.

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Scott Says:

I'm looking for a prescription in South South Florida for Xanax do treat anxiety and sleeplessness due to work and financial stress.

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Eddy Says:

Be looking for me about a doctor in Naples. It is being approved

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Eddy Says:

Soto Aldolpho Naples M.D.

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Jenna Says:


If you suffer from anxiety and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), usually your best bet is to see a psychiatrist, rather than a regular medical doctor. Reason being is that they are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and many general physicians are reluctant to prescribe controlled substances due to abuse and the heavy regulations that they have to abide by from the government.

If you do opt to see a regular medical doctor, some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any given medication right off the bat. Make sure to transfer or take a copy of all your medical records with you. Then, the best approach in my opinion is to discuss what has and hasn't worked for you in the past. Most doctors will take it under consideration if you approach them in this manner. I don't think a lot of patients get the medications they hope for, due to how up front and "needy" they come off as to doctors. I hope this makes sense.

If you'd like you can check out the site, healthgrades.com- Basically, you just enter your city, state, and zip code, select whatever type of specialist you are looking for, and a list of specialists in that area will pop up.

I wish you the best of luck on finding the right care!

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Sandy Says:

Have been on zanx need new dr after ten years dr pased away need to see a dr ln holiday fl befor my zanax runs out.

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ineedadoctor Says:

Yes please! I'm looking hard i have severe panic attacks and anxiety and can't take it any more

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Sissy Says:

I am looking for a cheap sub clinic. I'm in Clewiston, Florida...just moved here from Tennessee. Help!
Please help...I've not had my medicine for 2 days now....I'm miserable and it's only gonna get worse. My doctor back in Tennessee was pay as you go. $235 for a script for 2 weeks or $375 for a month's prescription....i paid every 2 weeks. That price breaks me...but I can pay it. Someone, anyone...please help me!!

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Tito Says:

Try the Willow in Naples, FL. Go in as a detox patient and you'll get Suboxone or Subutex. I just recently went and it was a great place.

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Jack Says:

I have been diagno6with chronis anxiety with severe panic attacks. For the Sat two years it has seemed to be impossible for a doctor here I SE Florida to give me a prescription and I have suffered a lot of panic attacks. I live in Ft.Pierce Florida and need a doctor to prescibe me some xanax. Can anybody tell me a doctor that will help me?

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Sameoldbs Says:


Have you tried other anti-anxiety agents? Xanax is a powerful drug in some clinical observation harder to abstain from then scheduled narcotics like opiate family drugs. That's the reason VERY VERY FEW professionals even consider using them in an out patient setting. There are other class meds that are just as effective without causing over sedation, habituation or risk of respitory arrest. In most locations prescribing of benzo family drugs is limited to mental health providers and usually for short term use only. prescribers created this condition by dispensing benzos like pez candy for 30 plus years then depend on government entities to cover there asses by over regulation. Typical buerocratic over reaching b.s. that's become an accepted course of business in Washington. PATHETIC POLITICANS, GREEDY LOBBYISTS AND UNCONCSHIONABLE BIG PHARMA...that's not to absolve the users responsibility but most had/have no understanding of the risk to benefit ratio of using these agents. As a recovering addict my mission is to empathetically share my experiences so perhaps someone can be persuaded these meds aren't always the answer just a quick temp. fix. Hope you find the relief that you deserve. Regards....

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pissed off is who i am Says:

It really sucks when you are 50 yrs old and know what works for your body and mind, but because of red tape and other people are deciding what is right or wrong for you. It is completely insane. Once you're over the age of 46 yrs old, you should be taken seriously, and if whether xanax or klonopin works for you so be it... As long as you're asking for a reasonable amount. Most people only ask for 1 per day (like me), but i can't find any doctor in the palm beach county or north palm beach area that will write me a script for xanax or klonopin. Yet I would be able to find it illegally any day without much effort ... Of course I'd prefer to get it legally so I know that I'm not buying poison. The doctors give out suboxone like candy to anyone that wants it. You can read some of those nightmare forum posts... Xanax is a walk in the park compared to ... complete gov't control over our health and healthcare!

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Magdalena92 Says:

I am willing to drive out of the state if need be.. I don't even want the pills, just a copy as a proof that I have had them on me legally about a month ago. Or someone else's script proving once again they were legally obtained while hanging out in my car. Sorry for such a desperate message

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EDDY Says:

I would like to hang out in your Car. Come see me in Cali

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TAb Says:

I'm looking for a doctor who will prescribe xanax in Miami, FL. I moved from NY, obviously I'm not going to my doc there anymore and I am running out of my prescription. My anxiety is only getting worse.

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Betty Says:

I'm looking for a doctor in Sebastian Florida that will refill my xanax. My old Dr retired and no one will refill it.

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Genie Says:

Need a psychiatrist in Port Charlotte, FL who will prescribe my current dose of Xanax because my current doctor wants me on something else like Klonopin. Can anyone help me please?

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DirtyWork Says:

Re: ineedadoctor (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Me as well. I have seizures on the 3rd day with out like clockwork since 2008. I moved to Hollywood, got a primary care physician to write me a script, on the condition that I find a mental health clinic where psychologist can specifically deal with this type of matter as is normal. problem is I didn't realize till my third mental health clinic that because of the all the pill Mill problems of the 2000s they pretty much have signs dictating medications they plain old do not prescribe to anyone at the front door, any benzodiazepine being one of them. I'm not sure what happened to the days when medicine was an art and was a person by person basis but who knows? haven't been to the emergency room with my paperwork yet but that's my next plan. not just for another measly month of medications that I will need to take care of in 30 days but for some kind of referral. especially after reading the comments I have on this page I don't think that's too far-fetched to get a referral to a regular non quack doctor from the emergency room

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